16 Best Free NHL Live Stream Sites Online

by Dilly Dylan

When I first started watching hockey I was hooked from the first game. I enjoy watching for the powerplay, the speed of the game, talent on the ice, and toughness.

And when I found out that I could watch free NHL live streams online that made it even that much sweeter.

I started streaming the live games. Later I found out that I put myself, my location, and my device at risk streaming free NHL games online without using a VPN, so I got that and then I hit the ground running again.

There are no words to describe how fun and exciting sports are. The loyalty they instill and the following they build are just amazing.

And to an extent, it’s the only occasion where rivals can be friends, especially if they are supporting the same team. Specifically, Hockey is a hidden gem among renowned sports.

Hockey fans know that there’s no sport like Hockey. It’s great, exciting, and wild. The fan base is constantly growing and fans are always searching for ways to watch the game live so that they don’t miss their favorite games. 

Most of these NHL live streaming sites are free and a few are paid ones. In this post we will look at what are the best websites to stream NHL games online for free. They are the most convenient sites offering a quality streaming experience.

What Are Free NHL Streaming Sites?

Nothing can beat the feeling and experience of watching an NHL game on the ground. While that’s so, missing it entirely is not an option. And this is where NHL streaming sites come in handy.

They provide fans with an opportunity to watch a live game online wherever they are. While some of these sites are accessible for a fee, there are free NHL streaming sites. These sites allow you to watch live NHL games for free.

Can I Stream NHL Games For Free?

If you have no money to spend and you just can’t miss your favorite team playing, try free trials. This technique allows you to leverage the free trial on various NHL streaming sites in watching a game.

With most of them offering over a week of the trial period, it’s an opportunity not to miss out on games. And with the use of a VPN, you can sign up to any NHL streaming site.

It will help you bypass geo-blocking and provide you with more options of the streaming site to consider while keeping you safe online. But even so, we don’t recommend choosing an entirely free streaming site for NHL. If any, they are often sketchy with malicious content.

Some will even expose your device to intrusive malware. And if you find a reliable option, you may have to deal with inappropriate ads. To avoid all this chaos, choose a reputable streaming site with free trials if you don’t want to spend money.

What Do You Need To Watch NHL Games Online Free?

Streaming NHL for free online is the best and simplest experience. You don’t need much. If you have a PC, pad, tablet, Smartphone, or chrome cast, you’ve got the primary requirements.

The next is finding a streaming portal that provides access to NHL, which shouldn’t be hard with our list below. By reading the reviews, you will uncover what’s best for your situation. That said, you need a streaming device and a free streaming portal to watch NHL games online for free.

Do You Need a VPN To Watch Free NHL Games Online?

Yes, you will need one when streaming some of the NHL sites. Depending on the regions you stay in, NHL streaming sites are particularly set for specific zones. Therefore, if you are not within the specific zone of a streaming site, you will need a VPN.

VPN is resourceful to ensure your device is safe from cyber threats. Its role is to help you configure your IP address with specific regions to have access to their streaming content.

So, a VPN is the best means of watching free NHL games online, whichever place you may be. Also, there’s the matter with online security. This is because some hackers may try to breach your device security through your IP address online activity.

But with a VPN, your address remains anonymous and safe. Lastly, there’s protection from legal repercussions when you are using VPN, especially if the streaming platform is not verified. Since your account remains anonymous, there’s no way they can trace your activities and pin them on you.

16 Best Free NHL Live Streaming Sites Online?

1. NHL66

NHL66 is a streaming platform for all. Whether it’s your first time streaming or you are a pro. With a click to launch the platform, you will find a live hockey going on.

So this means you don’t have to waste time searching for which channel is showcasing a live game. It’s already streaming, just waiting for you to click NHL66 and begin watching.

That said, it is sign-up free with no subscription fee needed. Being a click and play, the interface is quite straightforward. Everything is on the site’s dashboard, allowing you to switch between games or choose to watch a previous match.

While some free NHL direct streaming sites can be frustrating due to ads, you can sign up for free, and this will end, but we personally use a VPN to access NHL live streaming sites and wouldn’t advise creating any accounts on these sites, so do that at your own risk.

Users with accounts rarely experience ads when streaming a game. There are alternatives for those who may be late to reach home and stream on their smart TV or desktop. And these include the likes of iPhone, Android, tablet, laptop, and Chromecast.

2. SportSurge

SportSurge is among the leading sites where you can find popular games like NFL, NHL, Football, and NBA, among others. Through this portal, you can watch all NHL games for free. With a click on the official link, you are directed to the home page. And it’s from here where you can choose any of the major sports to stream.

In this case, click the hockey icon, and a list with live and incoming games will pop up. This allows you to decide specifically which game to watch.  Unlike some of the free sports streaming portals, SportSurge is ad-free.

