28 Sites To Watch Anime Online Free

by Dilly Dylan

If you’re looking for sites where you can stream and watch anime online free and paid, we’ve got you covered. Watching Anime is one of the best ways to bond, with friends, family and relax at home.

And in this post, we’re going to list the sites where you can watch some of the best anime online for free.

With themes like family time, friendships and teamwork, they have great moral lessons for both kids, adults, and everyone who enjoys watching anime. Also, you can leverage this as an escape from the adult world.

With the discovery of these great films by viewers, their popularity has skyrocketed. Further, it’s a good reminder that you don’t have to be uptight all the time.

You’ve got to live free sometimes and explore the fun this world has in store for us. And that’s why so many people keep up with anime news to watch new anime.

Right now, tons of Anime Websites allow you to watch anime online for free or through paid subscriptions. While some are reliable sites, there are those available to frustrate you.

Luckily, we’ve got something for you, some of the best anime streaming sites online where you can watch the best anime to ensure you get what you need.

What are Anime Streaming Sites?

Anime streaming sites are websites with a collection of animated TV shows, Cartoons, and Movies. And that’s not all, some sites show these collections split further to kids’ contents, horror, drama, and action, among others.

Also, most of them allow you to find specific content through filters by language, quality, year, and season. With that said, let’s look at this list with the Bests Anime Streaming Sites Online:

29 Best Sites For Streaming Anime Online

1. Crunchyroll

If you are looking for an all-inclusive site for anime, then try out Crunchyroll. With top anime options like Naruto, Yuri on Ice, and Titan, it’s a platform with complete entertainment. What’s even best is the free plan that allows you to watch exclusive content for free.

Further, the user experience is astounding thanks to the simple interface. You can easily navigate it or filter through it to find specific content. Speaking of content, Crunchyroll is host to an impressive collection of Manga, Anime and, Drama, among other Asian films.

And if you want a unique streaming experience, join paid subscriptions. They are ad-free and come with additional features. Lastly, some of the top anime you can stream for free on this platform are My Hero Academia, Yuri on Ice, Attack on Titan, and Naruto.

For most anime lovers, Crunchyroll is one of the best websites to watch anime online free with ads or paid, without ads.

2. Netflix

When you speak of Netflix on matters of anime, then here is a gold standard streaming experience you cant avoid. We are talking about original content from the source. And that’s not all, the visual quality is just remarkable and on top.

That said, Netflix is a streaming giant with an exclusive list of anime to watch or follow up on. Some of the notable anime on this platform are Pokemon, A Silent Voice, and Sword art Line, among others.

Also, the platform has done all it can to develop a friendly interface. As such, both pros and beginners can enjoy the same level of the streaming experience. Further, they have categorized the anime as drama, adventure, sci-fi, action, comedy, and crime, among others. And this makes it easy to look for a specific anime genre.

To create the best collection of anime in the industry, Netflix provides exclusive content from top studios. Further, they showcase popular anime like Japan Sinks and options like Little Witch Academia and Castlevania.

If you choose the free streaming route, then your options will be limited. In this case, the platform decides a few anime options to showcase for free. But when you have a subscription plan, the options for anime are endless. Whether it’s top Japanese anime or those from Europe, you are spoilt for choice.

A lot of people may not know that they can watch anime on Netflix, but now you do, and you’re basically watching anime for free if you already have a subscription with them.

3. Hulu

Hulu is another place where you can watch anime. Hulu is amongst the best platform to access premium content. It has the largest gallery for streaming anime when it comes to both free streaming sites and paid streaming sites.

Further, it’s safe to claim that Hulu hosts some of the best titles of movies/series in this industry. And through this site, you can use various devices such as laptops, tablets, and iPhones.

They host great titles with their licenses from reputable anime studios. And if the rumors are true, the platform is planning to include more titles and grow a bigger anime library. Further, you can download or stream content on this platform. And if you are taking a break from anime, they also provide TV services with multiple programs.

Like other great streaming sites, Hulu comes in two versions. There’s Hulu Plus which is a paid subscription to anime streaming sites. And there’s also Hulu.com, an alternative site with free content but has ads. So, decide which options fit your entertainment experience and start browsing the quality content on this site.

