17 Sites To Stream Free TV

by Felesha Toni

Without any iota of doubt, the time of the traditional cable and satellite service has changed a bit over the years due to streaming services and the availability of free content online.

People upset by its cost and poor service are cutting the cord and moving to other available options in the market. In 2018, around 33 million Americans terminated the use of cable and satellite services.

But where are all these people going after cutting the cord? According to CNBC, streaming is fast replacing the traditional cable and satellite networks. It is estimated that the size of streaming viewership in the US would reach up to 33 percent of the total time.

In today’s time, TV streaming has been emerging as one great option for the public for TV entertainment purposes. There are a number of competitors in paid TV streaming, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

However, these mentioned sites have paid subscriptions, and in return, these paid streaming platforms provide their subscribers with ad-free, wide-ranging, and exclusive content.

In contrast to this, what if you don’t want to pay for this entertainment. The good news is that you can save your dollars as there are several free TV streaming options.

Although these platforms won’t go far enough to create exclusive content for their users as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video do, they will provide a large catalog of good movies that you can watch in your free time and enjoy free of cost.

What is Free TV Streaming?

Free TV streaming means the availability of a platform where you don’t need to pay a single penny as the subscription fee. All you need is a good internet connection, and you are good to go.

Free TV streaming is becoming more popular among the public as the platforms offering free streaming have developed exceptionally.

Free TV streaming platforms use ads as a major source of revenue.

What is the best way to get free TV?

The number of cord-cutters is rising with each passing day. More and more people are leaving the old fashion cable or satellite networks behind.

Thanks to free TV streaming, this move is also saving people a lot of money.  There are a large number of free TV streaming services in the market that are mainly ad-supported.

Some of the good names in this service include Plex.TV, Tubi TV, Pluto TV, and Peacock TV. The list of free TV streaming service providers goes on and on.

You need a computer, be it a laptop or a smartphone, and a good internet connection. Also, you would need a good, working browser to search and use the free TV streaming site.

Just these basic requirements, and you are good to go to enjoy your favorite movie with popcorns or whatever you like the most.

How can I watch live TV for free?

It is very easy today to watch live TV for free. There are many free reputable service providers in the business who work on an ad-supported basis and provide good live TV streaming facilities.

With the advancement in technology and the materialization of 3G, 4G, and 5 G technology, TV streaming has become ever so easy.

You can watch free TV on the go, in the comfort of your room, or for that matter, anywhere you want to.

Where can I get free TV?

Over the internet, there are many platforms where you can go and utilize free TV.

Some service providers are very risky and can ruin your computer. Also, they can make you lose your important data on your computer.

Similarly, in more dangerous scenarios, your privacy can also be compromised. Your passwords and log-ins can be stolen by some hackers over the internet.

If you visit such malicious sites over the internet, In the following part of this article, we would look at some of the best free TV service providers in the business where you can go and watch TV for free.

11 Best Free TV Streaming Services

Sling TV

Sling TV is another good option for watching free TV online.

Sling TV is run by Sling TV LLC. Roger Lynch founded this platform in the year 2015. The office of the TV streaming service is headquartered in  Colorado, United States.

Its current CEO is W. Erik Carlson, who was first made the CEO in 2017.

Dish network is its parent organization. Sling TV is only available in the US. However, one can assess it with the help of a VPN outside of the US as well.

Sling TV supports almost all the major devices out there in usage, such as android phones, iPhone, Amazon Fire TVs, Apple TVs, etc.

All you need is an internet-connected device, some are mentioned above as well, to assess the platform of sling TV.


The prices of Sling TV  as a TV streaming providing platform are comparatively way less as compared to many other competitors in the business. Another major benefit of using Sling TV is that it is compatible with almost all the major devices.


If one has to dig out the cons of Sling TV as a platform, one can say that it has, at times, very confusing channel packages. Apart from that, the free version provides only partial assess to local channels.

Having said this, Sling TV is a fairly good platform to use for free TV streaming online.


Plex, initially in 2007, was started as a hobby project. However, today it has extensive viewership throughout the world. Plex TV is available in 42 languages which makes it a global project in the real sense. Plex offers a free TV to its users, which streams over 130 channels.

As a viewer, you get access to over 20,000 free on-demand movies and shows on Plex TV. Also, the count of these free movies and shows is continuously on the rise. These things make Plex a leading media streaming service.

Plex is a user-friendly media streaming service. One can access the media library saved on one device from any other device as well. Similarly, it is extremely easy to set up and use.

When it comes to cons, Plex has very little of them. One thing about Plex TV, which is a bit bothersome, is that it lacks official interface themes.

