11 Things To Know Before Using Putlocker

by Dilly Dylan

Putlocker allows you to watch free movies and TV series online without signing up or downloading anything.

Putlocker does not offer a direct stream to copyrighted films on the site but provides the links to free movies, and TV series files hosted online where you can then stream and watch the movies or TV shows you want.

Putlocker’s website originated in the UK in 2011, and its high attraction of users who enjoy free TV series and movies online has led to its rise.

With that, here are 11 things you should know before using Putlocker.

1. Putlocker Safety

We have to start with safety because this is so easily overlooked by people, but is one of the most important.

Putlocker is not entirely safe to use, so you should make sure that you are using a VPN before you start streaming free movies and TV shows and avoid downloading any of the content you see on the site.

Because the site links to several places online to find free movies and free TV series, you don’t want to make the mistake of downloading a movie or TV show and end up infecting your device. Use it responsibly, with a VPN, and watch everything online without downloading any of the content.

Many free movies and TV show admirers of online streaming make it their haven but fail to protect themselves properly, which is so easy to do.

The safety of the platform depends on whether you’re using a Virtual Private Network or not. For instance, it’s not completely safe for users without a Virtual Private Network because you are not protecting yourself, your location, and your device browsing online.

The various shows and movies present on Putlocker are illegitimately uploaded on different sites all over the internet, and thus copyright infringement is not the single peril a user might encounter while streaming Putlocker. Notably, it is locked to some countries; therefore, a user can be a virus victim while using the unsafe copy or mirror of the Putlocker website.

The legal matters of Putlocker sometimes depend on the user’s resident country. Usually, and all-time termed that Putlocker is not permitted and the consequences of using it depend on your country.

2. Safety of Putlocker with VPN

When you use a Virtual Private Network while streaming movies and series on Putlocker, you are a lot safer from getting a virus and being locked out from streaming the show if you don’t live in countries where Putlocker is available.

The reason behind using a Virtual private network is to enable a user to access content in the Putlocker, which is inaccessible in their country, and protection against virus invasion by the streamed files.

3. Contents offered by Putlocker

Putlocker offers TV series and movies in the following genres; Action, animation, fantasy, horror, musical, and romance. Upon using Putlocker, you would find that it functions a lot like the Google search engine.

This is mainly based on searching for information concerning TV shows, movies, or series that you are interested in. Putlocker gives several search results on a single search title, offering the movie or series you desire to watch.

4. Putlocker Free TV Shows Online

You can get the latest TV series through the site, so you can binge-watch free TV shows online that are trending using the site.

5. Putlocker Free Movies Online

Putlocker got your back. It has a diverse library of high-quality free movies and series, probably those series movies not in cabled television. The library runs movies from the 1960s to current.

6. Putlocker Movies and Series Genre

Putlocker has six main genres for online movies and TV series: Action, Animation, Fantasy, Horror, Musical, and Romance.

7. Never Download Free Movies, and TV Shows Files From Sites Like Putlocker

Because Putlocker movies and TV series are pulled from different places around the internet, it’s hard to say what is safe and what is not. A simple reason for not downloading files from Putlocker and its copy sites is to avoid injecting viruses into your device.

8. Why does Putlocker not work? Why is Putlocker blocked?

Remember, Putlocker is always working except when shut down by production companies, which rebuilds the site again. Depending on the country where you live, Putlocker might be blocked; therefore, A VPN is the best way to access all of the content that Putlocker has.  

9. Supported Devices You Can Watch Putlocker On

Putlocker works on various devices, including Windows, Android Smartphones, Linux, and Chrome, and as well, while supported by a Virtual Private Network, it works in all streaming devices.

10. Working Putlocker Sites

11. Alternative Sites Similar To Putlocker

1. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy is a streaming site where you will discover practically any movie title, and you can stream or download it.

It lets you watch free motion pictures, and television shows online for each genre and event like Sports, Thriller, Action, Comedy, Romance, Crime, Sci-Fi, Documentaries, etc. brand movie titles are refreshed consistently to ensure you never need to leave.

With MoviesJoy, you can watch some of the same free movies and TV shows online that Putlocker has. MoviesJoy is probably the most extraordinary diamond you can discover with regards to free web-based film streaming.