4. Funimation

If you are searching for a reliable Anime streaming site, Funimation fits the description. Under two companies, the Aniplex from Japan and Sony Pictures, they provide access to amazing collections of Anime. So whether you are eyeing a current episode of your favorite anime or a previous one, they are all available.

Further, the platform is home to a great collection of foreign anime plus TV shows. Some come with English subtitles to ensure the language barrier doesn’t limit you from accessing some of their contents. However, if you prefer English audio only, there’s no better platform than Funimation.

Speaking of content, their shows are split into romance, fantasy, comedy, sci-fi, drama, horror, romance, action, and psychological, among others. Also, they have an application for those who would want to stream via PS, enabling you to access thousands of Anime content for free.

Lastly, Funimation is accessible in about 47 countries in the world. Plus, you can access it on about 15 platforms. While the free version is available, you can escape the ads and choose paid subscription plan.

5. Hidive

HIDIVE can cater to the needs of anime hardcore fans. Hosting anime movies/series that date back as furthest as the 70s, it’s the best place for all sorts of experience. And it doesn’t matter whether you are a classic enthusiast or the latest episode diehard, everyone has a share. What’s more, their content visual quality is rated at 1080p, one of the highest standards in this industry.

But even so, this platform is partially free. That means you can only access free streaming through subscribing for a free trial. Once the trial is over, you’ll have to pay for a plan. But the good thing with the subscription package is the great content offers, which include ad-free streaming and English content.

6. VRV

VRV boast of providing quality anime shows to satisfy viewers looking to watch anime. And with most of their content being sourced from Crunchyroll and  HIDIVE, you can rest assured that’s true. So if you want the best anime subs for entertainment, don’t think twice about VRV as your streaming site.

Further, this platform is not entirely free. Through a premium package that costs roughly $9.99, you will have an ad-free browsing experience. In addition, this grants you access to exclusive series and the latest entertainment. Alternatively, you can have a glimpse of this site for free. Through their longest free trial that lasts a month, you can determine whether the VRV premium plan is worth an investment.

7. Amazon Prime Video

While you can’t compare Amazon Prime Video with its counterparts like Hulu and Netflix, it’s putting up a good fight to entertain customers who want to watch anime.

The coverage of this platform when it comes to anime collection is still underdeveloped but with great progress. But in general, it has a great reputation when it comes to unique content and great visual quality.

From classics to the latest episodes and hidden gems, this site doesn’t fall short of surprises now and then. Talking of that, you can watch Akira and Cowboy Bebop from the 80s and 90s, respectively.

Or try the latest collections like Vinland Saga and Dororo from 2019, to mention a few. So if you want a hint of legacy and a touch of the latest additions in your favorite list, Amazon Prime Video will do.

8. HBO Max

With access to the HBO Max catalog, it’s an opportunity to explore tons of great anime with fascinating titles. With barely a decade of existence in this industry, HBO Max has attracted millions of viewers.

And it’s all due to the fascinating anime collection. Whether you want to watch the latest movie/series or a venture to classic series, they have everything to offer.

As such, the reliability as a base for anime shows has drawn many viewers who enjoy watching anime to their side.

Right now, the platform boasts more than 10,000 hours of anime shows available to stream.

However, the platform comes with a subscription fee. But as a new member signing up, you can choose the one-week free trial. But after that, you will have to pay about a $15 monthly fee unless there’s an offer.

But even so, the unlimited anime options are just fascinating. To an extent, it’s worth a try. But those with an active cable subscription that includes HBO Max can access it for free. And this may also include subscribers for AT&T services.

9. Tubi TV

When your comfort is at stake as you watch your anime, Tubi TV can save the day. It allows you to sync this site across different devices, enabling you to watch your anime where it feels comfortable.

And while other platforms prompt you to start your show all over again, Tubi TV enables you to resume. And this is not affected by syncing, which makes watching your favorite anime so much more fun.

Other great features on Tubi TV include great quality content providing a complete experience when watching the shows. Also, it comes with a library of the recent shows and oldest collections to explore.

