22 Sites To Stream Free NFL Games Online Live

by Dilly Dylan

Finding free live streams of NFL games can be a hard and frustrating task, especially at the last minute when your favorite team is playing and you’re trying to see the game. NFL games are entertaining, it’s one of the biggest sporting events in the United States, and for good reasons.

These streaming sites will work for NFL sports lovers worldwide, which means everyone can follow all the games regardless of what your team is. This means that keeping up with all the games and ultimately the super bowl should not be a hassle for true NFL fans.

For people who want to watch their favorite NFL team play, there is the cable TV option that shows local sports content. However, cost and jurisdiction limitations, among other things, can deny true fans access to watch NFL games. A viable solution to this problem is free NFL streaming sites online.

What are free NFL Streaming Sites?

NFL streaming sites are websites and platforms where NFL sports fans can stream live games and post-match analyses for free. 

These free streaming platforms are not only providing free services, but they are also offering the convenience of streaming NFL games from anywhere worldwide.

You do not necessarily have to be in the United States before you can stream all the NFL content you want to watch and if you use a VPN it becomes a lot easier to access free NFL streaming sites, plus you get to browse the internet privately, freely and safely.

The different options for streaming live NFL games offer distinct features and benefits. There are diverse uses for these websites via the internet. Visitors do not have to pay any subscription fee nor require registration before watching NFL games.

Can I stream NFL Games free?

Absolutely! Several streaming websites cover all the NFL games free. This also includes the NFL final, Super Bowl game when it comes up. These days, people do not have to deal with the constraints of paying for a cable TV subscription before catching their favorite games. Upon meeting the streaming requirements, viewers can stream all NFL games live from anywhere around the world from multiple devices.

NFL fans can watch all of the NFL matches online for free without signing up or registering to a website. The list below outlines the top free streaming platform for NFL fans’ consideration. These streaming sites have their settings and unique features. You should check them out and pick the one that you feel comfortable with the most.

What do you need to watch NFL games online for free?

The requirements differ for the different streaming platforms. There are settings and processes that these different streaming websites require to provide the best streaming services. However, they all possess some common requirements. Below are the common needs to watch NFL games online free

1. Stable Internet Connection

Streaming NFL games via the internet require a stable internet connection to get a clear and visible game. These streaming sites require a stable internet connection to get good video quality while watching the games. Your home internet connection determines the video quality of your streaming experience.

2. Internet Enabled Device

Streaming content over the internet offers the flexibility of streaming on output devices other than your television. Nowadays, viewers can watch NFL games from phones, tablets, consoles, computers, and all other internet-enabled output devices.

You need to have an internet-enabled output device to stream their NFL games from any of these streaming sites. The restrictions around cable TVs do not apply to online streaming sites.

3. A Reliable VPN Connection

This depends on the streaming site viewers are using to watch NFL games, but generally, you should always use a VPN when streaming free NFL games or sports content online to be absolutely sure that you’re protecting your privacy and staying safe online.

4. Streaming Software

This is the website where you will be watching the free NFL games online.

5. Audio Peripheral

This is an optional requirement. To get a better audio output, viewers can add an audio peripheral to their visual output peripheral for a better viewing experience.

Do you need a VPN to watch free NFL games online?

To be on the safe side and to experience the best, restriction-free, and safes internet browsing you should use a VPN. For some specific servers, VPN is a requirement to bypass local jurisdiction blackout. This also applies to people who want to stream from anywhere worldwide.

VPN is also useful for getting certain languages and other audio and video benefits from certain locations. But most of all, a VPN protects you online, your privacy, and your safety.

15 Best Streaming Sites to Watch NFL Games Live Free

If you are looking for a free streaming website where you can watch all your favorite NFL team’s games for the season, you are in the right place.

The list below highlights the 15 best-streaming sites where you can watch NFL games free. You can go through the list and select the option you prefer for streaming NFL games.

This list will also be updated frequently to add new streaming sites so that you can enjoy more free NFL games online in high quality.

1. CrackStreams

CrackStreams sports is a top sports streaming website where NFL fans can stream live games online. This free service works smoothly across different devices with an internet connection. Asides from NFL actions, CrackStream also streams various sports games like NBA, Soccer, MMA, UFC, and others.

CrackStreams sports is one of the websites that need a VPN to access certain servers and links to stream games. This is dependent on your location and ZIP code.

If you are in an area that does not require VPN, you can watch it directly. In more cases, a VPN service is required to access the content on this website. With CrackStreams Sports, NFL lovers do not have to worry about missing out on any of the season’s games and the Super Bowl at the end of the season.

2. SportSurge

Another great streaming site that provides access to NFL games is SportSurge. This streaming site is perfect for NFL games. Viewers do not require an account or a fee before they can watch all the NFL games of the season.

