15 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites Online

by Dilly Dylan

Sports lovers all around the world have their favorite sports team. Keeping up with the activities and the games that their favorite team plays is possible via free live streaming sports sites online.

These sports streaming sites provide premium sports content varying from local to regional sports. Depending on your location, you can watch all your sports content via free these sports streaming sites.

Nowadays, free online streaming sites are making premium content available to sports lovers. You now have the option to enjoy all the sporting content you desire on the go.

Thanks to the internet and a streaming device, you can enjoy the accessibility and flexibility of these sports streaming sites which are some of the best available online.

What are Sports Streaming Sites?

Free live sports streaming sites online allow you to enjoy premium-sport games happening around the world. Although several cable TV and satellite TV platforms also offer access to live sports content, sport-streaming sites make it more convenient for people to watch safely with a VPN.

Sport streaming sites are a good alternative to cable and satellite TV. They provide live content, including sports and on-demand TV shows to subscribers.

There are several sports streaming site that provides different sporting contents. These sporting contents include football, basketball, golf, tennis, baseball, and many other selections for your satisfaction.

Among all sport streaming sites, ESPN is arguably a big name when it comes to sports content. This premium channel features several live sporting content.

For most streaming platforms, ESPN among other premium channels requires an additional monthly cost. This is one of the many reasons why streaming sites include ESPN in their channel catalog.

Are Free Sports Streaming Sites Legal?

There are free sports streaming sites that are legal for viewing. These sites are available for accessing your favorite sports content across several locations. You can catch your favorite team’s game on legal sport streaming on these sites, just don’t download anything off the sites.

These streaming sites are safe and legal to view free live sports content online, however, your location can sometimes prevent you from accessing some of these live sports streaming sites, which is why you should be using a VPN.

What Do You Need To Live Stream Sports Online Free?

Several streaming platforms offer free live sports streaming services. To start streaming from these platforms, you need to have a few things already in place.

1. Access To A Streaming Site

An important need to start live streaming sports content online free is an account on the streaming platform. In most cases, creating your account on any of these streaming platforms comes with some days of free streaming access. You get to have access to all the content and services that these platforms provide.

2. Internet Connection

Streaming live content from the streaming platform you prefer requires you to have a fair internet connection. The type of internet connection you have in your home will determine your live sports streaming experience.

Most platforms specify the internet speed as a requirement to get a stable streaming service. You will require a good internet speed for platforms that offer 4k premium streaming services to stream this video resolution type.

3. A Streaming Device

The device you have must be able to connect to the internet. The different streaming services platforms are compatible across various devices with their different operating systems.

These streaming platforms have platform applications that subscribers can use to stream on their smart TVs, mobile devices, tablets, gaming consoles, and other applicable devices.

4. A Good VPN

A VPN will protect your internet browsing and privacy online so that you can browse these sites safely, as well as give you access to any of the sports streaming sites that might be blocked.

Do You Need a VPN to Watch Free Sports Streaming Sites?

Geographic restrictions are one of the major obstacles to streaming sports content. This restriction is because of contracts and licensing of different sports events and accessibility.

To get over this restriction, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is useful for unblocking these streaming websites and granting you the access you need to these websites.

VPNs help to bypass the jurisdiction restriction on your ISP. It allows you to access the sporting contents you would be missing with your normal internet connection. What’s more, it makes your internet connection more secure and provides an extra level of security against internet malware.

15 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

There are several streaming sites that you can get your free sports content on the internet. Some of these streaming sites are legit and legal sites that you can depend on for all your sports content.

However, others are full of malware and virus waiting to pounce on your computer. Either way, the list below outlines the 15 best sports streaming sites you can depend on for your sports content. These streaming sites offer live sports content every day of the week.

1. CrackStreams

CrackStreams is your go-to streaming platform for everything concerning NBA, NFL, MMA, UFC, and Boxing sports matches. It is a dependable streaming service that offers premium sports content up to 4k resolution. CrackStreams offers two types of streaming resolution.

You can choose to choose the HD 4K stream option or the normal stream. It also offers streaming links without any Ads during the live stream. However, this requires you to have an account before you can access the website.


  • 4K resolution available
  • Different sports streaming link selections


  • You require a VPN to access this streaming site
  • Commercials come up often during a game

2. Sportsurge

Sportsurge streaming sites provide an array of sports options for you to make your choice. In fact, the question you ask yourself when you visit Sportsurge is – What do I want to watch today? Sportsurge is a streaming platform that provides all the premium sports content to fans around the world.

You can catch your favorite sporting events and their analysis via this streaming platform. Hosting Sportsurge for streaming Sports events comes at a cost. Hence, ads come up frequently during a game. The ad revenue goes to covering the cost of hosting this free streaming service.