Regularly film fans need to pay for the paid substance or endure numerous advertisements and popups, yet at MoviesJoy, all you need is the Internet, a gadget, and your time.

2. Yesmovies

Upon loading the official Yesmovies Web link, you will navigate to its site. The site therein gives the viewer ability to search for the desired movie or TV show.

Additionally, it offers the chance for a user to navigate to the old web link for movie search or TV show.

If you want to watch Putlocker movies and TV series for free online on an alternative site, this is for you. Yesmovies interface is easy to use whether using a laptop, smartphone, or any other streaming device. In the upper part of the site, you find navigation buttons to the movie, series/TV show, and the expandable button, not the login button.

You will find the list of genres offered and the country the service is available with some additional top Internet Movie Database (IMDB) for the expandable button.

It can be advisable to use a Virtual Private Network if the service isn’t available in your country, but it is listed as an international standard for all viewers for clearance.

3. Flixtor

Flixtor is not very much known among the famous free streaming platforms, but it has a great user interface and is a really good Putlocker alternative.

Meanwhile, the media works homogenous to others where it has a minute difference; the movies and the Television series aired here are uploaded without the rights over their distribution.

For these reasons, sometimes the site is down, and the next instance is online on your service. Either way, the movies and TV shows available at Flixtor are streamed for free and save offline for future access.

While it is illegal in some countries to use these kinds of sites, Flixtor is designed to have zero ads for it supports itself through member subscriptions and gives you a chance to watch the movie online and download it for offline viewing.

If you’re looking to watch free movies like the one on Putlocker, then you’d like FlixTor.

When noting how Flixtor is different from others, the website, if accessed from unlisted countries without the use of VPN, will throw an exception error 1020 message.

Details of the error message confirm that the site deploys the security service of Cloud flare to safeguard itself from online attacks. If experiencing difficulties with the site, you have the choice to navigate through the below-listed domains to access content; flixtor.to, flixtor.is, flixtor.se, flixtor.vc, flixtor.it, and flixtor.nu.

4. ZMovies

If a user happens to search for free sites offering free streaming without ads, the first prompt of ZMovies will welcome narration of watching online for free in excellent quality. Additionally, the site affirms enjoying and watching with no registration and is free from ads.

If you’re looking to watch free Putlocker movies online, this is another great website that can help you do just that.

Its interface is sorted as either Home, New release, Popular Movies, TV series, or a search navigation bar like Google, only that here is your search for movies you want. It also sorts its movies according to the year of production from 1972 to the latest year, which in this case is 2021.

5. 123Movies

For starters, 123Movies expresses its awareness of other free platforms offering the same.

The platform clearly expresses how they are made a match made in heaven and giving the chance of a viewer to rise and shine with the best of the best site.

Duet sites inclusive of Putlocker are mentioned as the runners-up of 123Movie, with a reasonable charge of them offering grainy or otherwise unwatchable movies.

Through the media, you have the option of searching the title of your interest either via genre, top-rated on Internet Movie Database, featured videos, trending movies, otherwise opt for an alphabetical array of its content.

In terms of speed of buffering and streaming of their media, 123Movie affirms to be the top while others like f movies have slow downloads. For more information, you won’t fail to access the same through 123Movie, and you see the alignment of its expandable button as:

  • Movies which constitutes Top viewed, latest, Top Rated, Recently added just to mention a few
  • TV series which has Top viewed, latest, featured, recently added and Anime,
  • Year where this runs in descending order,
  • Genres aligned alphabetically,
  • Country, the feature that lists the countries where you may not need to use hidden networks to access its site, and lastly,
  • Frequently Asked Questions. Impressive.

6. Crackle

When Crackle crosses your mind, you should make sure you have the required VPN to access it. Why? Upon opening its official page, a welcoming and yet disgusting message will meet your eyes, reading, “THANKS FOR VISITING UNFORTUNATELY WE’RE NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN THIS REGION,” meaning the service is limited to named countries.

Don’t worry, I identified the country of service, which is the United States, where if you are highly interested in accessing its website, you MUST use a Virtual Private Network.

7. Soap2Day

Another great alternative to watch free movies and TV shows online from sites like Putlocker is Soap2day. This is hands down one of the best sites similar to Putlocker, where you can watch free movies and TV series.