Asides from NFL games, Sportsurge also streams other sports options. Fans from all over the world can access Sportsurge to watch NFL games and all of the other sports events that catch their attention.

SportSurge provides daily updates about upcoming sports games with the streaming link. However, Sportsurge shows ads during the game.

Ads revenue are useful for offsetting the costs of hosting and providing the free streaming service. Sports lovers can also stream Soccer, Basketball, Boxing, Motor Sports, and other sporting events via this streaming site.

Sportsurge requires its users to use a VPN before they can access this website. Users might also have to create an account on this website before accessing its streams and contents. However, no sign-up nor subscription fee is required.

3. VIPRow Sports

VIPRow is undeniably a standout website where viewers can watch NFL games free online. This website provides a simple website that allows users to navigate to the sports event they wish to watch.

This convenience in the website interface is one of the standout features of this website. VIPRow also offers a variety of sport streaming services for other sports events. These include baseball, soccer, basketball, golf, and several others.

As an addition to its features, VIPRow allows users to upload their own sports videos. It provides Sports analysis and other sports-related content. Unfortunately, there are frequent ads that pop up on this site during a game. In some instances, users might have to sign up before gaining certain access to this website.

4. Stream2Watch

Streaming free NFL games on the Stream2Watch site is straightforward. You simply select the sports event or channel and start watching live content on the go. From anywhere in the world, viewers can stream live NFL games via the internet.

Not only the live match, but this website also provides up-to-date information regarding players in the team currently playing, team schedule, match analysis, and several other information.

This platform also allows for a multi-language audio option. The larger audience can choose to stream their NFL game and other sports event in the language they prefer. For every link for streaming a game on this platform, there is always a backup link as an alternative.

Stream2Watch provides different video resolutions such as 1080p, HD, and other options. Unfortunately, there are pop-up ads on this website. This is something that ad-blocker software solutions can easily handle.


USTVGO provides free Live TV content for viewers. It has a full list of channels that viewers will normally get on cable TV. This list of TV channels contains local and regional TV channels that broadcast News, Entertainment, Sports, Family, Kids content, and several other features. If you are searching for a replacement for your cable TV, this streaming platform is an option you should consider.

This platform also stands out because it is free to access. There are about 94 different free channels on this website. This is good news for NFL lovers as viewers can access ESPN, NFL RedZone and other sports channel that shows live Sports content. You should use NordVPN to get around the geo-restriction access around certain channels.

Like other sports streaming sites, there is no restriction to the number of simultaneous streams in a household. Different people can watch different things on their modern internet-enabled devices at their own convenience.   Worthy to note is this website also contain ads pop-up. Nevertheless, you can use an ads blocker to avoid these ads while streaming.

6. VIPLeague

VIPLeague is one of the best sites to stream NFL games and other sports leagues. This streaming website has an interactive interface that makes it easy to navigate. It provides a catalog of live matches for the day. All you have to do is click on the sports event you wish to stream and start watching. While streaming, you can also view the information about the ongoing matches.

VIP league is not accessible from all countries because of geo-location restrictions. However, viewers from all over the world can gain access to this website via a VPN.

Asides from NFL games, VIP League also streams Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Motorsport, and other sports. To get the best streaming experience, you might have to consider including an ads blocker to restrict the number of ads pop-up you will have to deal with.

7. CricHD

One word to describe the streaming service from the CricHD website is brilliant. Although it mainly streams live cricket events, as obvious from the name, it also streams NFL games, Soccer, NBA, and other sports tournaments.

The game you choose to watch has a link to the site you can stream it from. Channels like Sky Sports live, BeIN Sports, Fox Sports, and others are available on this website.

This streaming website does not require a sign-up nor subscription fee to access. It also has a mobile application for accessibility.

8. SportLemon

Sportlemon is a free sport site that allows you to stream free NFL live games online, without signing up to watch anything. The available live NFL games are matches are displayed right on their homepage so you can watch any of your favorite NFL games without hassle and for free.

They also let’s you stream other free live games such as hockey, boxing, tennis, US football, basketball, and other sports.

Their schedule is updated on a regular basis to provide more live sports games to viewers, as well as sports matches from other countries are available.

9. LiveTV

Live TV is a free sports streaming website that grants free access to watch live sports events and regular updates on scheduled sports tournaments. This platform is dear to sports lovers worldwide. It not only allows sports lovers from around the world to get the best stream of their favorite team, but it also allows fans to chat while watching on its messaging channel.

Live TV does not require its users to sign up before enjoying its streaming services. Unlike cable TV, it neither requires a monthly subscription plan for access.

Users can easily access this streaming service from phones, tablets, computers, and all other internet-enabled devices. For NFL fans worldwide, this streaming platform streams all NFL games. Other sports events like soccer from top leagues, NBA, UFC fights, motorsports, and many others are also available.

