12 Things To Know Before Using FMovies

by Felesha Toni

When you think about watching movies online for free, I bet you’re probably going to choose to watch it from a site with no interruptions, right? And it gets better when there are no subscription fees to pay. All you have to do is just get comfortable.

There are so many sites to choose from, and the main reason people opt for these free streaming online platforms is because of one simple fact; they’re absolutely free of charge! And without having to pay for anything, you get access to every movie or TV show uploaded on the site.

Ever heard of FMovies? Probably? No? Well, it’s among the many online sites to stream free movies and TV shows online. It’s popular with avid movie fans, so I bet you’ve probably seen the name somewhere or even heard of it.

If you don’t have a clue what we’re talking about, not to worry. This article does a deep dive into what the site has to offer, how to navigate through it and everything you need to know about FMovies.

1. What is FMovies?

As mentioned earlier, FMovies is an online streaming platform that allows you to stream movies and TV shows at the comfort of your device for free. You can also download media from it.

However, just because the site offers access to media available on the internet for free doesn’t mean it’s legal. The content is pirated, and the website has been accused of infringing copyrights to these movies and TV shows.

2. The History of FMovies

FMovies has existed long before Netflix became popular. The website has offered great content to its loyal users, and so far, it still maintains to do the same.

A quick scan through their Twitter account, and you’ll notice how informative they are when giving updates, highlighting fake websites using their name, and so forth, which is really commendable.

We, however, should not ignore the fact that as much as this sounds like the best deal there is in town, it has several disadvantages when using it that could pose threats, especially to those who use the platform. But hey, don’t worry.

It’s not the apocalypse. As much as there are risks associated with using the platform, you’ll be okay as long as you follow the tips in this post. If you have been using the platform, you’ll notice how the developers keep changing the domain name.

Back in 2016, the official website link was FMovies.com. It was shut down, and the domain was blocked from any search traffic. To curb this issue, they introduced mirror websites that allow you to access the same content available on the main website. You have to keep up with the updates, or else you might end up stumbling on a fake website and expose yourself to very serious cyberattacks.

Over time, other FMovie sites were created with a different domain name depending on the search engine. From where these websites operate from is unclear, and just to maintain their services, they change their domain name every now and then. They have had several lawsuits against them, and they are currently identified as a notorious market by the United States government.

3. What Does FMovies Offer?

With the website, everything you’d want to watch is available. Even new movies are released hours barely after they come out. You never have to worry about the quality of the movies. Rest assured, they are in great quality, and as long as you have a internet connection, the quality will remain consistent.

All movie and TV show titles are available upon request. All you have to do is search for what you want. It could be according to genre, country, year it was released, the alphabetical order, top IMBD rated movies, to name but a few.

It also contains content from over fifteen countries and offers over twenty different languages to choose from. The only downside would be watching a newly released movie in camera copy. All in all, the site offers great content considering it needs no subscription fee. The content is classified into the following areas

  1. Genre
  2. Country
  3. TV Series
  4. Top IMBD
  5. A-Z List
  6. Suggest Movies
  7. Latest Movies
  8. Latest TV Series
  9. User Requested Movies

4. Always Use A VPN

The safety of Fmovies depends on whether you’re using a VPN or streaming without any protection whatsoever. To be safe, you should always be using a VPN when visiting and watch free online movies series from this site.

The website has many suspicious malware and torrent ads popping as antivirus ads. If you’re using a good VPN, the likelihood that you’re computer will get detected or attacked by suspicious malware is less. You can also install a good antivirus software to protect your computer against any suspicious Trojans that may be encountered innocently while using the website.

The problem of using a website such as FMovies to stream quality movies for free is that upon selecting the movie you’d want to watch, you get redirected to unwanted websites that never seem to have credible information about them.

The red alert you get about updating your out-of-date antivirus is a trap meant to deceive you into believing that the solution is truly a click away when in actual sense, you’re downloading a virus.

This could have serious consequences on your computer or phone, or even tablet. Some viruses are so dangerous that they interrupt all functions of a computer rendering your device useless.

