11 Best KissCartoon Alternatives To Watch Free Anime Online

by Dilly Dylan

Anime lovers are regular visitors to the KissCartoon streaming website to watch all episodes of their favorite anime. KissCartoon is a repository of several anime in their different category, genre, and plots.

One of the many reasons KissCartoon is favorite among anime lovers is that viewers can watch and download their favorite anime free in their choice resolution.

We don’t recommend downloading anything from free online anime streaming sites, and you should consider using a VPN to be safe while watching free anime online.

Several websites offer similar free anime contents that you should know about. However, alternatives to KissCartoon exists in an event where KissCartoon is not available.

Hence, the need to understand the alternative to KissCartoon and how to access them. It is very important to be wary of fake clones of KissCartoon. This is because they are virus-ridden websites that plant viruses and malware on the internet.

This article explores the KissCartoon streaming website and its features. It looks at the advantages and disadvantages of using KissCartoon. For alternatives to KissCartoon, this article recommends top anime streaming websites that you should consider.

What is KissCartoon?

Kisscartoon is a free streaming repository of anime content. This streaming website allows users to watch and download anime for their viewing satisfaction.

KissCartoon contains thousands of anime that anime lovers can find on this streaming website. Its contents bases on several storylines and differentiated by their distinct genres and plots.

For people who use this platform, they can testify to the thousands of anime content available on-demand and downloadable. Thousands of anime episodes are uploaded to KissCartoon’s library.

You can be sure of finding that anime of your choice on this streaming website. Either old or new anime episodes, anime lovers can depend on KissCartoon for all their anime needs.

3 Advantages of Using KissCartoon Alternatives

Anime lovers enjoy several benefits from using this website. One of such is the on-demand content that they enjoy. Now, they can stream anime content on the go from wherever they are in the world.

The flexibility of watching anime online with the best video resolution is one of the top benefits. Other benefits that draw anime lovers to this streaming website include

1. Website Mirrors

Mirrors are websites that are similar to the original but with different domain extensions. KissCartoon has a number of mirror websites that provide similar anime content.

It is important to look out for fake clones of KissCartoon. These malicious websites only aim to include malware and viruses on your laptop via your web browser.

2. Supported Platforms

Streaming on different devices is possible since this website is for streaming. This website also has its application online for those who prefer to use the mobile app version. Devices that support this website include computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

3. Downloadable Contents

One reason why this streaming website stands out is because of its free downloadable content. Viewers can download their anime in the video quality that they like. This allows people who do not want to watch it online to have another option.

In fact, some anime fans who do not have a stable internet speed will prefer to download their favorite content to avoid interruptions. For those that want to binge-watch their favorite anime without interruption, downloading anime content is acceptable content for them.

3 Disadvantages of Using KissCartoon Alternatives

Just like everything that has benefits, some disadvantages may equally exist. Kisscartoon also has some disadvantages while delivering its services. Here are some shortcomings that anime lovers have to deal with

1. Ads pop-up

Adverts on KissCartoon’s website are regular on this platform. However, the website users can do well to use ads blocker extension to reduce or eliminate frequent ads from popping up.

2. Blocked Service

Kiss cartoon website was finally shut down in 2017 after several years. Although the website comes on often, it is not as stable as it was before.

The reason the website was taken down was because of copyright infringements. It was taken down by DMCA for providing free content to its users. Fortunately, there are alternatives to this streaming platform.

3. Malicious Website Clones

After shutting down KissCartoon, several clone websites sprang up as its clone. However, these clones were for malicious reasons. Because of the popularity of KissCartoon, the malicious clone website became a menace online.

Is KissCartoon still Available Online?

The website that was once the go-to source for all anime content is no more available online. KissCartoon’s free anime streaming platform is offline and might never return to providing top anime content.

After sustaining the anime community for so long, it became famous for several years. However, DMCA took it down for copyrights infringements. According to them, this free anime website was providing free anime content to its users illegally.

Since then, several other alternatives to this streaming website have taken up operation to fill the gap. A couple of these new anime-streaming websites are now equally famous, just like Kisscartoon in its days. These alternatives are now the go-to platforms for anime contents of any category and their different genres.

The alternatives to the kissCartoon streaming website are gradually reaching the level of popularity that KissCartoon was able to reach while it was still online.

11 Best KissCartoon Alternative

Several anime websites are continually attempting to reach the level of streaming service that Kisscartoon once made available to anime lovers.

These alternative anime streaming websites are experiencing some level of success and are having an increase in the number of daily visitors. To get free anime content, here are some of the best Kisscartoon alternatives you should know about;


Crunchyroll is the next big alternative to Kisscartoon. For anime lovers, this is a great website to watch all anime episodes in HD. Viewers can access this website from 170 countries around the world.