10. 123TV

Another great platform on which you can stream your NFL games free is 123TV. This streaming site not only provides a free streaming option to watch all NFL games, but it also provides the option of watching live TV content at your convenience.

It provides Entertainment, Family, News, and other TV channels that you would appreciate. This platform works on the peer-to-peer stream technology that shields the stream source on the internet. You can also be sure of getting the best streaming service on this platform.

No subscription fee nor signup is required on this platform. 123 TV also provides sports-related news and other television content. A caveat is that it requires VPN to access this platform. In addition, you will need a good ads blocker to deal with the frustrating pop-up ads on this platform.

11. Sports hub

Another name for this streaming service is Buff stream. This free streaming service is a great option to stream NFL games all season long. Viewers and sports lovers also get to stream and watch their live sports content free. There is also the provision of live score updates for ongoing games and sports events.

There are different streaming channels that viewers can choose to stream their live television content. The different channels cover sports events like Football, NFL, NBA, MMA, and several other sports types.

A standout feature of this streaming website is it is free. No subscription nor account signup is required on this platform. A mobile platform is capable of push notifications for sending information about your favorite NFL team to your device.

12. Sportstream TV

Every sports lovers’ dream is to click on one or two links and start streaming the game they want with zero hassle. This is a reality with Sportstream TV. This website is one of the straightforward websites where you can select the game you want to watch under the streaming servers and will not have to jump through hoops to start the stream.

Asides from NFL games, other live sports streams are also available on this platform. No signup nor registration is required. Viewers get the direct link to start watching their live game in one or two clicks.

13. Streameast

Streameast provides live sports streaming to sports fans of all types and is one of the most used free live stream sport sites. If you want to enjoy NFL live streams in HD quality this is one of the best sites to get that.

Aside from free NFL live streams, you can also watch free live streams from NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC, Boxing, and Formula 1.

14. Livescore

One of the long-lasting websites that provide live updates around NFL games is LiveScore. This website initially provides just live scores on sports matches. However, it now streams various sports events like NFL games live and free. The live streaming service also has a mobile app available for different operating systems.

The interface of this website is built with user convenience in mind. It is easy to navigate and get around. In addition to the live streaming services, users can also get live match updates, statistics, and all other concerning information. Thankfully, pop-up ads on this website are minimal.

15. CBS Sports

Popular sports channels like CBS Sports are household names for their premium sports content and coverage. NFL lovers worldwide can catch all the latest news and sports-related analysis on this website. Not forgetting, you can watch live NFL streaming free on its app.

The CBS Sports app is free to download and offers several other live sports content for its users. NFL, NBA, Soccer, MLB, and several others are services you can be sure to enjoy on this website. Importantly, new users have to register before accessing the free live NFL streams on this platform.

16. Fox Sports

One of the best NFL streaming sites is Fox Sports. This network provides several sports matches and every associating information about the sporting event. It is also the official broadcaster of several sports competitions and tournaments. For worldwide viewers, this platform is readily available.

The little caveat around this platform is that it requires you to register for cable TV before you can enjoy its services. It also has a mobile app version that you can use to stream its content. Its interface is easy to navigate and access.

17. ESPN

Another globally recognizable free live NFL streaming site is ESPN. This site allows viewers to watch live NFL games of the best quality over the internet. This channel is available over several online live TV, and users can access it directly.

ESPN is also popular because of its other added services. Asides from NFL games, ESPN streams live football, tennis, NBA, and other priority sports. Services like scores and highlights, news and sports analysis, commentary, and sports shows on different sports tournaments are available. All these and more are available free of charge.

Best Websites To Watch Free NFL Games Online Without Signing up?

Different websites allow NFL game lovers to watch live sports games free without signing up. From the list above, SportSurge, VIPLeague, Stream2watch, CricHD, and LiveTV are some of the best websites to watch free NFL games without signing up on the website. However, these websites provide their different feature, and they apply differently to users from around the world.

Depending on your geo-location and the type of live sports events you aim to watch, you might have your favorite stream site option that is best for you but a VPN is a must if you really want to enjoy these streaming sites to their fullest, safely.

The Most Popular Places To Watch NFL Games Free?

The most popular channels to watch NFL games free are CBS Sports, Fox Sports, and ESPN. These channels have direct collaboration and partnership with the NFL league. Viewers can get the best video quality by streaming from these channels. These channels have worldwide recognition and live NFL game broadcasting services to prove it.

The free part of these services is that you probably won’t see the actual live games but only the scores in real-time.

What is The Cheapest Way To Watch NFL Games Without Cable TV?

Breaking free from the hassle of cable TV is the goal for several people. The motivating factor is having the same content that cable TV provides but with none of the troubles and requirements. Cost, cancellation fee, a contract, and every other obligation are enough reasons people start looking for alternatives to cable TV.