You could also risk exposing yourself to malicious cyberbullies who will want to steal your private information, and some of these hackers use your information for malicious activity or even log in to your financial records and steal from you.

The damage can be extensive, and sooner or later before you know it, things have gotten out of hand. All because you innocently clicked on that adobe antivirus update ad.   

5. Avoid Downloading Content From FMovies

Let’s do a deep dive into the virus problem. We all know how important it is to have our devices up and running without any hitches or glitches. The frustration that comes from operating a device that hangs upon being given a command can be very overwhelming.

On a computer, for instance, the virus can delete all your files and documents as a go. How absurd would it be discovering your computer doesn’t have that important document you’re looking for? I know I’d go insane.

If you’re using FMovies to stream or download that awesome comedy series you’ve wanted to watch, you had better be careful. The malware is normally hidden, and since not everyone is a computer nerd, you wouldn’t notice that you have downloaded a virus. Some of the signs that you could potentially have a virus on your device are

  1. Your computer or device slows down in its processing speed.
  1. Some of your documents and files start missing.
  1. Your monitor goes off unexpectedly.
  1. Some major functions stop working, such as simple shortcuts.
  1. Abrupt commands get executed without you authorizing them. For example, Microsoft Word may prompt itself to start and o the new document, it being typing by itself.
  1. If you have an external storage, the computer may be unable to read it or may format it to read data that is not formatted or decoded.

These are just but a few of the signs that show you may have a virus on your computer or tablet or even your phone. It is, therefore, very possible to download a virus unknowingly. Some of the ways to avoid infecting your computer with suspicious malware include

  1. Make sure you use a VPN and only stream from the site.
  1. Do not download anything from the site, be it media or software. Only update existing antivirus software from their official site and use legal sites to purchase your favorite TV shows and movies.
  1. Update your antivirus at all times.
  1. Use legal websites to stream media from.

6. Are Websites Like FMovies Legal?

Of course not. It allows you to stream free movies and TV series pulled from other sources online that may be pirated, and they have not purchased any rights for the distribution of these movies and shows.

To make matters worse, there are so many alternative website domains that are used as an alternative just so that they can continue distributing their content regardless of how illegal that is.

Back in October 2017, a Filipino media group famously known for their production in soap opera movies and TV shows, ABS-CBN filed a lawsuit against the site and won, claiming $210,000 as compensation over copyright infringement.

That’s not all. In January 2018, the site was marked as a notorious website by the U.S government alongside other pirate sites such as Pirate bay. By October 2018, the website had already been reported to the U.S government by Motions Picture Association of America for copyright infringement again. Other charges filed against the site include

  • False and reckless advertising.
  • Unfair competition against the actual creators of the content.
  • Direct and contributory copyright infringement.
  • Federal trademark infringement.
  • False description of origin.

Since then, countries such as Australia, Sweden, India, and many more have listed the website as illegal, and some have gone to the extent of blocking the site.

Despite the backlash, the online platform has always bounced back with numerous proxy domains and mirror websites that act to protect the official website from being shut down.

You can watch the content for free on these sites and using a VPN but don’t ever download any of it’s content.

7. FMovies Mirror Sites

Don’t be discouraged if you find the main FMovies website temporarily unavailable. There are numerous other domains available which still offer the same unlimited content for free.

Sometimes they change their domain name to avoid getting traced or detected. Regardless of what domain name you use, you are assured of the same user-friendly interface, same content, and same data. Nothing really changes.