Available sports on Sportsurge: This streaming site provides direct streaming options that you can use to stream sports games. Soccer, Basketball, American Football, Boxing, MMA, Motor Sports, Hockey, Baseball are sporting events you will definitely find on Sportsurge.


  • Sportsurge covers the majority of the sporting events for the various sporting category on its website
  • Daily update of upcoming sports live stream link


  • VPN is a prerequisite
  • Users have to create an account before they can stream their favorite sports event on this website

3. VIPRow Sports

VIPROW Sports is all about on-demand sports. This streaming platform provides live sports content, online TV, and several other services. This platform provides a plethora of channels that feature the very best of sports events.

On any of the modern devices that you can connect to the internet, this platform provides the very best live sport streams. You can access the content on devices like your phones, tablets, and computers.

Available sports on VIPRow sports: There are several sports streaming options on this site. Football, UFC, WWE, Boxing, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, and several other sports options are available. All you have to do is visit the VIPRow sports streaming site and select the sports content you want to watch.


  • Asides from sports content, VIPRows sports also provides live TV analysis and other sports-related shows
  • There are several sports content options to choose from on this site
  • On-demand and Live TV options are available


  • You have to sign up on this website before you can access the content
  • Ads popup are frequent

4. FootyBite

Footybite sports streaming site provides the very best of sports content. This site allows its viewers have access to sports live TV to stream all the sports contents they desire. All content is available on-demand on Footybite.

A list of all the sporting events for the particular day is available on its landing page. You simply have to click on the content you want to watch and start watching with zero access barrier.

This platform also provides a blog section where you can read about sports and information relating to sports.

Available sports on Footybite: Viewers can watch Football, Basketball, NFL, WWE, and other available live content on Footybite.


  • No sign up is required before viewers can stream their live event
  • Live TV is available to continue watching sports analysis and other related contents


  • There are several ads pop-ups

5. Stream2Watch

Stream2watch is another go-to online platform that provides premium coverage of all sports leagues worldwide. It provides on-demand streaming content for all sports content that you can watch. What’s more, viewers’ access is free on this website. Viewers can access the on-demand sports content from internet-enabled devices on the go.

Furthermore, this platform provides a multi-language audio option that ensures that you get a unique sports streaming option in your language.

As a stream service provider, there is always more than one streaming link for you to choose from for each match. Stream2watch also provides backup options for every single broadcast on the platform.

Available sports on Stream2Watch: Viewers can watch Football, Basketball, Boxing, Golf, Motorsports, Tennis, UFC, WWE, and many other sports option.


  • There is a live soccer schedule for major leagues and tournament
  • High-quality streams for sports events
  • Streaming is free. Viewers do not have to sign up nor have an account before streaming


  • Pop-up ads are frequent on this platform


USTVGO is a live TV platform that provides television content to its users. This platform has a rich channel list featuring both local and regional TV networks. These channels provide premium television content for their viewers.

If you are looking for a way to cut cable TV and replace it with a free streaming service, USTVGO is the answer to your searches. This platform provides channel categories like Entertainment, news, sports, kids, and others.

Currently, you can watch 94 different channels free on this platform. For the geo-restriction access barrier, USTVGO provides its VPN to allow viewers to access the content on this platform.

Available sports on USTVGO: This platform covers all local and regional sports content.  It has channels like NFL RedZone, Olympic Channel, ESPNU, ESPNews, Fox Sports, WWE Networks, etc. These channels provide live coverage for sports events worldwide.


  • USTVGO provides free access to all its channels
  • Asides from sports content, this Live TV has other television categories for everyone. There are currently 94 different channels to watch
  • No restriction on simultaneous streams in a household


  • Viewers have to download and install the VPN on the platform before accessing certain channels
  • Frequent ads pop-up

7. VIPLeague

Another free sport-streaming platform you should consider is VIPLeague. This platform covers several sports events live from all over the world. You can watch live sports streams and follow the schedules of applicable events.

Most importantly, the streaming services on this platform are free. Viewers do not have to subscribe or pay any extra fee to stream live sports games on this website.

Available sports on VIPLeague: Football, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Rugby, Motorsports, and other sports are available on the VIPLeague streaming site.


  • Constant update of streaming link for live sports
  • No fees or subscriptions needed


  • Ads pop-up are frequent on the website

8. CricHD

CricHD is a brilliant streaming service website that streams free live cricket events. However, it also streams other sports events like football leagues, Tennis tournaments, Rugby, and several other sports event.

Channels like Sky Sports Live, BeIN, Fox Sports, and several others are available. You can select from the links on this site to choose which channel you wish to watch your game.