Speaking of which, have you watched the classics like You You Hakusho and Akira? What about the Fairy Tale and Boruto latest episodes? ‘Cause, there are these and much to blow your mind.

10. YouTube

If registration tends to bother you, then you can stream directly via YouTube. Being the largest video streaming platform, it has unlimited anime you can access.

With tons of anime to watch, you can find all anime categories based on title, theme or year, or release.

Some anime series have complete episodes like the classic Death Note, Hajime No Ippo, Soul Eater, and Hellsing, among others.

To those who don’t mind ads when watching, you will love the free YouTube anime collection. However, if you don’t want any sort of destruction, then choose YouTube Premium. It’s ad-free, and the package comes with better offers than the free option.

If you want to save the best for later, click/tap “Add to Offline.” Also, you can decide on a specific resolution to work with to ensure smooth streaming irrespective of internet strength.

11. 9Anime

If quality matters to you when streaming media, then you need to check out 9anime. It’s a unique anime site with exclusive content available at 1080p.

9Anime is a great anime site for watching some of the best free anime online, because of the quality content on the site.

Speaking of content, they provide both anime movies and anime series to ensure you do not lag on this type of content. As a result, it’s a favorite to anime fans since they offer the juicy staffs they are looking for.

Also, they provide dubbed and subbed anime versions providing you with a chance to choose your favorite path. But due to the exemplary performance of this site on the web, there are multiple clone sites.

And one of the common clone sites is 4anime. So be mindful to ensure you don’t stream a site claiming to be 9anime.

Lastly, registration is not a must for anime fans to stream 9anime. Just visit the site and stream whichever anime content you prefer. And among the popular options you should try are Psycho, Dragon Ball, Naruto, and Death Note.

12. AnimeHeaven

Just like its name, this streaming site will blow your mind with its thousands of latest and old-school anime. Further, the site has a positive reputation due to the quality streaming experience users receive from this platform.

With unique and hard-to-find anime options, it’s a place to try out new and exciting anime series and movies.

The interface is appealing and comfortable to navigate. Therefore, you can choose your favorite anime without a hassle. And at the bottom, there’s a comment section where you can read views of various viewers on specific anime movies/series.

The video quality is either 1080 or 720p, which accommodates various devices and internet speed. Lastly, decide what to watch by choosing a specific title or specific genre. Some of the genres are thriller, mystery, action, drama, and comedy.

13. KissAnime

Standing out among top category streaming sites and the biggest across the world, KissAnime doesn’t disappoint. It offers all anime categories, including sports, comedy, action, drama, horror, and sci-fi. Further, this site is home to some of the rarest anime films. Thanks to their great service, you can access both old school and latest collection.

Also, they’ve taken a further step of including anime films only available on physical media from specific regions or countries. As such, there’s hardly any anime content you can’t find on this platform. Whether you want to stream or download to watch later, it’s all free and up to you to decide.

Also, the quality of media comes with a range. From 240 – 1080p, you can find a quality compatible with your device. To those who can’t follow up on audio, most of the contents have subtitles. You can access the content in two ways on this platform, with an account or without one. 

Despite the closure of KissAnime main site, which was a major blow, there are mirror sites you can rely on. But those with an account have more control over their favorite content. Take time, and you will find an option offering a similar experience as the main site.

14. AnimeLab

Access some of the best classic anime from the 90s plus the recent releases through AnimeLab. What’s more, it’s the best site to follow up on Japan’s latest anime broadcast without spending anything. As such, any latest anime aired on Japan broadcast will be available to access after an hour.

Further, the neat layout and category options make navigation around this site simple. Finding content is easier, and you need no advanced skills to stream.

Hosting a huge collection of supernatural anime, both grownups and adults will enjoy these platform shows. And if the ads keep on getting on your nerves, try the paid subscription, and you will love AnimeLab even more.

15. AnimeDao

Among the anime streaming sites with thousands of contents to watch, AnimeDao stands out with a great interface.

Also, it has a neat layout that makes it easier for any anime fan to access the shows they want. Talking of shows, you can browse ongoing Anime series, the latest episodes, and old-school titles.

And if you are uncertain of the content you want to watch, check out the options under Random Category. It has all the content types mixed under one roof. With a click on the “Random Button,” you should be able to access these contents.