Some of the other alternative FMovies domains include

  • Fmovies.to
  • Fmovies.co
  • Fmovies.cab
  • Fmovies.io
  • Fmovies.me
  • Fmovies.org
  • Fmovies.cx
  • Famoies.se
  • Famovie.123.info
  • Fmovies.bz
  • Fmovies.unblocker.cc
  • Fmovies.fyi
  • Fmovies.to
  • Fmovies.life
  • Fmovies.immunicity.plus
  • Fmovies.unblocked.cab
  • Fmovies.unlbocked.plus
  • Fmovies.immunicity.cab
  • Fmovies.bypassed.plus
  • Fmovies.bypassed.cab
  • Fmovies.immunicity.download
  • Fmovies.unblockall.xyz
  • Fmovies.immunicity.team
  • Fmovies.unblocked.team
  • Fmovies.bypassed.team
  • Bmovies.online
  • Bmovies.pro
  • Bmovies.ru
  • Fmovies.taxi
  • Fmovies.world
  • Fmovies.wtf

All these sites work and are readily available on your browser. Also, as I mentioned earlier, depending on which browser you’re using, different alternative domain may appear, but that should not worry you.

They are all going to still provide you with the same service as the main site. It’s also important to note that if the main website is not available after searching, it could be that your country may have authorized that the main site be blocked.

However, there is nothing you can’t do without a VPN. After installing a good VPN, you should be able to access it unless the developers have temporarily taken down the main website.

8. Use The Website Responsibly

You should never stream free movies and TV shows online from any of these websites unless you’re using a VPN. In fact, when using such websites, it’s recommended that you use a good VPN to navigate and stream from the site.

Depending on which country you live in, the penalty of streaming from such notorious websites popularly known for their pirated content varies.

In some countries, if your information is found to have downloaded content from the website, you could be prosecuted for cybercrime felonies.

It is therefore very crucial that you hide your IP address from the internet altogether. Make sure to pair the VPN with a good antivirus software lest you expose yourself to dangerous malware.

Using a good VPN when streaming from such platforms as FMovies is more like a requirement. VPNs such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, Surfshark, and many more are great examples that can serve you while using the sight. They may be pricey, but you’d rather pay for a good VPN and get to experience the best it has to offer than risk using a free VPN that will not protect your information or identity.

Such platforms expose you to suspicious individuals who may want nothing more than to gain access to your information and use it to their advantage.

They might choose to impersonate you using your personal data and engage in dangerous activities on the dark web, which will definitely get you in some serious trouble.

In countries such as Denmark, it is an offense if found using such illegal sites to stream pirated content. You may be arrested, and a lawsuit may be filed against you. Some countries consider it such a crime that you could be jailed.

Other governments really don’t mind streaming of pirated content as long as it’s for individual use. Whichever the case, it’s better to stay anonymous on the web and protect yourself from unwanted malware attacks, theft of your personal data, and getting in trouble by steaming from such platforms.

9. Why Isn’t FMovies Working on My Laptop?

The best thing about using a VPN is that it hides your location and repeatedly changes your IP address to random places every now, making you untraceable.

So if your country has banned the official FMovies site, by using a VPN, you’ll be able to gain access the any FMovies site and access every content available on the platform.

Also, as mentioned earlier, the main site might be temporarily down or no longer in use. You might have tried accessing a fake FMovies account that does not have any content available. In such cases, you could try using a different search engine or try a different browser.

You can also try using Google to find out which domains are currently working. There are many articles based on the platform that gets uploaded daily with the latest information, so you’re sure to get the latest news on the platform.

10. FMovies Supported Streaming Devices

There are numerous ways in which you can stream a movie at the comfort of your home stress-free. As long as the device has access to a browser, you’re good to go.

Some of the devices mentioned earlier include your phone, tablet, and computer. We also have televisions and devices such as the Amazon Firestick TV, smart box, and so forth. Let’s take a quick deep dive.

Your Phone

This is by far the easiest device to work with. All you have to do is go to your browser, search for an active FMovies website and start streaming. While at it, ensure you have a good and active VPN and antivirus installed while steaming for protection.


It works just like a phone would. Same procedure with the same requirements. Have a good VPN and antivirus as well. It’s quite simple and easy to use.


This is by far the most common device used when streaming from such platforms. For people who prefer watching movies from large screens, if you have a cable that connects your laptop to your TV, then you’re all set.

The most popular reason why people prefer to stream with these three devices is because once you start using the website, you mostly get redirected to spam websites that have suspicious activity and may pose a security risk to your device.

