15 Best FlixTor Alternatives For Free Movies and TV Shows Online

by Felesha Toni

Nothing could be more annoying than an advert or commercial break in the middle of a hot scene in a movie. Urgh! The nerve of these people. And, I totally get where you’re coming from.

A movie should be uninterrupted except for the occasional Ohs and Ahs. Or laughter. Whatever reaction you choose to have, those are the unspoken rules when it comes to movie time.

If you’re a fanatic of movies and TV shows, you’ve probably heard of FlixTor. Not yet? Stick around, and I’ll tell you everything you need to know as well as a list of some alternative streaming sites.

What is FlixTor?

It’s an online platform where you can stream movies and TV shows online, and it’s absolutely free of charge. It’s cloud-based, so you’re sure not to get interrupted. The best thing about it is it’s ad-free!

Yes. So no more unnecessary interruptions. There are several online streaming websites such as this, but with so many ads, you can’t click or select something without getting redirected to another website.

What Content is Available on FlixTor?

To begin with, anything you’d like to watch is available on the platform. FlixTor allows you to watch whatever you like as long as it’s available for selection on the platform. The content is categorized in the following order:

  • Fixtor
  • Myflixer
  • 2021
  • 2020 Movies
  • TV-Shows
  • Action Movies
  • Horror Movies
  • Comedy

FlixTor Free Membership or Paid Subscription?

As I mentioned earlier, the website is free to use, and you can watch absolutely anything you want as long as it’s available for selection. However, paid membership comes with several perks.

One of them is that you can stream any show or movie from whichever year you choose. If you love unwinding your day with some popcorns and movies, the VIP paid membership may just be for you.

Is FlixTor Safe To Use?

While streaming that comedy may be free, it just might be pretty illegal. Most, if not all, have content that is published without any copyrights from their distribution. It’s not safe hence the need to use a VPN when streaming.

Is FlixTor Still Available?

Yes, it is. Around 2018 November, the website completely shut down. Now, typically, a website this big and well-known would let the public and its esteemed members of any downtime it might experience.

The day it went down, there was no warning prior to the incident. Nothing. For the VIP members, it was devastating knowing they had paid subscription fees for a website that had completely wiped off all data and memory from cyberspace.

In fact, a quick search for the domain name would bear fruitless. It was as if FlixTor didn’t exist at all.

There were so many speculations that the authorities might have shut down the website due to its means of operation. However, later on, the website revealed that it was making several changes in the backend of its website to enhance user experience.

Several hours later, the website was back online but not without its mishaps; there was no content. For most of the week that followed, it was still unclear when the content would be put up.

Regardless of the pressure from the public, the developers reassured their customers of a much better user interface.

The VIP members who could only have felt frustrated when the website went offline were promised compensation of sorts once the FlixTor came back on track. For those who were patient enough to wait they did get compensated.

Many members had already opted for other platforms since there was no time frame given for when things would return to normalcy. Two months later, an upgraded version of the platform was now available for use.

Is FlixTor illegal?

What most people don’t really know is exactly how FlixTor works. Yes, it has content but lined up on the website available for you to steam it, but in the real sense, the website scans the internet for clouds and databases available for outsourcing.

In other words, it depends on other websites and available sites to get its content. Without distribution rights, this is very illegal.

Streaming content from an online platform that violates all copyrights of the content can put you in trouble. This is why using VPN is most suitable when utilizing this platform.

What Can Happen To Me if I Stream Movies From FlixTor?

The consequences of streaming from the website could be dire, but that generally depends on where you are. Different countries have their own laws regarding cybercrime and felonies, such as the distribution of media without the owners’ approval.

Whichever the case, you could still be in trouble. Although this doesn’t apply to all countries, it’s good to stay on the safe side.

In the United States, for example, the ISP (Internet Service Providers) works hand in hand with DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) to do investigations regarding cybercrime felonies.