  • Live schedule of daily sports events around the world with their streaming links
  • No signup nor subscription fee is necessary
  • Mobile app available for better accessibility


  • Frequent ads pop-up

9. LiveTV

LiveTV is a live sports streaming site that provides free access to live sports streams and live scores. This platform provides links to several sports events worldwide.

Sports fans can watch live Football, Basketball, Hockey, and many other sporting events. This makes it flexible to catch live events going on from other parts of the world from the convenience of your living room.

This platform is free. You do not have to pay a subscription fee to gain access to the stream link on this platform.


  • This platform streams several live sports events with different links to stream
  • No subscription fee requirement


  • To access certain services, registration is required
  • Frequent ads pop-up

10. 123TV

For live TV lovers, 123TV is another great choice to stream your favorite TV shows and sports content. Asides from sports, there are other channels available on this platform for your viewing pleasure. You can also enjoy Fox News, ABC, NBC, HBO, and several other channels that provide the contents you choose to watch.

For sports, channels like ESPN. ESPN2, Fox Sports, and others are available for users to stream the very best of sports content.


  • It provides live TV content from various local and regional channels
  • No subscription fee nor signup requirement


  • You require a VPN to access this website
  • It is rigged with Ads and frequent popups

11. SportRAR.TV

SPortRAR is a secure repository of all the live sports stream links to watch sports content worldwide. This platform provides all the necessary information and link with live commentary about the game you wish to follow.

There are several ongoing games you can stream directly from the convenience of your home or while you are on the go. You also have access to choose from the streaming link you want to watch your favorite game.

Available sports on SportRAR: This platform provides football, tennis, basketball, baseball, boxing, and several other live sporting events and tournament. You can view all the current fixtures and upcoming matches with live scores right from the home page.


  • No signup nor registration required for access
  • Several streaming links are available to choose from
  • Live commentary and statistics about ongoing matches


  • VPN is required to access certain content because of geographical restriction
  • It redirects stream to other websites

12. Sportshub

Subscribers also refer to this platform as Buff streams or Live TV. It is a free website that sports lovers can stream and watch live TV free. This platform also makes live scores of ongoing games available.

The different streaming channels available on this platform cover all the major leagues. Viewers can watch from all available platforms like online, mobile, and desktop.

Sports available on Sportshub: you can watch Football, NFL, UFC, Basketball, MMA, and many other sports event from this platform.


  • Access is free. No signup nor subscription is required
  • The mobile platform provides the latest results, match statistics, and other important notifications about your favorite team


  • Several ads pop-up

13. Sportstream TV

One of the straightforward websites that sports lovers can stream their favorite games and other sports event is via Sportstream. This website provides a direct link to all sporting events and tournaments.

This website also provides football and live tennis updates. Moreso, there are up to three different servers that viewers can use to stream these events. These server options make it possible not to miss any of the live sports events happening.

Available sports on Sportstream: The sports events that viewers can expect from Sportstream include football, basketball, tennis, baseball, motorsports, and others


  • Direct streaming link with three different servers is available
  • No signup nor subscription fee is required


  • Frequent pop-up ads

14. Hesgoal

Hesgoal website is a go-to website for all of your sports streaming needs. This website provides all the live sports events with different channels to switch to in case any link is lagging.

This streaming website covers all of the top professional leagues, news, and other relatable sports content. Asides from football, hesgoal also covers basketball, motorsports, Boxing, MMA, UFC, and several other sports event.


  • No signup required
  • Different stream options to switch between if one link lags


  • Rigged with pop-up ads

15. Livescore

Livescore is a popular website among football fans and other sports lovers. This is because Livescore provides live statistics, scores, and other analyses about different sports events.

Although it does not stream live sports events, visitors on this website can get the latest news and information about a game by simply following the updates from this website. Livescore covers sports events like football, hockey, basketball, tennis, and cricket.


  • Live updates of sports events
  • Provides line up of all sports events for the day and their associating information


  • No live streaming of sports events yet

Best Websites To Watch Free Sports Without Signing up?

From the list above, almost all the streaming site allows you to watch your favorite team play without requiring you to sign up. Although some of these websites require viewers to download their VPN before proceeding to access the stream, others do not have such requirements.

The VPN is to bypass the geographic restriction that may exist for streaming the content of a channel because of the viewer’s location.

Depending on what you want to watch, the list of the streaming website above provides a free streaming website that will take care of your sports streaming needs.

These streaming websites, SportSurge, VIPLeague, VIPRow, Stream2Watch, and CricHD, stand out from the others in providing free sports streaming content without signup.

What Are The Most Popular Free Sports Streaming Sites?

ESPN and Fox sports lead this chart as the most popular free sports streaming sites. These platforms offer some free trial period to check out their services before subscribers have to pay a fee.

