16 Best AT&T Watch TV Alternatives

by Dilly Dylan

Watching television and enjoying its programs has been one of the best sources of entertainment in our free time.

Due to high demand and more improved technology, we have seen the evolution of television from analog to digital, which has made TV content much better and easily accessible. AT&T Watch TV is a great example of how far TV watching has come for most of us.

What is AT&T WatchTV

AT&T WatchTV is a television streaming service that provides live TV without cable or satellite subscriptions. It offers a variety of channel packages for users to stream via a streaming device or Smart TV.

It also needs high-speed connections with at least one supported streaming device. The service can work on Apple and Android phones or tablets and television streaming devices. Computer web browsers can also do well in streaming the service.

AT&T watchTV packages are affordable to its users though its channels are relatively fewer than that of competitors. Subscribers can access the Platform by visiting  AT&T Watch TV to log in to their account but that might not work if you’re trying it after the shutdown.

Is AT&T WatchTV Going Away?

AT&T has begun to inform its existing customers that they are discontinuing AT&T WatchTV, its low-cost streaming, on November 30th, 2021. The company had earlier stopped accepting new subscribers to its standalone watch TV package.

Still, the existing customers have also been informed that they will not be able to access the watch TV service after November 30th as they are shutting down the streaming service. WatchTV was launched in 2018 after closing a deal worth $85 billion to acquire Time Warner.

It is standalone, where its subscribers pay $15 monthly to access the service. The shutdown of WatchTV is a plan by the company to generalize its video distribution business.

Recently, the company sealed a deal to end U-verse, its DirectTV, and AT&T TV Linear TV services to form a new DirectTV Company ran by TPG Capital.

AT&T Company is also sealing another deal to merge Warner Media and Discovery Inc in their attempt to become a stronger competitor in global streaming, expected to happen by 2022. The company also sold Crunchyroll, its subscription anime streaming service, to Sony for $1.18 billion.

Are There Any AT&T Watch TV Alternatives

Yes, there are a lot of alternatives that offer the same services. Some of the alternatives to AT&T Watch TV are Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV, Fubo TV, Vidgo, and many more below.

How To Choose The Best AT&T WatchTV Alternative

Below are some main highlights of factors to consider when choosing the best AT&T WatchTV alternative.

Your Channel Choices

It is important to understand whether the alternative you’re purchasing has the favorable channels you’re looking for.

Ignoring this factor could lead you to buy the wrong product, which leads to disappointment and losses.

Read the package menu and understand what the service is offered before you make a purchase to avoid being disappointed.


These alternatives have different prices depending on the number of channels available in each package. In most cases, the more media available, the more expensive, and vice versa.

You can choose your pocket-friendly alternative that satisfies your need without requiring you to spend too much to stream live TV.

Features You Want

Does the alternative have all the features you are looking for? If you are not satisfied with the first choice, there is always another option due to the availability of different options.

It’s really up to you. Ask yourself if any of the alternatives offer what you want and at a price that feels like you’re getting a great value.

8 Best AT&T WatchTV Alternative To Streaming Live TV

1. Sling TV

This is one of the best alternative live streaming services that allow you to watch your favorite live movies and shows.

It is affordable and accessible to existing and new subscribers. Sling TV works by downloading the app to your phone, stream from your device, your TV, or your computer.

It was launched in 2015 as a subsidiary of Dish Network to offer live TV viewing. The Platform currently boasts over 2.5 million subscribers and growing.

It is one of the best over-the-top (OTT)streaming services that offer two packages, each costing $35 monthly(Sling Blue and Sling Orange) and a combination of both at $50 per month.

Sling Blue has over 45 channels and suits most news and entertainment fans, while Sling Orange has over 30 channels and is considered best for sports and families.

Sling Blue can be simultaneously streamed on three devices, while Sling Orange can only be streamed on one device at a time. People who purchase the combination of the two packages access over 50 channels on the standard lineup.

Sling TVs cloud DVR is accessible in every package, containing 50 hours of recording space at no additional cost, but it can be upgraded to 200 hours at $5 as an additional cost per month.

The Platform has recently rolled out a new feature that allows subscribers to video chat with three friends while watching Live TV.

The Platform can be accessed through Chrome or Safari internet browser on a computer, or through the app using a smart TV, or your phone, free of charge.

The subscribers can also add separate channels at an extra monthly fee, usually indicated on every channel you select as additional. Sling TV is most favorable to people who are interested in specific TV channels. Learn more about Sling TV.

2. Hulu Live TV

The Platform was launched through collaborative parties of News Corporation, National, Broadcasting Company Universal, and Providence Equity Partners, where later it was owned by the Walt Disney Company.

Disney has the executive power of Hulu, where its former host, Comcast, has no more significant financial stake making a predictive goal of selling it to Disney.

The Platform was established to air the television series by breaking them down into episodes as shown on the Television Channels.

Secondly, on progress growth, the Platform launched a Live TV. There’s Hulu Plus introduced where it features full seasons of the shows it aired with the merit of undelayed access to new episodes.