If you use FlixTor on the regular and you’re based in the States, you just might be on their watch list. Jail time is unlikely though you’re most likely to land on a lawsuit.

For other countries, various implications follow depending on the law and nature of the justice system. Some countries genuinely couldn’t care less about what you were streaming from the internet.

Other countries have certain reservations regarding piracy of content online while still allowing for it to a certain extent. Depending on where you are, the risks weigh differently.

Countries in Latin America and Eastern Europe allow illegal pirated media streaming, more so if it’s for personal use. However, you can never be too sure. Keep tabs on what goes on in regards to piracy felonies.

Things might change, and you want to be on the safe side. Also, read the terms and conditions of FlixTor. This will help you understand how much risk you might take from streaming from the online platform. If the dangers sit well with you, then, by all means, proceed to stream. Do it cautiously, though.

It is important to note that streaming from FlixTor is not encouraged at all. The most crucial reason being that the platform is not only illegal in the States but also in other countries as well.

Streaming from the platform could land you in a lot of trouble with the law. You don’t want to end up in a court trying to defend what you thought was harmless.

That said, there are safer ways to stream content on the website without putting yourself at risk. You can also ensure that the content you are watching is free of any copyrights whatsoever. Keep your personal details away from the site. If you must get a VPN subscription, to hide your IP, location and true identity.

Can You Download Movies From FlixTor?

Yes, you can download movies. Many websites offering free streaming services allow their users to download movies or even TV shows. However, before you rush to click that download button, it’s important to note that you just might land into trouble if found downloading and distributing content from an illegal website.

So keep all that downloaded content to yourself. Not that it’s any better, but it’ll save you from added problems. We shall discuss how best to download these movies later to keep you on the safe side.

How Can You Download Movies Without Any Detection?

First of all, in most cases we do not recommend downloading any free movies or TV shows only but rather watching them online only, without downloading anything. But if you really have to download something you should use a VPN.

Of course. It’s actually not complicated. For that to happen, you need a VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) basically changes your IP address and allows you to become anonymous or undetectable by going incognito.

This is mainly for those in countries where streaming from FlixTor is illegal. Such countries include the United States, China, Australia, Finland, Germany, France, Latvia, South Africa, Great Britain, Russia, and Portugal.

If you live in Switzerland, Poland, or Spain, then you are in luck. It’s alright to stream from such illegal online platforms as long as it’s for private use only. For countries where the consequences for streaming from FlixTor wouldn’t be as dire, using a VPN is your choice.

The good thing is that you may not land into any trouble whatsoever simply because the governments of these countries are not actively involved in prosecuting people who steamed from such online platforms.

Such countries include Denmark, Canada, Brazil, Czech, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Romania, Iran, India, Israel, Egypt, Singapore, Greece, Columbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Uruguay. To check and see what your country stands on piracy, you can always google the country’s laws. That will help you decide the best course of action to take.

Before we get started on VPNs, let’s take a closer look and find out how best they work.

How VPN works

One thing we’ve established for sure is that VPN comes in handy when you want to go incognito and hide your true identity. The software does that by allowing the network to redirect your IP address through a specially organized remote server done by a VPN host.

To break it down for you, it simply means that when using a VPN, because we are primarily on public cyberspace, a connection provided by public authority, the VPN becomes the source of your data.

It would be next to impossible for the ISP to snoop through your search history and see which websites you’ve been visiting regularly. In fact, they cannot access your data or location or your true identity at all.

The VPN acts like a middleman, sieving all your data into a pile of nonsensical data waste which would be very hard for anyone to break down and track all your activities. And if your data were to fall into the wrong hands, it would still be useless and difficult to understand.

This encryption of your online data takes place in real-time. Meaning the software leaves nothing to chance. A small window of delay could easily allow anyone to get through and steal your data, thus leading them to the conclusion of who you are and where you are, and so many other private information.