Streaming from your laptop allows you to cancel the redirection or exit the spam website fast enough before any major damage is done. It’s fast and easy and makes it all quite reliable to use when streaming.


Many televisions these days come with apps that are already pre-installed. Among these apps include browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Chrome.

The disadvantage of using your television is that it can take a while before you get to access the movie you want to watch. The navigation can be quite hectic as well since your remote doesn’t have a keyboard.

Nonetheless, you can pair an external keyboard via Bluetooth with your TV, making the experience easy and effortless. You can also download a remote on your phone and use it to navigate the browser smoothly.

Amazon Firestick 4K

You’re going to have to pay for this one. It may seem pricey, but it offers value and is worth the investment. So many apps come with it, including a browser, and it supports 4K resolution on your TV.

The best part about it, there’s an Amazon Firestick remote app that you can download from both Google playstore and Applestore to help with navigation on the apps.

Roku Ultra

This device supports both 4K and HDR resolution on all media. It has the largest selection of apps compared to any other device. From subscription channels to free channels, you name it. You will definitely enjoy a quiet time watching your favorite movie from this device.

Amazon FireTv Cube

Unlike the Firestick, this version comes with so much more. The cube has no discrimination when it comes to apps installed on it. The best part about using the cube is the Alexa integration that comes with it.

How cool is that?! To have to command from anywhere just by your voice. It also supports 4K and HDR resolutions, and you are sure to get a solid internet connection since it has an Ethernet port.

Apple TV 4K

This is clearly a favorite for Apple consumers. It has incomparable processing speeds making it a smooth experience, especially when streaming. There’s nothing more frustrating than that moment where the movie starts buffering.

This device is valuable for your money, and I bet you won’t regret it. If you have any other Apple devices around your home, you bet apple TV will sync with the rest of the other Apple products easily.

Google Chromecast 3

Compared to those mentioned above, the device is not as pricey. In fact. It is quite affordable and easy to pair with any other device in the house including your phone, table and computer.

Google will always have a browser option on its long list of applications available for streaming service. Despite the slow speeds every now and then, this device is budget-friendly, and you are sure to have a great experience using it.

11. Requirements To Use FMovies

Internet Connectivity: We all love wireless devices, but that can slow down your internet speeds for sure. Having an Ethernet port will solidify your internet speeds. You won’t have to worry about your movie buffering or pausing midway to reconnect back to the WiFi.

VPN: You’re exposed on the internet and it’s even worse when you start visiting free movie sites online. Using a VPN is non-negotiable and so make sure that you’re protecting your privacy and yourself.

USB Port: Although downloading from FMovies is not recommended, you can choose to safely source quality content from the website.

Once you’ve downloaded your movie or series, store it in an external storage and plug it into your device, and enjoy. It’s always easier to watch a movie uninterrupted, and downloading that movie before you begin will make your experience amazing.

Dual-band WiFi: The best thing about having dual-band WiFi is that the device is able to adjust according to the internet connectivity available effortlessly without interrupting your streaming.

12. 20 Alternative Sites Similar to FMovies

What makes these sites popular is the fact that they are free and offer every kind of content there could possibly be.

They offer almost the same content and in the same manner. Slight differences might exist when it comes to user experience otherwise, there’s not much difference to them.

1. MoviesJoy

The website has quite a catchy user interface and is almost similar to Fmovies. You don’t need a subscription to access the platform, and the ads are numerous. Nevertheless, you can still access unlimited content from the internet.

2. Yesmovies

Instead of hosting the content, the platform uses multiple external cloud sources to gain access to the media content. Nonetheless, the platform offers users the same friendly user interface as FMovies itself and allows the users to leave reviews on the movie or series they have watched.

Regardless of how long you have been using the account, you can easily see who left a review and what they said. It’s free and offers access to unlimited content from the internet.

3. Flixtor

This is another great alternative to FMovies. The platform offers great content, with the downside being that you have to be a member to be able to access content released way back.

Their free version allows the user to watch only that which was released most recently. Besides that, the website has access to unlimited content on the internet, and you are sure to have a great time on this free online streaming website.