The new feature came along with all local television channels, therefore, being the top marker for Internet Protocol Television providers.

Noticeably is that the quarter statistics states that Hulu has forty-three million subscribers in the year 2021.

Hulu Platform offers four plans: The Basic Plan, Premium, the Basic plan attached with Live TV, and the last Premium attached with Live TV. These subscription plans are meant to accommodate every customer of either low-class earnings or high social groups.

3. YouTube TV

YouTube is one of the top providers of live television distribution and on-demand video, offering over 85 live channels to people in the USA.

Upon entering their zip code, a user is able to view the channel lineup in their area. YouTube TV offers a $64.99 monthly subscription cost.

You can watch your favorite live TV with up to three streaming devices at a time. To learn more about YouTube TV read this post.

4. FuboTV

Each individual has particular likes for either sports, movies, or music. When it comes to airing sporting events, FuboTV has the highest sports platform compared to other live Television services. Secondly, the services provided here range from lifestyle, news, entertainment to child programs.

It is suggested that the Platform will serve as the most effective option if a user is tired of cabled television.

You can stream content from Fubo TV on your smartphones, Televisions, and other digital devices. Favorite channels mentioned in Hulu, YouTube TV, etc., like ABC, FOX, CBS, and ESPN, and various top live channels, are available with Fubo TV.

Once an individual has signed in, they can enjoy a free trial of seven days. After the free trial, the duet premium packages show up where the first is fuboTV Family at $65 with five hundred hours of Cloud Digital Video Recorder storage space. The second package, FuboTV Ultra, is featured by 179 live channels with homogenous features with FuboTV Family Cost.

FuboTV subscription may be costly for some. They offer live television streaming options starting at $65 monthly. This counts for the Starter plan, which has over a hundred channels and is equipped with the ability to sign its triad devices for streaming.

There’s Elite Plan for $80 monthly, where more than five devices can be signed in for streaming and well more channels than Starters plan.

No worries if you feel the subscription plans above are expensive since Fubo TV has dismantled the programs to be cost-effective to accommodate all viewers.

It has a Latino Quarterly plan for $33 monthly and other premium channels, which constitute ShowTime for 11 bucks, Epix for six dollars AMC premiere for five bucks, to mention a few.

Reading through packages will enlighten the choices for your content—disadvantage to the platform is only that it’s not yet established to different countries in the world.

5. Philo

Unlike the other streaming platforms, Philo TV doesn’t offer local channels. Currently, it is impossible to watch broadcast networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and The CW.

Meanwhile, there are sixty-seven channels where Epix and Starz are the duet add-ons and more likely the only customizable items on the Platform.

Entertainment, reality television, lifestyle, and documentary programming are well pictured along with stations like AMC, Cooking channel, and Hallmark channel.

Other prominent channels featured at Philo include HGTV, IFC, Food Network, Nickelodeon, BET, BBC America, etc., which are all cabled stations.

For customers stressed by other costly platforms, PhiloTV could be the alternative that you need. The monthly cost is $25. There is a free trial as well that lasts for seven days.

Additionally, the users can access only Starz for $9 and Epix for $6 besides or instead of subscribing to the single monthly plan of $25.

Subscribers also have the ability to view and record live TV where the Philo app is available on well-known streaming devices like your Smartphones, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku.

6. Vidgo

The Vidgo streaming platform presents exciting offers. Firstly, with only $10 per month, users can access over ninety channels in their first month of registration. Lucrative.

After the free trial expires and the low-paid first month, some packages are depending on the dialect (language) that you prefer.

Different from other TV streaming services, Vidgo does not hold a long-term contract with users. Meaning a viewer cannot subscribe for a year but only monthly.

For instance, there is the English plus package with 95+ channels going for $55 per month, the English premium package with over a hundred and twelve channels going for $79.95, and lastly, the Spanish package with only thirty channels subscribed at $30 monthly.

7. FrndlyTV

FrndlyTV is a streaming television that provides live TV, Video on demand, and a cloud-based digital video recorder for twenty live TV channels.

With FrndlyTv, user-friendly media centered on Family, including US networks Hallmark Channels, the Weather Channel, Curiosity Stream, and the Pty.

The Platform offers a free trial that lasts for a week and three types of plans: basic costing $6, Classic project costing $8, and Premium for $10 monthly.

8. DirecTV Stream

It consists of four principal bundles: entertainment service, choice, Xtra, and the Ultimate. Each choice bundle is linked with a different channel provision.

For instance, the Entertainment service appends the regional sports networks along with co-owned division WarnerMedia and the seven well-known TV amalgamation of The Walt Disney Company, Fox Corporation, NBC Universal, Discovery, A&E Networks, AMC Networks, and Viacom CBS.

Additionally, there is the Premiere Package that includes various channels like Starz, Showtime, Cinemax, and many other sports channels.

In its initial packages, the price for Entertainment Service was $35. Through its operation, there have been amendments where the current AT&T TV package starts at $70.