A good VPN would be speedy enough to process all this data and leave nothing to chance. If you’re offline or happen to lose a WiFi connection, the best VPNs have a kill switch feature.

A kill switch basically disconnects your computer from the internet and keeps all your data intact and secret until reconnection. It is automated by the software and allows users to stay incognito even when offline. In countries where piracy is illegal, any VPN with a kill switch feature would be the best for use.

4 Features of a good VPN

A good VPN shouldn’t just hide your identity online. There are so many other features that come with it.

1. Two-Factor Authentication

Like most online platforms and software or websites, this is one of the most secure methods to identify yourself before logging into your account.

You may be sent a security code either to your email or mobile number to confirm your identity before logging in. This makes it very difficult for anyone other than yourself to log into your account.

2. Kill Switch

As aforementioned, this feature allows you to stay incognito regardless if you’re online or offline. A good VPN can detect a sudden downtime and quickly shut down any programs running online, thus protecting your identity. It also reduces any chances of a third party compromising your data.

3. Encryption of Your IP Address

This is the main use of a VPN. The third parties you should be wary of are the ISP, the government, and any hackers, among other people.

The encryption of your IP address allows you to transmit data without anyone tracking your activities. Only you and your VPN host can see your cyber activities.

4. Protocol Encryption

Surfing through the internet, you risk leaving traces of your activities online. A good VPN wipes all these traces, and you become anonymous, almost as though you don’t exist.

Cookie encryption is particularly very important in wiping any traces as well. It also prevents third parties from accessing your personal information such as your social security number, passwords, financial information, personal identity, and anything else confidential online.

4 Reasons Why Should You Use a VPN?

With FlixTor, you are assured of security and access to the website at all times without any third parties trying to locate you or read through your data.

The ISP can track your cyber activities through your IP address and get your information, such as who you are, where you live, and what sites you’ve frequently been visiting through that IP address. Using a VPN shields you from such risks of getting tracked online.

It mainly applies to people who connect their devices to public WiFi. However, there is software used by hackers from the ISP to trace cybercrime activities, and it wouldn’t matter if your network is public or private. You are still traceable. So to be on the safe side, use a VPN to avoid unnecessary trouble.

1. Secure Encryption

As I mentioned earlier, a good VPN encrypts all your data, including sites you have recently visited and cookies you have saved on your device.

In the event of a brute force attack (where you get hacked and all your information is stolen), the encrypted data would take decades before a computer correctly deciphers the encrypted data.

For one to read through encrypted data, one needs an encryption key. Without it, all that stolen data is useless and cannot be comprehended. This is among the primary ways a VPN protects you and your data.

2. Acts Like Your Proxy

A good VPN will disguise your whereabouts and act as a proxy in cyberspace. Your location address is randomly thrown about the continent, so precisely determining where you are would be impossible. Additionally, a good VPN will not keep records of your activities.

Every so often, the software deletes your recent activity making it difficult to gain access to your past actions. Other VPN hosts keep logs of your recent activities and agree to permanently hide them from any third parties.

3. Access to Inaccessible Content

Not all content is available to every country. Just because a song is available in the states doesn’t mean it’s available in Spain or any other third-world country.

With a VPN, you gain access to practically anything on the internet, from music to movies to TV shows and so forth. When using FlixTor, you’ll be able to watch just about anything you please. Of course, this feature works because you have already changed your location.

4. Secured and Fast Data Transfer

This is both a feature and a benefit. All your data is encrypted. Only you and your VPN host can gain access to what exactly it is you’re watching.

It would be almost next to impossible for anyone to gain access to this data, and even if they did, it would be hopeless to try and decipher it. You are assured of real-time data encryption round-the-clock and a secured connection.

How Do You Properly Use A VPN?

You may opt to install a VPN software, which is recommended, or install an extension and use it online at all times. Whichever the case, make sure to use a reputable VPN and ensure you are always logged into your account.