If you have visited major online streaming platforms, I am sure you have a notable difference from site to site. With Soap2Day’s official site, you will encounter Captcha security measures only that it has free navigation to its Home page.

After navigation to the home page, Soap2Day has one attractive site and relevant information of its free service that doesn’t demand logging in or registering but with fewer ads on its video player page.

You can also find several domains that are listed as official sites,  as well the latest others include soap2day.to soap2day.ac, soap2day.sh, s2dfree.to, s2dfree.cc, s2dfree.de, and s2dfree.is  s2dfree.nl

After that, it warns its viewers of imposter domains. Surprisingly, besides offering few ads as a way of revenue collection, the site is deemed illegal for it is reported to have possibly gone against some main rules and regulations.

8. Gostream

The Site is built to welcome its viable customers with a message of watching movies online for free and ads-free. Additionally, it has the most viewed movies and the Top Internet Movies database. Gostream is another great site to watch free movies and TV series online, much like Putlocker.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the sites or finding a movie, you want? Worry not, the site has a “Contact Us” option where you can send your problem through the provision of Captcha form.

To give the site a passing grade, almost all of its movies are rated as HD, meaning high definition movies in terms of quality are offered, and it’s not a country-locked site.

9. FMovies

Fmovies is brought online through acclamation of saving cabled customers as well as the subscription plans online their dime. Fmovies explains itself as a file-sharing website that gives individuals a chance to watch an obtuse range of movies and TV shows for free.

Presumably, the sites, since it offers free access an out of question by the producers, have been frustrated many times by copyright authorities in various countries in the globe as well as having copy sites that benefit from their expense allows you to watch free Putlocker movies online.

Fmovies, which I can term as reverse psychology to win customer attention through their pity, has History penetration to the online steaming schemes.

Luckily, through FMovies, you have the freedom of accessing its media even through smart Televisions, where it warns its customer of neither possessing any streaming app nor being held responsible for imposter exploits. As usual, make sure you use a VPN to access and watch content on these sites responsibly.

10. Solar Movies

Solar movies offer free access to watch movies and game shows and is a great Putlocker alternative to watch online series. The site’s welcome page is painted with information on how it’s greatest among others by providing great services like subtitles to the people unfamiliar with the movie language.

Solar Movies claims to have the competitive advantage of making available quality movies without needing to register. It has the additional feature of Cinema online, which isn’t quite often seen on the other competitors.

Notably, Solar Movies has some ads which it terms as few quality ads, and they have strictly censored affirmation of their value care to their customers.

11. Gomovies

Competition online has risen, leading to either copying of original site or changing the web domain to fit in the market. Gomovies lets you watch free Putlocker movies and TV series online.

Talking of Gomovies exists in various unprecedented ways where there is gomovies offering movies for free with original copyrights as it is affirmed while there gomovies which offers free but copyrights are generally violated.

Comparatively, the gomoviefree.sc is kind of fast loading with quick responses while gomovies-online.cam takes time to load. On the demerits, gomovies-online.cam is characterized by some commercials and an option of a Premium plan to get HD movies and free from ads.

It has a total of thirty-five genres Action, Adventure, Christmas, Kung-Fu, Talks-show, just to mention a few.

12. AZ movies

Azmovies is another good Putlocker alternative. Its interface runs by the provision of the option to navigate to “All movies,” “Featured Movies,” “Genre,” “Release Year”, and “TV shows.” Its home page gives a glimpse of recently added movies.

Lastly, it gives a user the impression of watching favorite moving pictures unlimited for free, and after that, a disclaimer of its not hosting any copyrighted content for all the files are hosted on third party websites.


13. LookMovie

As already mentioned, some sites take after others and are a good Putlocker alternative. Considering Lookmovie.io, you will find that this is one of the simplest platforms even when navigating using a mobile phone. On the other hand, there is the Lookmovie.club that adverts to its visitors that the website allows full-length movies streaming for free without exception.

Let’s focus on Lookmovie.io that has a friendly way to search for a movie. For instance, you can opt for filtering options that can uniquely give results of your interested movie via Genre, Year, rating, or Newness filters. Its Year filter runs from 1913 to the current year, which is 2021.

