12 Best KissAnime Alternative Sites

by Dilly Dylan

Animes are a work of art. The characters and behavior of each are quite fascinating. It’s no wonder this form of visual entertainment has a huge following.

Traditionally, it’s believed anime are from Japan. But over the years, it has found its way to international film markets. As a result, anime fanatics have grown throughout the years, increasing the demand for Anime shows.

And with the digitization of everything, fans now are looking for the best platform where they can stream anime comfortably. And besides comfort, there is the age aspect.

Anime is no longer just for kids. There are those suitable for teenagers, young adults, and older adults. Also, there is the roll-out date matter, where the contents are classified as either the latest release or classics.  

With KissAnime reigning high as the best pick, an alternative option won’t hurt. This ensures you can access diverse content and gain access to content not available on KissAnime.

With that in mind, the following list of KissAnime Alternatives has considered the quality of content, reliability, and diversity of anime. As such, what you will be exploring are some of the best anime sites that can be ranked on a similar level as KissAnime. Let’s start:

What is KissAnime?

It was the most popular anime streaming site that’s no longer available. It had huge traffic of anime fanatics looking for free content to download or stream.

But due to copyright infringement, the site was pulled down. As we are talking, you can only find a clown site reaping the former glory of this platform. At some point, it was a leading streaming site for anime with the largest traffic worldwide.

But those glory days are long gone ever since the site was brought down due to showcasing copyrighted content. But luckily, there are some reliable mirror sites plus alternatives to provide you with similar content as KissAnime. And on this text, we will cover some of the best KissAnime alternatives.

Advantages of using KissAnime


How many times in the day are you within reach of your television set? Probably never, ‘cause of work or other duties. As such, we rarely have enough time for entertainment. But that has since changed. Now, top streaming portals like KissAnime are available on portable gadgets like smartphones and laptops.

Therefore, you can appreciate light entertainment and mood enhancement whenever you feel mentally exhausted. However, be careful not to overdo this at work, or it may cost you your job. During the break time, it’s when you can stream an anime show to stay updated and motivated.

Sign-up Free Access

One of the major features that seemed to draw people to KissAnime signs up free access. This meant that the platform doesn’t host any of your details.

And if you are using a VPN, your activities are invisible. As such, this meant that you can freely stream their contents without being bounded to this platform.

Free Streaming

Everyone knows how expensive it is to afford a decent cable TV package with an amazing anime program. While online subscriptions on some platforms can be a bit cheaper, the rate may still be too costly to some viewers.

Luckily, that’s not something to worry you about KissAnime. We are talking of great animation collections which are all free to stream. And with tons of options available, it’s the best gateway for those running away from paid plans.

Great For The Family

Earlier on, Anime was best known to be entertainment for kids. But that mentality has changed with the rollout of anime with complex plots and themes. As a result, people of all ages can enjoy amusement from these fictional characters.

Whether it’s a young kid, teenager, or adult, Anime is best for everyone. They form one of the best family entertainments that can strike and engage the minds or emotions of everyone.

Unexpected Lessons

Through action animes, you can learn why wars start in the first place. And with the options like Gormangand, you are given a taste of an arms dealer life.

What they go through and the dangerous situation they are entangled in, among others. Therefore, there are interesting, unexpected lessons from watching some of the KissAnime animations.


Animes, specifically those targeting kids, are very important. They are helpful in the developmental stages of your child. Through watching these characters, they can learn perceptions skills.

By listening to what the anime is saying, they’ll acquire communication skills and fluency when talking. Other education benefits include moral values and discipline.

Easily Available

Since it’s compatible with portable devices like Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops, it’s easily available. Therefore, you can now stream while you are traveling or wherever you are far from your Smart TV set or cable TV.

Cultural Appreciation

If you look at anime beyond the entertaining aspect, you will notice some sense of culture cutting across. Specifically, Japanese anime portray the cultural heritage of the Japanese.

They enable you to explore the various Japanese traditions and cultures entertainingly. Things like Food, dressing, art, customs, festivities, and religion are just but a few of the things you will learn.

Disadvantages of using KissAnime

Copyright Issues

One of the primary reasons why KissAnime is no longer with us is due to copyright issues. They lack licenses to most of the content they share online through this platform.

However, they are those who use VPNs as a way to ensure they don’t get in trouble for streaming copyrighted content. The VPN network ensures that your activities and locations are anonymous. And with your access to these contents, it also puts you at the same risk and legal repercussion.

Ads Nuisance

Streaming anime for free is quite pleasing. But it’s also important to note the frustrations of having to be interrupted by ads. Most anime sites that are free, including KissAnime, employ ads as their major sponsors. So while you don’t pay anything for a subscription, you are still paying through ads.