Once you’ve set up an account, log in, ensure you are online and start your VPN. It’s essential to always stay online.

The VPN will begin data encryption immediately and act as a secure data transmission line between you and the internet. It would be impossible to be detected at this point by any other third party.

Once you are online, the VPN randomly pins your location to different places, and it also changes your IP address which will be provided by your VPN host.

You can now proceed to watch your comedy or blockbuster movie on FlixTor without any risks of getting traced or caught. The data transmission tunnel is secure, and no one can access your activities online.

How To Choose The Best VPN For FlixTor

Data encryption for different types of VPN varies, but they all achieve the same goal. It is, however, important to note that not all VPNs are the same. Some VPNs offer their services for free, which, in most cases, is dangerous.

Such VPN allows third parties to get information from their system, making you very traceable. They may seem very promising and tempting but refrain from using them.

Furthermore, if you’re streaming a movie from an illegal platform such as FlixTor, the speed at which your data is encrypted is pretty slow, rendering you vulnerable to cyberattacks, malware, and data access by other third parties like the ISP.

The best options are those you pay subscription fees to. You’d rather dent your bank account and get secured browsing than opt for the free version, which will later land you into great trouble.

Other Features To Look For When Selecting A Good VPN Include:

1. Limitless Bandwidth and High Data Encryption Speeds

A good VPN should not leave anything to chance. The host understands how risky one slow second could be.

2. Extensive Range of Servers

The more the servers are available, the easier it will be to encrypt your data faster.

3. Multiple Layers of Data Encryption

The thing about encrypting data just once can be deciphered. By encrypting data multiple times, you’re assured of secured surfing through the web, and no third party will ever be able to access your data. You don’t want to leave anything to chance and risk getting caught.

4. Does it Have A no-logs Policy?

Do they keep records of your past activity? And if they do, do they agree to permanently hide them? Do they delete recent activity?

A good VPN doesn’t keep any records of what you’ve been doing on the internet. That way, you are assured of online privacy and anonymity.

With all that in mind, I’m sure you’re now wondering what the best VPNs are. I’ll walk you through my top five picks and let you decide which one suits you best.

5 Best VPNs To Use When Streaming From FlixTor

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is quite popular among many users who prefer to remain anonymous. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth every penny. It blocks ads, so you’re sure not to get anything about buying the best toothpaste out there.

It has Six VPN connections that run simultaneously. If you’re looking for multiple servers, this bad boy has over 500 of them!

You’re not only assured of incredible speeds when it comes to data encryption but also in real-time, which is crucial, especially when watching a pirated movie. Its servers are located in about 59 countries.

Unfortunately, there are no free trial versions of this software which is a disadvantage for anyone hoping to get a feel of how it works. It is also quite pricey and occasionally experiences a cramped-up interface.

Despite the occasional mishaps, it has a user-friendly interface, strong policies on customer privacy, and uses connections such as split-tunneling, multi-hopping, and Tor.

At $11.95 per month or an annual fee of $119, you can access all these great perks and stay incognito. You can also watch out for discounted plans.

2. IPVanish

With the recent exposé of the company leaking client logs for a criminal investigation, the company’s zero log policy is questionable. However, several features are pretty admirable. Strong data encryption is up to the industry’s standards.

It’s excellent for streaming in particular because the fast speeds assure you of a secured connection. IPVanish also has incredible download speeds. It has exceptional bandwidth, which doesn’t slow down your internet connection speeds.

Once you have a subscription, you have unlimited device connectivity. So go ahead and log into your account from all your devices.

The VPN also has a kill switch which is perfect once you shut down that computer to catch some sleep after binge-watching an entire TV show. As you sleep, you have assured your activity online is still undetectable.

IPVanish also uses the split-tunneling connection to encrypt your data. You are also assured of having an anonymous IP address which will keep changing.

Aside from the zero log policy, there are a few notable cons of using this VPN. IPVanish is a US-based company, and coming from a country that considers piracy an illegal activity with severe consequences, they are under five eyes jurisdiction.