On user experience, the intuitive interface is a plus, as mentioned earlier. But that’s not the only reason why it’s popular. Their shows have great loading speed, quality, and reliability. Furthermore, anime lovers prefer it due to smooth streaming when watching, and it doesn’t hurt your bandwidth.

To be available to all users, their video quality range is between 340p and 1080p. So you can switch to a quality that’s manageable by your streaming device and internet speed. Lastly, it’s a platform with subbed and dubbed content.

16. VIZ

As an anime diehard, there’s no streaming site so worthy of your attention like VIZ. With more than three decades in this industry, they have the finest classics and modern anime collection. Also, a host to graphic novels and comic books, they define what an anime platform should feature.

Striking as the largest publisher in the USA for anime, you can’t help but notice their dedication to this industry. As such, it’s the best place to quench your appetite for anime content, whether it’s anime movies, series, shows, or books.

Further, the site has an application for all smartphones. But when it comes to Android, it must be over version 2.2. On your tablet or phone, the streaming content is unlimited and provides the best user experience.

To anime enthusiasts, there’s a community section where you can share your ending love for anime. Whether you choose art or comic memes, you are free to share with other members on the platform. And by watching the trailers thereafter, you can be certain what suit your taste for anime. Lastly, check out the anime reviews if you want help deciding what to watch.

17. Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet has gone above and beyond to ensure you have access to unlimited content with the best categories. Speaking of which, it partners with other great streaming sites like Hulu and Crunchyroll to provide you with more than 48,000 anime collections.

With the options like adventure anime, horror, and comedy, it’s exciting entertainment like no other. On the sites, you can find great show collections like Manga, and anime reviews by their fans, among other options. So, if you have no idea where to start with anime, find the best recommendations on the Anime-Planet. 

Through their straightforward interface, the streaming experience is cool and very comfortable. Talking of comfort, this device is versatile and compatible with multiple devices. And this adds up to the comfort since you can decide to pick among various devices supported which one suits the occasion. Some of the options include UHD TV, desktops, iOS, Android, and Tablets, among others.

18. Fire Anime

Fire Anime is quite different from other anime streaming sites, and that’s what makes it more interesting. It provides you with links to amazing anime shows for free. Therefore, their content comes from multiple sources enabling them to have a taste of everything.

Further, this site comprises several categories, this includes all anime, new seasons, popular anime, and extra anime. Depending on what you like, you can choose to find the best options in any of the categories. Lastly, if you have a device like Amazon Fire, the experience of browsing Fire Anime is way better.

19. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is a platform with an exceptional reputation as an anime streaming site for over a decade now. And it’s all thanks to the recent collection of the animes enabling fans to keep up with their favorite shows. Also, they provide some of the best of all-time classic anime for those who want a piece of the old-school shows.

The browsing content and experience on this site are just superb. And it provides you with popular anime such as Hero Academia, Kokora, and Dragon Ball, available only on paid subscriptions. And through their advanced features, you will be updated when there is the latest show to stream.

Talking of updates, their current shows are available an hour after being broadcasted. However, be aware that all their contents are indexed but free to watch. As a result, there will be several pop-up ads while you are streaming. And with a simple UI (User Interface), navigating this platform is a lot easier.

20. GoGoAnime

If you’re wondering where to watch anime online free, then GoGoAnime is the site that you want to be streaming anime from.

The site has a huge collection of free anime so you get a lot of variety when choosing an anime to watch. If you’re looking for some of the best free anime online GoGoAnime got you covered.

They have a range of genres you will find intriguing. Some are comic anime; others are action, drama, and much more. If you want English dubbed content, they are also available in plenty.

So, enjoy unlimited entertainment with GoGoAnime’s great collection of anime content. Also, if you want Chinese dubbed options, there’s plenty in this place. Lastly, all their contents are hosted externally; therefore, they are free to browse.

21. AnimeFreak

Home to a great collection of Manga and Anime, this is the best destination for anime enthusiasts. And with multiple genres like music, fantasy, parody, supernatural, and mystery, you’ll never miss finding something that interests you. And the good thing is that they are all free to stream.