Is KissAnime Still Available Online?

Unfortunately, the shutdown of KissAnime is permanent. This means a loss of a resourceful platform for streaming anime for free. And in general, it’s a major blow to the global traffic that was keenly following up their contents. While some clown sites claim to be the new official KissAnime, don’t be fooled.

Most of them are opportunists trying to feed on the great reputation of this platform. But also, all is not lost. In the following list of the 12 best KissAnime alternatives, you can still get what you are looking for. They are the best in the market with amazing qualities comparable to those of KissAnime.

12 Best KissAnime Alternative Sites

1. Crunchyroll

This is an American streaming site that’s centered on streaming videos from East Asian media. Their videos include music, drama, animations, auto racing, and manga entertainment. The videos are available in Spanish, English, Arabic, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Wich enables it to reach out to more audiences.

You can also watch your favorite animations with English subtitles after being released in Japanese. Further, you can stream any episode in HD quality for the best visual. And through the library, you can discover and stream some of your favorite anime content.

Crunchyroll is a good website since it has original series and novels. They are a legal website because they have international distributor rights. Finally, Crunchyroll is a networking site. You can therefore share videos and talk to other people because of its popularity.

2. Funimation

Funimation is an American entertainment firm specializing in designing and distributing East Asia media like anime shows and movies. This firm has an app that you can use on different devices like android or iOS. You can download this App from Google Playstore or the app store.

Funimation provides you with over 10000 movies and episodes from a variety of subs and dubs. It also gives you all-time classic and fan favorites anime shows and movies. You can also watch a few anime movies and shows on this site at a quality of 1080p with no ads. However, for the entire package and experience, you are supposed to subscribe at a fee.

3. VRV

VRV offers content ranging from horror to gaming and animations. Its contents can be accessed and streamed for free, but some require subscriptions. Whether it’s a premium package normal subscription, you need it to appreciate this site.

And if you’re looking for a cartoon, gaming, and animations site, this is the best place. It is an app that is well organized and looks good in appearance. You can therefore create a free account and create your watch list with ease while streaming.

This is because they have huge alternatives of shows accessible. It is also available in the United States, and some platforms allow it to be seen worldwide. The access is through its website, Android phone, Android TV, and iPhone in its apps.

4. Anime Freak

Anime freak is a completely free popular high-quality amine streaming site. This site does not contain any ads, making it a safe site. Anime freak site does not require you to register or subscribe to enjoy its dubbed and subbed content. This means that amine freak does not store any of your information, making it a safe place.

Amine freak offers you thousands of subbed and dubbed amine categories like One Piece, Naruto, Black clover, etc. in addition to that, some shows like Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and others are even available in their native language due to their popularity. Amine freak offers you features like an inbuilt video player, user interface, and a wide range of genres.

5. Anime-Planet

This App allows you to stream movies for free online and give reviews after watching them. It is a free, legal, and safe site. You can therefore watch all your favorite anime and manga series here.

You also have a sign-in option where you can sign in and stream your videos with few limitations. And after you open the site, you can view the latest and popular series that are out. You can therefore choose what you are interested in and watch at your comfort.

6. GoGoAnime

Gogoanime is a free streaming site to watch your favorite anime genres. This site offers you a variety of genres such as drama, history, comedy, romance, action, and many more. This site provides its users with fast download speeds and a smooth streaming experience. Also, it offers you quality HD viewing of all its anime.

Gogoanime also gives you subbed and dubbed to cater to your satisfaction. Their official website will update you with the latest trends that are optimized for your experience on the site. This site also provides you with the most imaginative and entertaining experiences that you will find nowhere else. Gogoanime also has an app that you can download anime for you to watch offline.

Gogoanime is rated as one of the best anime websites. It also offers you unlimited access to its diverse anime genres. You can also create your wish list on the site of those videos you wish to watch. In addition, you are also able to keep track of what you are watching each time.

7. 9Anime

If you are a lover of anime series, then this is your place. This is a popular site where you can get free high-quality videos online for free. You can also upload your content on the website and make new sites on it. Furthermore, you can also download your favorite TV series and movies here.

The App is available on Google Playstore for free. They also have a guide on how to stream movies on it using the website. You can therefore download it and enjoy streaming your best videos online. Additionally, it provides a list of continuing series and those that are over. You can therefore catch up with what you never watched and those that are ongoing.

8. Kiss Asians

Kiss Asians is a website to watch and stream Asian movies and shows at no cost. Kiss Asian provides you with high-quality streams in different formats ranging from 240p to 1080p full HD.

This site provides you with drama and movies genres like romance, action, and many more. All content on this site is from different countries like Japan, China, Taiwan, and Korea. Additionally, KissAsian offers you a user-friendly and visually appealing interface not found in another similar website.