Of the remaining countries, VPN software is a requirement before they can gain access to Crunchyroll. If you do not have access to this website, consider using a good VPN to gain access.

Crunchyroll is free to stream all your favorite anime content. However, users can create an account to stop all the commercials from popping up while streaming their favorite anime content.

Crunchyroll anime library contains all the anime you might be looking for on the internet. It is a worthy anime-streaming website to check.


Funimation is an anime streaming website that is widely popular for its diverse anime content with several local languages. Just like Crunchyroll, it is a viable alternative where anime lovers can get all new anime episodes of their favorite anime series.

This streaming website offers free access to its anime content. However, you will face some commercial interruptions when streaming. To watch anime on this website without ads, you will have to pay for its premium subscription.

However, Funimation is famous for its subtitles and language dubs. It appeals to several people worldwide as you can get anime content in your local language. What’s more, users can get a premium subscription at a less costly rate.


VRV is a fast streaming service that brings anime content, sci-fi, tech, cartoons, and several other contents under one website. It is a website that is spring up under the Crunchyroll umbrella.

The diverse content on this website is what makes it very useful and attractive to anime fans all over the world. This platform is increasingly popular because it takes care of the anime fandom. It curates a collection of popular and up-and-coming anime content for anime lovers’ viewing experience.

This website has its android and iOS versions for a better streaming experience. To start accessing all the premium anime content on this website, fans have to register and pay a monthly cost of $10. However, users can enjoy select shows with a few commercial interruptions now and again.

Anime Freak

This is another anime streaming website. This album bundles its dubbed and subbed anime contents free for anime lovers. You do not have to sign up nor pay to watch your favorite content on this website.

This website is available worldwide, and it gets thousands of visitors daily. Several people rely on Anime Freak for all their anime movies, series, and TV shows.

One of the major drawbacks of using Anime Freak is that some anime fans have to use VPN to gain access, but you should be using a VPN for all of these streaming sites anyway.

This is due to copyright issues and related problems from different countries. This is easily resolved by accessing this website via VPN. Overall, its vast library of anime content is an endearing factor that keeps anime lovers on this website.


This anime streaming website is popular because it has been around for over 20 years. It provides free anime streaming services with over 40 thousand legal anime content in its library.

If you love the classics as well as the latest Manga with their anime videos, you can get all that on this website. It is a favorite among several anime lovers all around the world.

Unlike other anime streaming websites, Anime-planet does not require a signup nor monthly fee before anime lovers can access its content. It is free to stream all its content. A must-try website offers all the content that you need.  


GoGoAmine is another anime streaming website that offers free streaming services for the latest and trendy anime series. It is another great alternative to KissCartoon.

If you are just new to this anime streaming website, you should surely check it out now. It is one of the best and popular sites to get the latest and classic anime content.

Most importantly, access is free. You can freely go through its ever-updating catalog of anime series and watch your anime fill. Several series, movies, and classic anime contents. One thing is for sure, once you get on this website, hours will go by with you watching hours of anime content.


Anime fans know 9anime as the website where you go for all HD anime content. It is ad-free and a repository for several popular anime contents. Accessing the content on this website is easy as it categorizes them in their respective categories and is searchable using different filters. Most importantly, 9Anime is free for use.

Anime fans worldwide can use their phones, tablets, or computer to access this website. As a trade-off, there are occasional pop-up ads that you have to deal with. This is easily handled by using an ad blocker software extension in your browser.


Another popular streaming platform for anime content is KissAnime. In fact, all true anime fans know this website for its amazing anime streaming service.

It provides every anime content type, from classics to trendy anime content. Its full library is one of the main reasons why millions of anime lovers choose this website and visit it daily.  

Anime content is available in various video quality. Streamers can decide to select streaming options between 240p to 1080p. KissAnime is constantly improving its interface for better accessibility. Anime lovers can select some categories ranging from adventure, action, comedy, and several others.


AnimeDao is a straightforward anime website that contains several anime series and content. It is simple to use and provides all the content that anime lovers may need. With easy-to-use filters, you can search for your favorite anime by using all the associating information to narrow it down.

In two or three clicks, you can be watching the latest and trendy anime content on this website. You can also bookmark all your favorite anime content for later. The interface is easy to access. It also provides its dark mode for eyesight convenience. Most importantly, access is free on this website.


WatchCartoonsOnline streaming website provides a collection of several cartoons, movies, and dubbed anime content for anime lovers.

This website is a repository of all the animation content that you will want to explore.  This free streaming website is accessible worldwide. It makes its content available in SD and HD.