The “Newest First” filter is sorted Oldest First as the second, followed by Top IMDb and Bottom IMDb.

14. VexMovies

Vexmovies is an organized site that is meant to entertain you with distinctive features from other streaming competitors. For starters, the site is equipped with the filters like genre, latest new movies, people watching, or the popular watched movies.

It is a great site to watch free Putlocker movies online. Interestingly, upon selecting a movie, even while using devices like smartphones, there’s an insight of the movie through the provision of synopsis (word written of how the movie is set), the trailers of the movie, and the complete cast.

While at the player, the viewer can opt to play the movie in HD Mode. Surprisingly, the site is not self-centered or characterized by being on a competitive basis since it hosts 123Movies, and 123Movies is categorized as a genre on Vexmovies.

You are offered the opportunity to leave their views or reply concerning the movie with the added join of the site via Facebook or Twitter.

15. StreamLord

Provision of notable services sometimes requires an appreciation of free will by the user. StreamLord is a platform just like the others that offer free streaming of movies and TV shows, has a floating button for customers to donate if they have been satisfied by their distribution of movies.

You can watch some of the same free movies, and TV shows that Putlocker has, using StreamLord.

While it can be termed as a donation to their service, alternatively, you can name it as a subscription plan, for it lists the amount customers can donate with respective advantages they will enjoy.

In essence, if you donate $4, you will enjoy a month of ads-free and $8 for two months.

Other merits of donating include three guaranteed TV show requests and 15 movies and downloading the available files in Mp4 format. If you opt to use StreamLord with mobile phones, I can assure you of disturbing ads upon clicking any movie to play.

16. MovieStars

Moviestars is also another alternative to Putlocker for watching free movies and TV series online, with one downside being the ads.

The site is filled with ads when using a mobile phone that prompt you for access to all free movies if they register a free account.

It lists itself on the homepage as a subsidiary kind of Putlocker, 123movies, Fmovies, and others while it offers the customers the message of attracting others for its fame gains. Its movie database is categorized of movies of ages that is from 1925 to 2021.

17. SpaceMov

SpaceMov.ws is an ad-based site that is characterized by Premium subscription upon creation of an account with the platform, but you can watch free movies and TV series on it just like Putlocker.

Though categorized as a commercial site, upon Premium subscription, a user enjoys ad-free access and HD streaming, of which it offers single premium packages as a Gold member costing $3.45.

18. 123chill

The Site gives free access to movies and TV shows without the need to register. Secondly, it categorizes movies with their genres, country offering the services which are wide list, and TV shows with their genres.

Bottom of the page 123chill gives a disclaimer of being a third-party movie provider and not being held responsible for international law infringement.

19. Prime Wire

The Site begins with advising messages to its users for them to use VPN while streaming in their site since the practice is very risky, but as mentioned earlier, you should be using a VPN either way.

This site lets you enjoy free Putlocker movies online, as is another good alternative.

It also provides users with a schedule of the movies and TV shows to be aired on cabled TV. As well, there is the forum sector for people to share their opinions. Content present here includes Movies and TV shows.

20. Streamm4u

StreamM4u has similar features with 123chills through its disclaimer of being a third-party host. Its interface is designed to have navigation buttons of Recommended Movies, New episodes, TV lists, and new movies.

Here you search for a movie or series like Google search engine, and just like Putlocker, you can watch free movies and series online.

21. GoSeries

The name doesn’t show it offers series movies only, but also it has movies for you just like Putlocker.

GoSeries has a floating button that insinuates that you can access movies and shows from other people’s devices near you if their servers are slow. GoSeries has fewer ads.


Safety is a key factor before deciding to access free files online where the files have been marked as commercial-based.

Safeguarding measures like using VPN while streaming free TV series and movies from Putlocker online offers protection from virus attacks and hides your geographical location of watching if the site is country locked and keeping you safe online.

It’s worthy for people who have chosen Putlocker and its alternatives to be vigilant on the correct domains since many sites have been duplicated with unnoticeable differences.

Lastly, before opting for these services, it’s good first to review the laws of your country to avoid unnecessary consequences and never neglect to protect your privacy and safety online

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