Tubi TV

Tubi is a free streaming service with on-demand TV shows and movies. To compensate for the lack of a monthly membership, Tubi inserts advertising throughout the material. This is a placeholder page for Tubi. Instead, it relies on studio content from MGM, Paramount, and Lionsgate.

The SanSan Francisco-based corporation also serves Canada and Australia. FOX acquired Tubi for $440 million in 2020. According to the Los Angeles Times, Tubi had around 25 million monthly active users when acquired.

To use Tubi, download the app from Google Play or Apple App Store. Tubi’s Australian service began with over 7,000 titles, but the business plans to add 20,000 tags to match the US and Canadian services.

Tubi’s material seems to fall into three categories: Classic films and TV shows, Eccentric independent films and docudramas, B-movies


It is free to use for everyone. Also, it has a large movie and TV show collection. Similarly, it also supports modern apps and UIs Another good thing about this platform is that it comes with parental controls.


Nothing in this world is free from cons at all. Tubi TV is no exception. It has a 720p streaming resolution cap and does not provide ad-free mode.

Pluto TV

Ad-supported video on demand service (or AVOD). An “OTT” provider (like Netflix) delivers content via the Internet rather than dedicated lines or over-the-air. That puts it in the same league as Crackle, Tubi, and Sling Free.

You can watch Pluto TV online or download the app to one of the many devices supported by the service like; Android and Apple iOS/iPad devices, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Vizio SmartCast, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, webOS, Chromecast, Virgin Media, and macOS.

Pluto TV is one of the most excellent free options available if you’re sick of paying monthly streaming fees. The free service has over 250 live channels and on-demand movies and TV episodes.


 The platform is free to assess and use. It has a lot of on-demand content and live TV. It provides you with streaming on all leading platforms


It does not have an ad-free content option. The content is old, and most content is five years old.

Peacock TV

NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service is called after NBC’s iconic multicolored mascot. It has over 15,000 hours of NBCU TV episodes and movies, unique content, live news, and sports (like the 2021 Summer Olympics).

Most notable, Peacock is now the only place to view The Office, putting Netflix subscribers on “Threat Level Midnight” (fans get it).

Peacock is also the only primary streaming service with a free, ad-supported tier. If you’re sick of paying for content, you can get half of Peacock’s vast collection for free.

Peacock is different from its competitors because it offers a free tier with a limited collection. This isn’t a promo – you can subscribe to Peacock and never spend a thing.

As of launch, Peacock supports the following devices: Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD, Android (Android TV, Chromecast), Xbox One S, X, and PS4, Smartcast Vizio, LG Smart TVs, X1, and Flex Comcast

Peacock provides free access. Even the paid version comes with low monthly subscription fees. It harnesses a popular content library. It provides live TV and recorded content.


Crackle is a free on-demand movie and TV show streaming service. It also has a collection of original content.

Sony bought Crackle in 2006, and it has been referred to as “Sony Crackle” ever since.

In March 2019, the streaming service’s controlling share was sold to Chicken Soup for the Soul. Both firms now produce crackles.

Crackle is free in the US and Australia but requires membership in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Crackle features a limited but high-quality library. The collection offers vintage movies, original programs, and many great TV shows.

Crackle supports the following devices: Amazon FireTV, Roku devices, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TVs, LG, Playstation 4, Vizio, XBoxOne App iOS, and Android


Crackle as a platform has a good movie selection and reliable streaming


It shows a lot of advertisements to the end-users at the start as well as in between of the content.

Critics have also pinned the platform down for its poor mobile and web interfaces

The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is a video-on-demand service that is integrated with the popular Roku streaming devices.

Roku streaming devices and televisions come preinstalled with applications, including the Roku Channel, but you can also access the content through a Roku.com account on smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Stream premium programs for free or for a fee from services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Apple TV, HBO, SHOWTIME, PBS, and The Roku Channel.

Thousands of more channels dedicated to sports, news, foreign, and children’s programs, in addition to broadcast networks such as ABC and CBS

When it comes to free streaming TV services, The Roku Channel is one of the best. While the requirement for a Roku device may impede some TV fans, the amount of on-demand and live-free entertainment is worth investigating.


Only a few non-Roku streaming devices are available—a surprisingly good selection of movies and television shows available on demand. Also, the ultimate benefit of the platform is that it is completely free.


It does not offer a lot of free new release stuff.


Amazon-backed IMDb TV has a sizable library of TV shows and films, particularly for a free, ad-supported streaming service. However, some free services offer additional features and a greater variety of streaming content.