Although access is free, some ads pop up during streaming. To avoid watching these ads, you can create an account and pay a small token monthly to stream your anime and cartoon contents ads free.

You can also explore animation movies along with their subs and local language dubs on this platform. Ultimately, you can enjoy hours and hours of all the anime content via this website for free.

Watch Series

Watch Series keeps things simple, cool, and straightforward. A website that wants to keep everything simple, and so far, it understands the assignment. The website is accessible and useful worldwide.

It houses almost every popular movie, series, drama, and anime from around the world. Its sole purpose is to provide easy access to all streaming contents online without searching for hours on end.

It boasts a robust library containing several episodes of popular and classic TV shows, movies, anime, and other content. This website, like several other free streaming websites, has some pop-up adverts from time to time. However, these adverts are minimal and do not interfere much with your streaming process.

This website also provides some amazing features. It provides an IMDB rating as well as a short description of its contents. The home page shows all the recent episode addition, while you can check the upcoming section for upcoming episodes.

All you have to do is sit back, get a good and stable internet connection, and enjoy all your favorite anime, TV shows, and movie content at your convenience.

Kiss Asians

Kiss Asians is a popular streaming website where anime fans can watch anime, cartoons, and Korean drama online. Thousands of visitors visit this popular website to watch anime in HD resolution daily.

It is free for anyone to access from around the world. It does not require any kind of membership signup nor monthly subscription fee before a true anime fan can access its content.

With a steady internet connection and an internet-enabled device like your phone, tablet, or computer, you already have all you need to start streaming anime from the Kiss Asians website.

Do I Have To Pay For KissCartoon?

KissCartoon is free to use. Access to this streaming website is free from anywhere around the world. Users can watch and download all their favorite anime content in HD free via this website.

Viewers have zero limitations nor restrictions to the content types that are available on KissCartoon. However, users have to tolerate ads pop-ups. The revenue from these ads covers the hosting cost for this streaming website.

Does KissCartoon Come With Viruses?

There are no viruses on KissCartoon. As far as you are accessing the right KissCartoon website with the right website extension, you can be sure that you are not in danger of getting any viruses on your computer.

KissCartoon is a safe streaming website to watch your anime content. To add extra caution to your stream, you can use VPN for an extra layer of privacy.

Does KissCartoon Contain Malware?

There is zero malware on the KissCartoon website. It is completely free and safe for use. However, it is important to note that illegal clones of this website exist.

These clone websites harbor viruses and install them on visitors’ computers when they click on ads. These ads inject viruses into unknowing visitors’ computers via their web browsers.

What Made KissCartoon So Popular?

KissCartoon is popular because of its robust library of anime content. KissCartoon is a free online streaming website that offers a variety of anime base on different categories, plots, genres, and storylines.

Furthermore, KissCartoon allows its visitors to download their favorite anime in HD free of any charge. Unfortunately, KissCartoon is not online anymore. Its alternatives are providing anime content and are trying to fill the gap that this platform left behind.

Is KissAnime a Good Alternative For KissCartoon?

KissAnime is one of the several alternatives to KissCartoon. Like KissCartoon, KissAnime is a great streaming website that offers new, popular, and trendy anime content free.

It also goes further to provide classic anime content for anime lovers. Importantly, KissAnime is free for anyone that wants to access this website worldwide.

How Do You Know Legal Sites For Anime?

The websites in the list above are legal sites and safe for use. Some of these websites require users to have an account if they want to have an ad-free streaming service.

Some of the websites also advise their users to use a VPN as an additional source of privacy protection while streaming over the internet.

All the websites in the list above are vetted safe for use. Legal sites are always collaborating and featuring legal content on their website. You can see this from the contents of the websites above.

Are KissCartoon Alternative Safe?

All the KissCartoon alternatives in the list above are safe. Do not fret if you access any of these free streaming websites’ recommendations and see ads pop up. The ads from these ads are instrumental in paying for the hosting and maintenance of these websites.

To be on the safer end of the spectrum, using a VPN is best for keeping your information and location details private. This is a way to keep the website up and going by the website administrators. VPN also helps you bypass any geo-location restriction that might arise in the future on any of these websites.


This article contains some of the finest alternatives to the KissCartoon streaming website. You can find the best options to get all your anime content and keep up with your favorite anime and manga from this list. The above recommendations should be able to take care of your anime needs.

Although some of the recommendations require you to pay before you can access it, you can rest assured that this money is to provide the best anime service for you.

Overall, you always have options to enjoy the best anime content for free, and most of the anime streaming sites on the list are free to use, but you should also consider using a VPN to protect yourself and stay safe online. Enjoy!

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