Fortunately, there are options available with streaming services that offer live television content and on-demand TV shows as a package. What’s more, these platforms offer far more flexibility and convenience in comparison to cable TV. Below are some of the cheapest ways to watch NFL games without cable TV.

Fubo TV

This is a fantastic alternative to cable TV. This streaming platform provides over 100 channels on its channel list. Subscribers have access to its entire channel list for their free trials before subscribing. The free trial lasts for seven days. For a pocket-friendly cost of $60 monthly, NFL sports lovers can access all NFL games from the convenience of your home.

This platform allows subscribers to stream other live content and television shows on their internet-enabled phones, tablets, smart TVs, and computers. Users have access to the entire local and regional sports network that shows live sports events. From a singular subscription account, multiple user profiles can exist to allow for simultaneous streaming.

Hulu Live TV

For subscribers in the US, Hulu live TV provides a mix of national and regional sports, news, entertainment, and a host of other television channels. The sports channels cover NFL games for the season alongside other sports events like NBA, Soccer, baseball, and others.

To start, users need to create an account on this platform. On the creation of the account, users are entitled to a seven-day free trial. During this free trial period, users are entitled to all the channels on this platform.

On ending the free trial period, users have to subscribe to a plan to continue enjoying the service from Hulu Live TV. For as low as $65 per month, NFL fans and sports lovers can enjoy the very best of sports channels on this platform. Subscribers, via Hulu Live TV, have access to the CBS sports channel, ESPN, Fox Sports, and several others. It is important to note that local channels are dependent on specific locations in the United States.

Sling TV

For your best pocket-friendly streaming website, Sling TV is the cheapest option available. This streaming platform provides a live TV alternative to cable TV at a pocket-friendly price. Especially for sports fans, Sling TV’s sports package is a complete plan that provides the best of sports content.

Just like the other live TV platforms. Sling TV requires users to sign up on the platform. On sign-up, users enjoy some days for a free trial. This depends on the promotions and sponsorship deals that Sling TV might be running. On average, it is usually seven days for the trial period.

Sling TV allows its customers to add channel packages to their subscriptions. The add-on package is dependent on the subscription plan of the subscriber. For as low as $35 per month, subscribers can get access to basic service and have access to over 30 channels and thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows. For a little extra token, subscribers can get premium sports channels to their base subscription channels.

YouTube TV

On top of the streaming service pecking order is YouTube TV. One of the major differentiators that separate YouTube TV and other live streaming platform is its channel lists. This list combines sports, news, entertainment, family, kids, and other channel categories for users viewing satisfaction.

YouTube TV is a different service from YouTube itself. It is an entity under the same Google umbrella. YouTube TV offers on-demand movies and TV shows.

Its straightforward interface is also a standout feature that allows for easy accessibility for its subscribers. This streaming service is available on mobile devices, streaming boxes, tablets, smart TV, and game consoles.

YouTube TV includes ESPN networks and other popular sports channels like CBS Sports, NFL RedZone, and MLB network. It also provides subscribers with the option of adding extra sports channels with its YouTube TV’s sports package add-on.

For a $65 per month cost, subscribers get a combination of over 85 channels, including sports channels that cover the entire sports event at the local and regional levels.

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV streams the most sports network than every other live streaming service in the United States. It carries the most local and regional sports channels.

As a rebranding effort of AT&T live TV, DirecTV provides better streaming services at an affordable cost. Just like all other streaming services, DirecTV offers the flexibility of streaming games from the convenience of your home or while you are on the go.

NFL games, among several others, are sports events you can follow via the sports channel on DirecTV stream. Sports channels like Fox Sports, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, ESPN, and several others are available.

DirecTV also provides an exclusive regional sports channel that subscribers can only enjoy via the DirecTV stream. These channels are not available on other streaming services. The exclusive channels include Altitude, AT&T sports, Bally Sports variety, MASN, Yes Network, etc.

There are different subscription types on the DirecTV stream. To enjoy the best of sports, Choice subscription plan is appropriate. For $85 per month, subscribers can enjoy the very best of sports content and other live TV channels on DirecTV.


Watching NFL live games can be a daunting task if you do not know a website that live stream these games. Nowadays, several websites claim they live stream NFL games free, but they are either a dud or charge for their services. The list above is the top websites to watch and stream live NFL games and other sports online for free.

Moreover, some of the websites in the list above come in the app version. This further enhances the accessibility and streaming options for the convenience of viewers. The majority of the websites also list daily match schedules and their associating information, among other things.

Most importantly, these streaming websites are free. Although some of them require you to have VPN, access is free for all games. You do not have to pay a subscription fee nor sign up for most of the recommendations above. You can trust the quality of the video while streaming from the websites above.

Finally, keeping up with your favorite NFL team and all their games has never been easier than this. By using any of the streaming websites in the list above, you can now follow your favorite team’s games and matches from the beginning of the season all the way to the super bowl.

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