The existing channels in the service are properties of AMC Networks, Discovery Inc., and A+E Networks. Updates on 2021 the AT&T TV published its cessation of selling their service to brand viewers.

8 Other AT&T WatchTV Alternative

1. Crackle

Every customer searches for less costly services or probably the ones offered for free. Indistinguishable from Pluto TV, Crackle offers free access to viewing its content. It is a free streaming OTT offered by Sony Pictures Entertainment Company.

The site features live TV, movies, series shows, and original programming. While the services are entirely free, Crackle utilizes ads to earn its revenue.

Through either a computer, smartphone, or tablet, a user sets up a free account to see fewer ads, and upon pause, you can resume from the last stop on any other device.

To assist different viewers with distinct tastes of content, Crackle has filter genres, namely comedy, romance, thriller, crime, action, drama, and fandom. Give it a shot, it’s free!

2. Tubi TV

Statistically, Tubi TV is listed as the leading free, Premium, on-demand video streaming platform.

Differing from some of the free streaming apps, Tubi TV has geographical restrictions that only allow people in the USA to use its service. But you can still watch and stream free content from Tubi TV using a VPN.

With the free streaming feature, one can access his content from multiple devices as well. The $0 subscription raises the question of legal matters and fringing of the copyrights.

The response is tackled at the frequently asked question asking about whether Tubi TV is legal. It is granted legal rights through its enacted ads monetization program.

It is partnered with high-profile companies like Lionsgate, Paramount, and MGM to provide content to its viewers.

3. Pluto TV

All the streaming, as mentioned earlier, channels are all subscription-based platforms, unlike Pluto TV which is free. Unfortunately, due to its free service, the Viacom-owned live Television has fewer cabled services available on other streaming platforms.

On merit, it offers sufficient supplemental benefits, which include news, sports, and entertainment genres. Meanwhile, it would be surprised how the app owners earn from it.

Extending on that, this lands to the cons and pros of Pluto TV. While the Pros include free subscription, the wide variety of content, and no need for an account, the Cons are; disturbing ads and limited traditional cable TV channels.

4. Peacock TV

The streaming media is owned by Comcast and operated by the Television and streaming division of NBC Universal.

The Platform is fairly new in the market because it was launched in July 2020. Peacock tv offers both paid-up plans and free streaming.

For free streaming, the user is limited with content. The free version gives access to daily news clips, curated stations, Telemundo, or opt for episodes of Peacock originals.

The paid plan costs $4.99 monthly where this premium option gives access to more attacks, unlimited seasons, and live sports channels.

Additionally, the peacock premium is characterized by commercials, but users can opt away with the ads by paying more monthly. Over and above, the free plan has ads.

5. Crunchyroll

For a user who is into animation, Crunchyroll is the destination. The Platform presents over a thousand titles and thirty thousand episodes of anime. Besides, access to Crunchyroll is free though it comes with commercials due to legal rights.

You have the option to upgrade to a premium membership to avoid ads. It has trial premium plans where all have 14-day free trials and offered as follows: the first is the MEGA FAN plan which runs for a month going for $9.99, second is FAN running for a month and paid at $7.99, and lastly is MEGA FAN for $79.99 which runs for 12 months.

6. Netflix

Netflix offers Subscription services at different premium rates. Its premium packages are centered on the number of screens, the number of downloads, Quality of streaming, and much content one will enjoy.

There are three plans which are Basic, Standard, and Premium. With a Basic plan, based on US viewers, they anticipated paying $8.99 monthly, which accounts for a single screen for watching and downloading.

Standard procedure subscribed at $14 gives the viewer the ability to have two screens and two downloads and unlimited movies/TV shows, watch on Laptop, and High Definition video quality.

Premium subscription paid at $18 allows for all privileges with the additional feature of Ultra High Definition video quality. To attract high income, Netflix waves some significant amount for the subscribers who opt for yearly renewal.

Users can cancel their membership as well. With the enhanced digital application, Netflix can be streamed on smartphones, Smart TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, Blu-ray players, and many more.

7. Paramount+

The streaming platform is limited only in Australia, Canada, Latin America, Nordics, and the United States as streaming media during a pay-TV channel in the Middle East.

It follows that Paramount plus has different subscription rates. For instance, Paramount plus premium costs $119.98 yearly tax inclusive if monthly paid and ad-free.

Secondly, there is an Essential plan going for $59.88 annual tax included if paid monthly or opt for getting total annual plans tax excluded going for $48.95 and $99.99 for Essential and Premium plans, respectively.

8. Discovery+

Firstly launched in India in March 2020, the streaming service owned by Discovery, Inc. centers on factual programming retrieved from Discovery leading channel brands and original series movies and sports.

The service is enjoyed with a subscription fee of $4.99 monthly. For free access, the same is hosted via Amazon Prime video channels.


Just because AT&T Watch TV is being discontinued does not mean that you have to stop watching TV and stop enjoying the shows that you like. There are plenty of alternatives that are able to provide similar services to your previous TV viewership.

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