ESPN offers free highlights of sports events on their platforms. Other popular sports streaming sites include NBC Sports, DAZN, and RedBull TV, among others.

The Cheapest Way To Stream Live Sports Online Without Cable

Several people are on the lookout for the best alternative to cable TV. Streaming services are the closest alternative to providing all the services that cable and terrestrial television provide for households.

A cable-less setting also provides the flexibility of watching television content on the go via different internet-enabled devices.

Subscribers should consider some options when it comes to cheap live sports online platforms. Some of these platforms offer sports package as add-ons for a little extra fee after their base subscription. Others offer these premium sports channels as a total package. Below are some of the cheapest sports stream platforms available

1. Fubo TV

FuboTV is best for sports lovers who want sports networks that stream television content. This platform provides access to over 90 popular channels.

Subscribers on this platform can stream live content or on-demand content on internet-enabled devices like phones, tablets, smart TVs, and computers.

For as low as $65 per month, users can gain access to all the premium content that this platform provides. Its sports content covers both local and regional sports content.

FuboTV provides its subscribers with sports channels like beIN Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, and Fubo sports network. This platform also allows add-on packages for an extra token on the starter subscription fee. It allows simultaneous streams on the same account and multiple user profiles.

2. Hulu Live TV

Hulu live TV is a streaming platform that provides live television and on-demand content. This live TV alternative to cable TV is a go-to platform for sports lovers.

Hulu live TV streams live games for major pro and college leagues. They stream NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, and NHL games. Hulu provides access to watch top national sports channels that broadcast local sports content.

For as low as $65 per month, subscribers on Hulu live TV have access to over 70 television channels and on-demand television content. It is worthy to note that local channel availability is dependent on zip code. Hulu live TV provides access to sports channels like CBS sports network, ESPN, Fox Sports, NFL Network, and many others.

3. Sling TV

Among the streaming platform available, Sling TV provides one of the cheapest options for streaming TV content. As a direct alternative to cable TV, String TV also provides a pocket-friendly cost that leaves no doubt in the mind of subscribers. For sports lovers, string TV provides a number of sports channels that stream live sports content.

For as low as $35 per month, subscribers can get basic service and access over 30 channels, several TV shows, and on-demand movies. For an extra fee, Sling TV subscribers can get premium sports channel addition to their base subscription for their viewing satisfaction.

4. YouTube TV

Another fantastic alternative to cable TV is YouTube TV. It offers top features and channel lineups to satisfy all subscribers expectations.

YouTube TV has one of the best international sports coverage for both local and regional sports content. YouTube TV boasts of its lineup of channels as it beats its direct competitors in this category.

YouTube TV costs $65 per month for more than 85 live TV channels. For an extra $3 monthly fee, subscribers can get optional sports add-ons. This add-on package includes sports channels like NBA league pass and MLB TV.

YouTube TV also provides features like cloud storage that helps to record live sports events, so you do not have to miss your favorite game. YouTube TV, via Google cloud, provides unlimited storage capacity for its subscribers.

5. Direct TV Stream

If you know AT&T TV, then you probably already know DirectTV stream. It is a rebranding initiative that is bringing along some great features and a new price tag. This streaming platform has four tiers available.

The tier with regional sports channels and appropriate for sports lovers is the Choice subscription plan or higher. DirectTV stream is the only live TV in the US that can boast of having regional sports channels. Choice subscription plan costs $85 per month.

DirectTV stacks sports channels that provide both local and regional sports content. You can be sure of getting sports channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports Network, TBS, TNT, and several others.

The exclusive regional sports networks that only DirectTV stream currently provides include Altitude, AT&T sports variety, Bally Sports variety, MASN, Spectrum SportsNet, and YES Network.


This article just listed different free sports streaming sites online that sports lovers should consider. You should not have to miss any of your favorite team’s season games because you now know of these streaming services.

This article went further to recommend the 15 best free sports streaming sites you could use to watch your favorite team from the comfort of your home.

From the list of above, you could choose the one that suits you the most to enjoy the very best of sports. However, safe online privacy and geographic location are major considerations for accessing some of these streaming platforms.

Hence, having a VPN could save you from the hassle of access denial and a way around the location jurisdiction barrier while keeping you safe.

Finally, this article briefly touches on the cheapest way to stream live sports online legally. These are direct alternatives to cable television and all its high subscription cost. These streaming platforms offer the same premium sports content with more flexibility and lower costs.

Depending on where you are geographically, you can choose to stream your favorite sporting event on the sports channels via any of the streaming sites recommended above. Go through the list and find a streaming site to start enjoying live sports content at your convenience.

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