And you’ve heard that right. This keeps you focused on your game without being bothered by interrupting ads. Further, it is registration-free if you are those tired of the sign-up steps.

And due to the great reputation and reliability of this site, there is a clown site taking advantage of their crowd. So, click the link and visit Sportsurge directly as opposed to the search engine route that may lead you astray. And to be sure you are on the right platform, there are no ads and login requirements.

3. VIPRow Sports

VIPRow Sports is a universal portal that is available in all search engines. Also, it supports various devices, including Android, iOS, Firestick, and PC, among others. Still, on the universal aspect, it’s not bound by geo-location. As a result, hockey fans from across the world can watch it wherever they are.

With a click on the NHL icon on the main page, you will be redirected to games available. And this makes it easy to operate by anyone.

Further, the platform is host to a ton of other sports you may be interested in. Whether it’s basketball, NBA, soccer, football, tennis, baseball, golf, or boxing, it’s a great sports collection that will amaze you. 

On the negative side, VIPRow Sports comes with many ads, which can be frustrating, especially if a game is on. And on the positive side, you don’t have to register. And this saves you time when trying to catch up with a live hockey game.

4. Stream2Watch

Stream2Wtach has a global coverage enabling you to access it from anywhere. Whether you are in Africa, Asia, Europe, America, or anywhere in the world, there’s no geo-blocking.

Further, this platform is free of registration or sign-up protocols. Anyone can access the content with a click on the Stream2Wtach link and begin streaming. When it comes to hokey, all the games are just a click away.

Once you click on the Hockey icon on the home page, a list of live games plush those that have ended pop up. And from this point, you can decide what hockey game you would like to watch. It’s that simple.

Besides hockey, there are also other sports. This includes WWE for wrestling lovers, Boxing, UFC, Football, Soccer, and Basketball, to mention a few. Thus, don’t mind trying Stream2Watch for a satisfying sports experience.

5. Sportshub

In a sports era where every action counts, Sportshub remains true and dedicated to its crowd. They provide extremely quality content and ensure every move in the field or court comes out clearly. And in hockey specifically, you can’t miss the best shot and all victorious moments.

Coming with a neat interface, there’s hardly anything you can’t understand when browsing this platform. And this makes it more appealing to viewers of all kinds.

Everything is direct, simple, and points you to the right place you want to visit. And through their live interviews shows, you can stay tuned on the achievement of your favorite sports star.

As such, finding the ongoing or past NHL games won’t be an uphill for you. If anything, you will be mesmerized by the simplicity and organization of this site.

In addition to Hockey games, you can also stream other sport categories like Football, soccer, rugby, and basketball in Sportshub. Lastly, the portal is free of registration with hardly any ads to bother your peace of mind.


USTVGO has it all, whether it’s hockey games you are searching for, other sports, or general entertainment. With almost 100 different channels, there’s nothing you can’t find on this streaming portal.

It’s a pure spoilt for choice when it comes to major sports events. So, if you have an incoming live hockey game you can’t miss, the USTGO streaming portal is what you need.

Just visit the platform and choose a channel on the main page where the game might be playing live. Alternatively, click the sports menu on the dashboard, and it will redirect you to the sports channels. From there, you can select and click to play the game you want to watch.

Besides sports USTVGO, has amazing choices of channels for general entertainment. Whether it’s a movie you want to watch, stream discovery channel or laugh over comedy, it has it all in store for you. So, turn your weekend entertaining with a hockey game combined with other sorts of amusement.

Lastly, like other convenient streaming platforms, USTVGO doesn’t require registration. It’s a sign-up free portal where streamers access their content directly. However, there’s one limitation, and that’s the use of VPN to stream their content. Unless you do so, their channels won’t be accessible, including the NHL games.

7. VIPLeague

It’s not often that you can find all of your favorite national hockey leagues in one place just for you. And that’s the feeling that VIPLeague evokes. It ensures you can access all the major hockey games with ease in one place. And remembers, they are all free to watch, except for the part of encountering ads.

What’s more, it covers you in case you are not near your PC or Smart TV, through their iOS and Android application, you can use a tablet or Smartphone to stream games from anywhere.

The access is registration-free, and the contents are not restricted by geo-location. Just click this link and explore the NHL streaming experience on VIPLeague.

8. LiveTV

Enjoy a stadium feel of a hockey game in your living room with LiveTV. It’s entirely free with no subscriptions or trial period. By clicking this link, you are granted access to the platform and its content. 

And whether you’ve missed a match or try to catch up with a live one, Live TV makes it all simple. Without wasting time signing up the way you would on other free NHL live streaming sites, click and access the games with ease.

Further, they support several languages, for example, English as the default language, then Spanish, Russian, and Italian as an alternative. Due to multi-language support, it’s available on the global market. And this is where viewers from different regions can take advantage of this site.