You can stream content from IMDb TV on devices such theAmazon Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, Google TV, LG smart TVs (2018+ models), Comcast Xfinity X1 and Flex, Microsoft Xbox One and Series S/X, Sony PlayStation 4, iPhone, iPad, Android mobile phones, and the Amazon Fire tablet, as well as on the Amazon website.

IMDb TV is a free, easy-to-use service that is available on a variety of platforms. It also has a good film collection. While IMDb TV does not rank among the best free streaming services, it is still valid—mainly if you are a fan of the show Schitt’s Creek.


It is free and has a reasonable selection of films. The platform has some well-known titles  as well.  It supports a wide variety of popular platforms and devices


The platform has a limited original programming selection and limited selection of notable shows. According to the critics, the platform has a disjointed web navigation experience


Walmart bought Vudu, an on-demand streaming service, in 2010. In addition to the paid content, the site now includes a library of free movies and TV episodes. The free range includes over 10,000 movies and TV episodes with ads interspersed.

This review will only cover Vudu’s free streaming service.

It supports the following devices:

Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox One S, X, and Nvidia Shield gaming consoles are already supported by Vudu in 4K UHD.


It has a simple “Free” section for the users.


Popcornflix is a free movie website where you may stream a variety of films in various genres without needing to create an account. Additionally, there are free television series.

Please continue reading for our Popcornflix review, which includes our thoughts on the quality of the videos, the advertisements, and the mobile app.

Generally, free streaming services offer significantly less content than paid services like Netflix. Popcornflix is not an exception in this regard. Without a doubt, the quality is lower than that of Netflix or Hulu. However, for fans of horror films or cult comedies, there is some decent material on offer.

It supports the following devices:

Directly from the Popcornflix website, you can view films and television series. Phone and tablet applications are accessible through the Google Play Store (Android) and the Apple App Store (iOS).

Popcornflix is available for streaming on the following devices:

  • Apple TV.
  • Roku
  • Xbox
  • Amazon Fire TV.
  • Android and iOS smartphones and tablets


The platform is free to use. Also, the good thing about this platform is that  on this platform, the registration process is optional.


Among the negatives, the television series selection is limited.

Can I watch free TV on my phone?

Yes, certainly! You can watch free TV on your smartphones as well. Many reputable free TV streaming service providers  have also developed easy-to-use mobile apps for the end-users.

Android users can download these free TV streaming applications from the playstore without paying even a single dime.  Similarly, iPhone users can also download it from the app store.

Within a few seconds, you can download a free TV app on your mobile phone as their size is always in just a few MBs.

How can I watch free TV on my smart TV?

To watch Free TV on the smart TV is very easy. Free TV apps can be streamed from almost anywhere, as long as you have a computer or laptop and an internet connection.

You can watch free TV shows on the internet from the app’s website or by downloading the apps to a supported device.

We just need to download the application of Free TV, and without a subscription, we can watch thousands of free TV shows and movies. The app is available to download on any device. Some apps also provide the facility of multiple languages.

What is the best free TV app?

There are many free apps available, but the top completely free TV apps is Tubi. Tubi, one of the many emerging streaming services, is completely free to watch.

It pays for content from its partner studios with ads, not subscriptions. The ads that come in between the movies and the shows are shorter as compare to others.

The app is available to download on any device. The quality of the channel is also high. Tubi has a sizeable number of movies and TV shows available to watch and even has content curated specially for kids.

Once registered and signed in, you can begin enjoying Tubi’s library of over 20,000 television shows and movies immediately. One of Tubi’s most attractive features is that viewers can browse TV content by network or collections.

How can I watch basic TV without cable?

It seems like the time of cable and satellite TV networks has ended. The percentage of cord-cutters is rising with each passing day, not only in the United States but also in all the other countries of the world as well.

Cable and satellite networks are irresponsive and rigid. Also, you have to pay for the cable services separately. Therefore, people are fast losing interest in this conventional option of TV entertainment.

In place of cable, new and better options have taken their place now, such as online TV streaming. It is free and also provides its users with a great variety of content.

Now, you can watch basic TV without cable as well. Cable operators might not want you to know this fact. However, it is very easy to watch the basic TV channels of your locality with the use of a simple TV antenna.

Make sure that you are using a TV manufactured post-2007 as this will allow your TV to correspond to the digital signals of the channels of these days.

Now, the main question is that how you go about this. First of all, you need to find a coaxial port for your TV. On most TVs, it is placed on the rear side of the TV.

You can get a good antenna from the market. There is a large number of antennas

This is not even all the ways to stream TV online and there are new ways popping up everywhere, every day, which is why you should make sure you are staying safe online by using a reliable VPN to protect your browsing from hackers and your ISP while watching free content online.

It’s better to be safe than sorry and VPNs are definitely worth it and extremely easy to use.

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