Further, you get the watch free anime movies and series of all kinds on this platform. And with a constant update on shows like Manga, it’s a platform you won’t want to leave.

Having a simple interface makes it best for all kinds of users. However, the only setback with this platform is ads. It’s ad-supported, therefore, you will encounter them as you watch the films.

22. IQIYI International

This is a multilingual platform with the best anime option for diehards like Monster Girls Doctor and Dr. Stone. With options like English, Vietnamese, Bahasa Malaysia, and Thai, everyone can choose their favorite language.

Besides hosting favorite anime, these shows have the fewest ads. Therefore, you can comfortably follow a show without getting annoyed by ads.

And the best feature is the quality visuals that come in HD (High Definition). At the moment, the platform is trying to expand its coverage to global users.

Therefore, it will reach a point that you won’t need a VPN to explore anime from IQIYI International.

23. MyAnimeList

MyAnimeList is a solid pick among anime enthusiasts for watching free anime online and keeping up with the latest news and trends.

Whether it’s positive reviews, promotional videos, or forum discussions, they are all applauding or commending this platform.

And it’s all due to the greatest collection of Manga and anime shows. Further, there’s hardly any section online with anime fans where this site doesn’t receive praise.

What’s even interesting with this platform is the detailed list and content of their anime movies and series collection.

For instance, you have access to the content background, synopsis, alternative titles, opening themes, and reviews as a user. Other details include ending themes, statistics, reviews, voice actors, characters, and opening themes.

Further, the platform approves anyone to create a list with their favorite shows. And for a greater experience, you can form an anime club with streamers of the same interest as you.

Sometimes, the platform excites its users by organizing contests they can all participate in. As such, MyAnimeList is an intriguing site you should try.

Lastly, they offer the best monthly subscription that’s affordable to all their subscribers. So, if you want to dive into an ad-free zone of this platform, consider this option.

With less than three bucks, you can expand the list of your favorite shows and acquire a profile badge. Also, you can experience ad-free streaming besides other perks it comes with.

To anyone looking for a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to anime entertainment, whether you’re looking for some of the best anime online, or you want to watch free anime try Myanimelist.

They offer everything from anime shows to reviews, forums, promotional videos, discussion, and news.

For instance, if you want to watch, you can choose from their collection.  And this makes it more entertaining since you’ve got something to keep occupied full time on the platform.

Through the news, you can discover updates on this platform. And on discussion forums, you can share your views, especially burning gossip on your favorite anime. While the free plan is a good option, a paid subscription is more advantageous to your streaming experience.

24. All4

To those following the European anime movies and series closely, All4 ensures you don’t miss out on any of them. Some of their top shows include Megalobox, Cardcaptor Sakura, Tokyo Ghoul, and the Vision of Escaflowne.

In addition, they are now showcasing popular series like Persona 5 and Kill la kill, just to mention a few. And if you have several favorite series or movies, add them to your Library List for quick access. Being funded by ads, all their shows are available with several ads.

25. Anime Digital Network

Anime Digital Network boasts of leading when it comes to anime streaming sites in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. You can now access diverse anime content from their partnership with Japanese publishers like Kana Home and Kaze. All their services are legal if you are concerned about the legal status of a streaming platform.

However, to be a member, you must understand French. And this is because; it’s the primary language with Japanese as an alternative but with subtitles in French.

The paid package is also available but quite pricey than some of the anime streaming sites with paid packages. However, it provides you with HD videos that are neat to enjoy and follow along.

26. AsianCrush

If you have a strong interest in Asian anime, then Asian Crush suits you. It has amazing Asian dramas and movies you need to look at. And that’s not all; it also hosts action anime like Chinese Martial Arts and Japanese options. Also, you can filter and find your favorite according to various themes (sports, historical, family, revenge) and region.

And if you want to remain updated on the latest story on Asian Industry, Asian Crush has got you covered. Lastly, secure a $4.99 monthly subscription for ad-free access. And if you are wondering which devices you can use, try Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Firestick, and Smartphone.

27. RetroCrush

If you have a specific taste for classic anime, visit RetroCrush. This is a streaming platform that deals entirely with the best old-school anime.