Features-wise, it comes with a friendly interface that draws a mass of viewers looking for a smooth streaming experience. Talking of that, you will appreciate this platform as a beginner because it favors everyone’s level of expertise.

Lastly, there’s nothing to download as a novice. What you need is a device and a link to this platform. After that, you can browse your favorite game.

9. SportRAR.TV

If you are a hockey diehard fan focused on streaming all live matches, especially NHL, then try out SportRAR.TV. The site keeps you updated on the latest hockey matches, live games, and incoming matches. Also, you can read featured stories on various games as well as highlights to boost your enthusiasm when streaming a match.

What’s more, to engage hockey enthusiasts, this platform provides post-match analysis, previews, transfer news, plus spicy speculations on various teams. Therefore, it’s the best place to learn everything about hockey, plus their hot gossips you can share with hockey buddies.

Unlike other NHL streaming portals on this list, SportRAR.TV host links to various streaming sites. As such, there’s hardly any game they can fail to showcase.

The interface is clean for easy navigation. And also, for the novice to feel right at home when they are watching a match. While registration is available, it’s not mandatory since you can stream the various matches directly.

10. Sportstream.TV

Stream free live Hockey matches from any place in the world with the help of Sportstream.TV. It has one of the simplest interfaces for plain sailing when streaming matches. With sports categories clearly labeled on the site dashboard, you can easily find hockey games and stream live.

Other features include direct streaming with no registration requirement. Having no ads to bother your streaming experience, it’s the best place for a perfect match.

Apart from Hockey games, you can watch Golf leagues, Racing, Baseball, and Football, among others. So, if you want a real NHL live game sport feel, Sportstream.TV can deliver that.

11. 123TV

123TV is the best alternative to USTVGO and one of the best streaming portals for Hockey. With various sports channels in one place, it’s a paradise for sports enthusiasts. With the likes of ESPN, CBS, and FOX Sports all in one place, it’s one site you got to have.

Further, 123TV is a perfect escape for those tired of paying for their cable TV or putting up with monthly subscriptions. ‘Cause, besides sports, it has tons of other entertaining channels. For instance, you can find discovery channels, movie channels, and News channels, among others.

But with such great features, you will have to sacrifice part of your streaming moment on ads. So while you prepare for an NHL match, prepare mentally for ads that might pop up. But the good thing is that you can skip them and continue watching your match.  

12. CricHD

Stay up to date on hockey matches with CricHD. On this streaming portal, you can tell when there is an incoming match. While the name can mislead you into thinking this is a cricket-only platform, that’s not the case.

There are more surprises when it comes to Live Sport streaming on this platform. So, you can say this is a reliable sports streaming portal for Hockey fanatics, among other varieties of sports.

Other features are quality links that ensure all the matches are flawless. Has a Smartphone app for anyone not close to their computer. And most importantly, a good user interface to help viewers discover the match they are looking for.

13. Livescore

Livescore is a platform for all sports activities besides being reliable for live hockey matches. Whether you are betting or simply following up on your team scores, it is home to all that.

Through Livescore, you can read the match overview, look at specific matches, the current scores, who scored, and matched more. As such, it’s the best portal for comprehensive details of a match, including predictions on how the match may end.

Those who want to confirm their team’s current standing on the table can also do so. By switching between various subcategories of a live match, you can read all these pieces of data.

And if you feel your team will take the lead, why not invest in it. Through betting, which is also supported on this platform, you can celebrate twice after a win.

14. CBS Sports

Specifically created for sports events, there’s no better place to keep track of NHL matches like CBS Sports. With highlights on the current and future events, you will never lag when it comes to hockey games.

And to make it more interesting, the platform provides comprehensive statistics on the games playing.  With an idea of the past matches and the strength and weaknesses of the teams, it’s enough to predict the result.

So, if you are debating with your pals on a winning team, CBS Sports will help you choose right.

On features, the navigation bar is straightforward for all users. And once you click on a specific sport, let’s say hockey, you are redirected straight to that site. There are no ads, and the pages give you a similar experience to that of Fox Sports and ESPN but simpler.

15. Fox Sports

When it comes to matters of Hockey and sports in general, Fox Sports stands out as a bold name in the industry. It’s among the top NHL hosting platform with the best streaming services.

While it’s resourceful in updating you on matters of sports, it’s not free. You need to sign in and choose a subscription package. After that, you can stream live NHL matches.

However, there’s a chance you could watch some of these matches for free. If you choose to start with a free trial, you can access these matches for a week. And this is an opportunity you can use to decide whether you will become a subscriber or opt-out.

16. ESPN

ESPN is among the major sport streaming platforms in this industry. Having a solid reputation due to exceptional services, it’s the best place to give it a try when watching NHL. Besides, Baseball, football, college sports, tennis, golf, and NASCAR, just to mention a few; it’s the best platform for NHL.