You might not be able to access all your favorite shows because the VPN is limited to only a few servers compatible with Netflix. 

3. Express VPN

Express VPN is a fantastic choice regardless of the website you’d prefer to use when it comes to streaming. For FlixTor, this would be an ideal choice.

It has over 2000 servers globally to choose from, which definitely come in handy when changing your IP address. You’re also assured of swift data encryption.

When it comes to bandwidth, it’s unlimited. Another great feature of this VPN is that it has an excellent policy in regards to no-logs. The VPN doesn’t keep any records of your past activity, and your privacy is secured at all times.

You will also enjoy the automated kill switch feature. It has a 30-day money-back policy that allows users to get to experience the software. If you don’t like it, You get a refund!

4. Surfshark VPN

For a cheaper alternative, this VPN is very user-friendly. It’s not only great for FlixTor but for other platforms as well, whether legit or illegal. For as little as $2.40, you can browse the internet safely without risking your identity.

It also works great with other torrents and Netflix. You are also allowed a refund in case you don’t like the software. They also have a 30-day money-back policy.

If you’re a beginner and you don’t want too much hustle when it comes to VPNs, this would be the most ideal choice in the market.

5. Cyber Ghost VPN

With a very friendly user interface, this is another low-budget option that gives users a high-quality experience. Many of its servers are dedicated to particular streaming platforms, so you’re not only assured of great speeds but also secured connection throughout.

You can also connect to seven devices simultaneously, allowing you secure access on your phone, laptop, TV, tablet, you name it. With their strict no-logs policy, you are assured of personal internet surfing without having to consider the risk of your data getting leaked.

With price ranges from as low as $2.25, you are assured access to an automated kill switch, access to over 3000 servers worldwide, and IP and DNS leak-proof services.

If you don’t like the software, you are guaranteed a refund right after 45 days. That’s enough time for any beginner to get familiar with the software and test it out.

13 FlixTor Alternatives To Stream Free Movies and TV Shows

FlixTor isn’t the only online streaming platform you can watch a movie from. You probably have heard of other platforms that allow you to download a movie or show however much you please. Below are some options that are worth checking out.

1. MovieJoy

It may not be as huge as FlixTor, but it has content people enjoy as well. The video quality ranges from as low as 240p to 1080p, depending on how strong your internet connection is.

Despite its narrowed-down library content, it has earned its reputation by being a very reliable source for great TV shows and movies.

A plus with MovieJoy is the Chromecast feature and closed captions that it has, which lets you cast free movies to your smart TV.

2. SubsMovies

Unlike FlixTor, SubsMovies offers a variety of movies with subtitles in different languages allowing people from many countries to enjoy their content.

It’s not a large streaming platform, but this advantage has earned loyal customers and can be a great alternative to FlixTor.

3. Popcorn Time

Unlike the previous mentions above, Popcorn time is an app with a vast library selection of movies and TV shows. It’s mostly famous for offering free streaming services.

However, it is in no way a legal platform. Many users were fined once they were caught streaming from this platform, especially from Western Europe.

4. GoStream

GoStream is another great FlixTor alternative that allows you to watch free movies online with little to no ads. The website brings a list of the latest movies for free, with a trailer and their IMDb rating.

The movies on the website load very quickly, and you can watch all of its free content without creating an account, and you can use and access the website on any device.

The site does not have any TV shows listed, but you can enjoy all of its free movies online anytime you like.

5. 123Movies

Just like FlixTor, 123Movies allows you to watch some of your favorite popular movies and TV shows online for free.

123Movies is a well-known site by most people looking for free movies online and has been around for a while. It’s one of the top websites for streaming free TV shows and movies online in high definition.

Thanks to 123Movies’ simple user interface and a search bar you can easily find movies and TV shows that you want to watch.