It comes with classic titles like Bubblegum Crisis, Appleseed, Voltes V, and Lupin III, just to mention a few. What’s more, most of their collections stand out since they evoke childhood memories. Therefore, on this site, you will never lack options of anime to stream.

Speaking of that, have you watched Wicked City or Galaxy Express? ‘Cause, these are some of the best-of-all-time options in the classic category.

And while you have to deal with ads on the latest anime episodes, RetroCrush classic collections are ads-free. With Canada and the United States coverage, you will need to use a VPN if you leave beyond these borders.

28. Kisscartoon

Kisscartoon is the best platform to appreciate cartoon amusement with your kids. It has a great option suitable for kids of all ages with no inappropriateness to worry about. While that’s so, it’s important to note that this platform content is hosted on a series of sites.

And on the positive side, you can access a range of anime that even Hulu and Netflix can’t offer. However, on the negative end, it’s an ad-dependent site. Therefore, you will have to watch several ads as you watch your anime shows, movies or series.

What is The Best Anime Streaming Site?

Crunchyroll is the best pick for a streaming site on our list. For starters, it provides an all-around experience to anime lovers.

With classic anime movies/series and the latest collection, there’s a share for everyone. And if you are squeezed on budget with no funds for entertainment, there’s a free package to help you out.

But to those who can afford paid subscriptions, Crunchyroll has a subscription plan with great features and more content. Last but not least, the simple and practical user interface makes it easy for everyone to stream on this platform.

What Country Has The Best Netflix For Anime?

When considering the size catalog, Japan is the world-leading platform when it comes to Netflix Anime. And this is from a study done a couple of years back.

Japan emerges at the top with about 5963 titles defeating their second runner USA with 5655 titles. So, if you need unlimited anime streaming experience, then try out Japan Netflix. You will also need to use a Netflix VPN to access Japan anime if you do not live in Japan.

Are Anime Streaming Sites Legal?

Yes, they are, as long as the contents they provide are within the public domain or verified. Other than that, the platform is illegal since it might be showing contents they have no right to. So, if you are worried about being caught, ensure you use a legal platform. Alternatively, use a VPN and stream various sites.

Do You Need A VPN For Anime Streaming Sites?

Yes, and this is because streaming sites are limited by geographic regions and are only available in a few countries. As such, you may be locked out of a platform with your favorite anime because your region is not covered. But with a VPN, it’s an opportunity to choose the best streaming sites wherever they may be and access their content.

What Happens if You Get Caught Using Free Anime Streaming Sites?

Watching anime sites on legal platforms means all their content has been licensed. However, on occasions when you stream a platform without licenses to their content, you may face legal repercussions. And this is especially if their contents are copyrighted.

As such, we recommend you use a VPN when streaming anime sites. This will ensure you don’t get caught by the authority due to watching copyrighted content. Alternatively, you can stick with streaming sites offering verified services or those with rights to their contents.

What Streaming Sites Can I Watch Anime Without Signing up?

Some of the best streaming platforms to watch anime content without signing up include 9Anime, GoGoAnime, KissAnime, AnimeFreak, and AnimeDao.

Should I Use a VPN When Watching Anime?

Yes, you should, because using a VPN when watching anime is very important. It helps keep your account safe by keeping your IP address anonymous while hiding your activities. Therefore, hackers, ISP, plus web operators cannot trace your activities when you are online.

Does Anime Have Viruses?

Anime are fairly safe to use except on occasions where you are streaming a site with no content verification. That said, ensure the anime platform you are browsing is legit to ensure your device system doesn’t get viruses.


As opposed to the real world, the anime way of life guarantees justice at the end of the day. And that’s the sort of consolation that people find pleasing from anime.

Further, the moral values of these characters often seem to impact viewers positively, whether they are young or adults.

And most importantly, anime is best for family entertainment. Thanks to their moral values, you can enjoy some of the shows, series, or anime movies with the entire family.

And with the above list of best anime streaming sites online, finding one that suits you is easier. If you’re looking for some of the best anime and some of the best places to watch free anime online, then you’re sure to find something on this list.

Whether you prefer free or paid subscriptions, it’s up to you to decide what fits you.

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