In KissAsian, it is not a must that you register to enjoy its collection. Also, if you are an international fan or a native, this site gives English subtitles to enjoy their collection. If you sign in on KissAsians, you can customize your settings.

This enables you to select your favorite anime shows, create folders and even share with friends via email. Lastly, KissAsian is a safe site to use for you as a fan. This is because it does not request your personal information like phone number and email address.

9. Kisscartoon

This App focuses on entertainment, and you can also see the latest reviews, news, price change, and videos from here. KissCartoon’s website has a service that allows you to watch any cartoon free of charge.

These movies and cartoons are of high HD quality and are easily downloadable without any subscriptions. You can download the App from Google Playstore on Android and watch the actions of your best cartoon actors. It is an ad-free app, and its videos come in their original language and high-quality English.

10. AnimeDao

AnimeDao ranks among the best anime websites like Kissanime and Crunchyroll. It has amazing anime content you can invest your leisure time on. Coming with a combination of the latest shows and some classic options, the fans feel contended. Further, the resolution of streaming content is exemplary and striking to watch.

The content comprises great Manga series as well as popular anime options. With the latest episodes on Shaman King, The Defective, Visual Prison, and the rest, the entertainment is quite impressive. Besides the current and old-school anime, you can also track the upcoming anime and those yet to be launched.

Lastly, AnimeDao is a paradise for anime enthusiasts. The extensive library and complete movies provide you with complete watching satisfaction. And this makes it the best pick for fulfilling anime cravings.

11. WatchCartoonsOnline

The love for TV shows is just great, but it doesn’t beat the feeling of streaming them anytime. And that’s what WatchCartoonsOnline is here for. It has a grand collection of cartoons you can stream anytime.

Since most of them are in English or have English subtitles, you have a wide range of options. Still on the language, English being universal, the platform is very popular globally, especially among English speakers.

When streaming, you can use several different gadgets. Your PC being the first, others include Smartphones and tablets through the WatchCartoonsOnline app.

Also, it has a fantastic user interface that makes it easy to stream its cartoons. Lastly, cartoons are best for kids, teenagers as well as adults. As such, it’s important in the entertainment of the entire family.

12. Watch Series

Picking an anime series is good for general entertainment, but if you need to fulfill a specific taste for anime, try an option like Watch Series. The platform has some of the latest episodes and best classic series. By clicking the series on the side dashboard, you can explore an endless list of impressive content.

However, that doesn’t mean fanatics for anime movies are locked out. This anime portal also hosts a great movie collection. Whether you want to watch comedy, drama, or action, they are also available. So, visit Watch Series this moment to quench your love for anime series.

Do I Have To Pay For Kissanime?

KissAnime was a free platform that didn’t require any sort of subscription fee. Their main sponsors were ads that would pop up when you are busy streaming an episode, movie, or show.

Does KissAnime Come With Viruses?

Streaming sites, including KissAnime, can be many things but not a source of computer viruses. While this is true for KissAnime, it doesn’t mean a streaming platform is trying to infect your device with viruses.

Does Kissanime Contain Malware?

The thing with sites sharing copyrighted content is that they often engage in sponsored ads. And since these are illegal platforms showcasing prohibited content, some of these ads come with malware. So when you click to watch, you end up infecting your site. KissAnime being no exception, can also be a potential source of malware to your device.

What Made Kissanime so Popular?

They hosted so many titles, which meant they had content for all types of anime audiences. So, whether you are young, or grown-up, you could find something interesting. and that’s not all, they were also registration free. And this meant that viewers can come in and go with ease without committing to the platform with an account.

Is KissCartoon a Good Alternative For KissAnime?

With the permanent shut down of KissAnime, an alternative platform is the best means of keeping it alive. And in this case, KissCartoon will do. These two platforms share something in common, and that’s their interface plus contents. So you can still browse Japanese anime like Manga for free on Kisscartoon as you used to with KissAnime.


You are now aware of the different sites to stream and watch anime movies and shows. With this knowledge, you are in a better position to decide which one suits you better than the other.

This is in terms of subscription or registration needed and its availability in your country or geographical area. Also, you can consider the content that each platform has to offer and its relevance to the audience.

Finally, the days of watching animation via cable tv are long gone. Now, we are in an internet generation where everything is online from shopping to entertainment. For instance, you can choose an anime site like WatchCartoonOnline if you are specifically targeting younger kids.          

As such, you can stream your best cartoons/anime wherever you are. With the help of portable devices like smartphones and tablets, this is way possible and more convenient. Lastly, enjoy the entertainment and convenience of streaming anime by choosing any of the above options.

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