The only downside is a popup ad here and there, which is why we recommend using a VPN to get peace of mind while using the website.

This is a great site to find and stream some of your favorite movies and TV shows online for free.

6. Putlocker

Putlocker is a great and popular free streaming website to watch TV shows and movies for everyone free of cost. The website has been used by millions of users worldwide who enjoy streaming free movies and TV series online.

Thanks to Putlocker’s quick updates, you can watch some of the latest movies and shows in good quality, all for free.

The website has a huge library of high-quality free movies and TV shows and a list of over 23,000+ films for you to browse within the website search bar, thanks to its easy user interface, which makes finding movies and TV shows easy to watch.

Some of the genres that you can view and stream content from includes; Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Science Fiction.

7. Project Free TV

This is an online streaming platform that allows users to stream from different clouds available online. However, it doesn’t allow you to download anything, so in one way, we can say it’s probably a legal site. The platform is up and running and very much available.

8. Zona

Zona is an online website and has an app as well. It has been compared severally to Popcorn TV and Netflix for having such an aesthetic look and feel when it comes to user experience.

However, it allows its users to download content. Although it offers a wide range of music, movies, and TV shows, it should be used with caution or a VPN to prevent risking your identity.

9. LookMovie

This is yet another alternative to FlixTor but is no different. Occasionally, it may be safe to stream content online. However, avoid downloading media from the site as it may risk exposing you to malware and Trojan horses. It is also an illegal platform known for its piracy activities.

10. Ymovies

Ymovies is a free movies and TV shows streaming site that lets you watch movies and TV series online without registering or paying anything.

Whatever latest movies or TV series you are looking for from a free streaming site, you can find it at Ymovies.

The website has a huge collection of series and movies in genres such as horror, comedies, action, thriller, anime, and a whole lot more and in HD quality.

Thanks to their clean user interface and search bar, finding your next show to watch is a search away.

Ymovies allows you to enjoy content without registering risk-free, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t use a VPN to stream free content online safely and responsibly. Also, never download any of the content from these website.

It is a lot safer to stream free movies and TV shows on Ymovies rather than downloading them to watch on your device as your device may become infected with viruses. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

11. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is another great FlixTor alternative to stream free movies and TV shows online. The website gets millions of visitors every month who are looking to enjoy free movies and TV series online.

You don’t have to signup or create an account to access the content on the site, so you can begin streaming right away.

SolarMovie offers movies and TV shows from genres such as action, crime, mystery, horror, thriller, adventure, documentary,  history, family, and more.

Many sites that allow you to stream and watch free TV shows and movies online show many ads when you click on the content that you want t watch, and so does SolarMovie and if you have been using other streaming sites to watch free movies and TV shows, then you already know this and understands that this is how the sites make money.

 And because of the ad popups, you might be redirected to malicious sites that will track your IP address, which is why it’s a great idea for you to use a reliable VPN to protect yourself while browsing and watching free content online.

12. SpaceMov

SpaceMov is free online movies and TV shows streaming site that allows you to watch movies and TV series online for free, in 1080p, High Quality, fast and easy, without downloading anything.

It has a very good user interface that allows you to easily search for TV series and movies you want to watch. It also has its content organized to find things easily, let you know what’s trending, and give you movies and TV shows ratings.

SpaceMov has organized everything very nicely to help you find and enjoy what you’re looking for with as little hassle as possible.

13. YouTube

YouTube has a variety of movies uploaded daily. It is practically safe and legal to stream from the platform. You can also pay a subscription for the premium version and enjoy quality content. You don’t need a VPN when streaming from YouTube.

The Take-Away

Beware of copycat FlixTor sites that could also land you in trouble. FlixTor may sound like a great alternative to any legal online streaming platform, but I highly recommend you stick to streaming media from sites that are ranked and approved as legal.

If you prefer FlixTor, then watch out. Do your due diligence on what cybercrime laws apply in your country and proceed to use a good VPN. Good luck!

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