About us

by Dilly Dylan
Binge Watching TV Like a Pro

We have paid anywhere from $150 to $300 per month on cable. That’s $1800 to $3600 per year. Even if you could save 50% of what you pay on cable, what could you put that extra money towards?

Everything always starts off well. You sign a contract as a new customer, the first year or two is really affordable, then after that, the price starts increasing.

You check your bill and realize that you were discounted DVR services, HBO, STARZ, and many other premium channels, as well as other features with your internet and triple play option.

It feels very defeating when this happens, and we almost always consider switching to another company, but the results were the same even when we did. So we kept switching every few years.

Eventually, we started researching and realized there were more options for watching TV available to customers than we knew.

This website is for people who have;

  • Felt defenseless against cable and streaming providers
  • Paid for services that you didn’t use
  • Had to deal with extra costs and fees with TV packages
  • Are looking for alternative ways of watching TV
  • Want to save a few bucks, finding options to still enjoy TV
  • Just want to find ways to watch free TV

We hope that you find the content on the website valuable. We won’t tell you to cut the cord, but we want you to know that plenty of options are available to stream and watch TV and you can always visit this website when you have questions about how to find more ways to watch TV.