4. ZMovies

Just like Bmovies, Zmovies is an alternative to Fmovies. Here, you’ll be able to access any movie or series you wish for free.

The interface is similar to that of Fmovies, and the categories that help navigate through the media content available on the site is categorized in a similar manner compared to Fmovies.

5. Crackle

With Crackle, you have to create an account to gain access to content on the platform. Despite the fact that it is owned by a reputable company, Sony, the website still allows for ads, and we all know what happens if you mistakenly click on that ad. The company updates its watchlist, making sure their users gain access to the latest content currently.

6. Pulocker

Putlocker is barely any different from FMovies. The site is very popular and widely recognized for its reliability.

Anyone can gain access to its extensive collection of movies and series quite easily. It has several domains depending on which region you’re in and which browser you’re using.

7. GoMovies

This is almost as similar to FMovies. The best and most notable fact about the website is its ability to update itself on a daily basis allowing the viewers to gain access to some of the latest content there is on the internet.

8. 123Movies

If you’re a diehard fan of free movies, you’ve probably come across this website. It has an engaging interface, and if you want to interact with fellow movie enthusiasts from all over the world, there’s a chat option that connects you to everyone else talking bout movies and TV shows.

You don’t have to create an account in order to use this website. Anyone can gain access to it. The fact that it’s free and readily accessible to anyone is what makes it even more popular. 

9. SolarMovies

In comparison to 123Movies, SolarMovies has a better user experience as the users are able to access their movies and series with seconds of searching it.

The interface is polished and has a captivating interface. But just like FMovies and other free online streaming platforms, the adverts can be too many, and one wrong click, and you’ll be on an unknown website.

10. GoStream

The most notable feature on this platform is how easy it is to stream a movie. The process is very straightforward. Most of its other features are similar to Fmovies, so navigate it should be quite easy.

However, it’s important to note that the website doesn’t regularly update its latest movies section. Therefore if you’re hoping to watch a movie released a week before, you’re going to wait.

11. AZMovies

Just like Fmovies, you can access any movie or TV show from its large catalog.

12. LookMovie

It’s a new website that has come with a bang. If you’re looking for a site that allows you to stream movies for free, then you’re in the right place. What’s more, it’s ad-free, and we love that there are no annoying spam websites waiting for that one innocent click.

13. VexMovies

If you’re using this website, better be careful. It could be a scam. The reviews given on the website indicate it is a high-risk website known for phishing, and has a buyer-beware tag attached to the name. Such websites are dangerous and should not be joked around with.

14. StreamLord

Just like Vex movies, you had better exercise extreme caution when using this website.

15. Soap2Day

The suspicious ads that keep popping up all the time make the user experience rank lower than most free online streaming websites. However, the site does offer a good variety of content to choose from, and it seems to be gaining popularity among movie fanatics.

16. MovieStars

The website has an amazing user interface that is quite inviting to any user. It is free and requires no registration. Anyone can get access to unlimited content on the internet.

17. SpaceMovie

If you like to see a description before clicking to watch a movie, then this website is for you. It’s great for decision-making, especially when you don’t know what to watch.

18. 123Chill

Just like 123movies, this platform features so many moves and series and is generally a great site to stream from.

19. PrimeWire

Just like many of these websites, PrimeWire offers users free content and at a great resolution too. You have to be careful when navigating. Avoid clicking on any ad because you’ll automatically be redirected to an annoying spam website.

20. StreamM4U

One thing you’re sure to get from this website is swift filtering of movie titles upon requests and effortless streaming without buffering.

The Take-away

It’s great to have a website you can rely on when you want to have a great time indoors and stream for free. However, take precautions when using these websites.

I would recommend paying for a subscription and getting content that is from a legal website and poses no risk to your devices or your laptop.

If you prefer the free movie and TV series sites online, and willing to do it securely using a VPN, while not downloading anything from these sites you’re good. If you’re going to use free online movie sites, do it responsibly, don’t put yourself and your safety at risk.

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