While the free streaming trial ended a couple of years ago, there are still ways to watch ESPN for free. As such, due to the great focus on various NHL games, it has a huge following by hockey fans. Because it’s one place, they can watch all hockey games comfortably without destructions.

And that’s through being a subscriber of the following services, AT&T, Bright House Networks, Cox, Warner Cable, or Charter.

Besides that, you can choose an affordable subscription of $6.99 monthly, letting you stream hockey games. Whether you prefer an app or website, you can enjoy your games after picking this subscription plan.

Best Websites To Watch Free NHL Games Without Signing up?

The following are some of the best streaming sites where you can watch free NHL games without signing up:

  • Stream2watch,
  • NHL66
  • VIPRow Sports
  • Sportshub
  • VIPleague
  • Live TV

Most Popular Places To Watch NHL Games For Free?

  • SportSurge – Best choice for streaming NHL games free while not encountering ads. As such, it’s very popular.
  • Stream2Watch – comes with a global coverage
  • Sportshub
  • NHL66
  • Live TV – support several languages making it popular globally.

Cheapest Way To Watch NHL Games Without Cable?

Fubu TV ($64.99 monthly)

When it comes to NHL, Fubo TV reigns supreme, especially if you consider the affordability of their plan. It offers more than 100 channels, a section of which focuses on local and international sports.

To Hockey fans, you’ve been covered. Fubo TV showcases live NHL, among other sports. And through a subscription on this site, you can watch Golf Channel, MLB Network, and NBA TV.

Other striking channels include Sports Net, CBS, NBCSN, and ESPN. If that’s not all, you have over 250 hours of storage. This allows you to download NHL or any other game to watch later.

Lastly, the multi-device support improves the convenience of watching a game online. With your smart TV or Xbox system, you can stream the games efficiently.

Hulu Live TV ($64.99 monthly)

Watch NHL along with other sports on Hulu at an affordable rate. With just $64.99 monthly, you have access to features you need when streaming hockey. Besides NHL, other sports include basketball, and baseball, among others.

And through their close link with ESPN, you not only watch a handful of hockey leagues but over 75 games. As such, the hockey experience on this platform is like no other. Further, they also allow you to watch RSNs games. This is a huge gain if your region is not covered.

In general, Hulu is more affordable. Since most of the channels they provide, including those of NHL, are pretty expensive on cable or other streaming sites.

They have a free trial for those who want to spend not even a cent. With up to a week of free streaming, it’s enough to cover most NHL games, among others.

Sling TV($35 monthly)

Sling TV is the cheapest option if you are on a budget. And even with a few channels for viewers to access, the few are the best in the market. Therefore, they compensate for the few options by providing the best channels in the market with amazing content.

And through their add-ons for customization, this site is even more remarkable. It allows you to subscribe to what you need instead of paying for everything, including those you won’t watch. However, if you are interested in more channels, you can raise your subscription plan to $56 a month.

Lastly, you can specifically focus on NHL as opposed to getting more channels by using sports add-on. This will give you access to over 110 channels which are more and affordable than their counterparts on this list. With an additional $11 for the sports add-on, it’s still a cheaper option for watching hockey games.

YouTube TV ($64.99 monthly)

YouTube is also a potent streaming platform for NHL games. Like its counterparts, Hulu, Sling, and the rest, they have other channels to provide. Offering some RSNs, you can rest assured that most of your favorite NHL games will be available.

Further, they offer an amazing channel lineup that includes AMC networks, FOX, CBS, NBC Universal, and Disney. Therefore, there’s more to YouTube TV besides amazing NHL games to spice up your weekends.

Direct TV Stream ($64.99 monthly)

For the best NHL game action, Direct TV Stream is the best. And not just for hockey games but for other sports as well. While the package price is one of the largest on this list, it’s worth the money.

You will never miss out on any hockey game by offering channels like RSN, ESPN, and NHL. Supporting over 10 devices, it’s the best pick if you have a large household.

Also, if you are not within the geographic zone of your favorite local team, Direct TV Stream is the best. It will ensure you access that market and much more if you have a monthly plan. As part of the plan, there are 20 hours for storage. You can use it to download a game you would want to revisit.


That’s all on the free NHL streaming sites and places to stream them. It doesn’t require a cable, and it’s convenient to use since the sites are compatible with various devices.

These options will keep you connected when others are locked out of watching NHL due to blackout and remember to use a VPN to remain safe on your streams.

So, choose the streaming sites that cater to your free NHL streaming needs and support your budget. Talking of budget, there are 5 budget streaming options for NHL on this list.

They’ll ensure you are connected to a reliable and safe streaming site. As such, you can avoid being tempted by the free streaming options on the internet, if you rather, but as long as you’re using a reliable VPN on the free NHL streaming sites, you’re good.

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