41 Sites To Watch Free TV Online

by Dilly Dylan

The feeling of following up on your favorite programs is just remarkable. It’s even better when you enjoy it in the comfort of your home. However, the experience is not always the same.

Sometimes things happen, whether its job related or a personal affair, forcing you to miss out on an episode. Luckily, we are in the age of the internet.

And through various TV sites, you can watch free TV without a hassle and catch up with your programs at your convenience.

Unlike your cable TV that you have to pay for monthly, you will not spend a cent on this. That said; let’s look at the places to watch free TV, the merits and setbacks of this:

5 Advantages of Watching Free TV

  1. You can reduce your entertainment expenses which can be huge if you are using cable TV.
  2. Limitless access since you are not bound by subscription plans
  3. More convenient since you don’t have to be home to watch a program
  4. Absolutely free with no commitment contracts
  5. Multi-device accessibility

5 Disadvantages of Watching Free TV

  1. It’s not entirely free since you have to pay for your data plan
  2. Some contents are limited as compared to using a premium plan
  3. You have no say on the channels they provide to you
  4. Free TV lacks premium live shows, and if it’s available, it takes time to identify which platform offers.
  5. It’s impossible to find a free TV site/app with contents comparable to a top subscription TV account.

How Can I Watch Free TV Without Cable?

1. Streaming Services

Through streaming services that are free of subscription, you can watch free TV without cable. Some of these streaming sites are on the following list, with 41 places to watch free TV.

You just visit the site and follow the step to access the contents. Some of them are login-free, while others require you to register for free to gain access.

2. Password Sharing

If you have a pal as your neighbor, you can take advantage of their generosity and borrow their streaming passwords. Their bills will remain the same, but their subscription will be optimally used.

3. TV Network Application

Even TV Networks are revamped and no longer rely on the cable network to broadcast their contest. While some require your login from a pay-TV subscription, some are free to access.

4. Use an Antenna

The TV antenna is inexpensive to get. And if your region has free-to-air TV networks, you can easily watch them directly on your TV. Just install the Antenna well to ensure it can get good reception.

Quick List of The Best Free Websites To Watch and Stream Free TV Online

  1. Peacock TV
  2. Plex.TV
  3. TubiTV
  4. Pluto TV
  5. Crackle
  6. The Roku Channel
  7. Sling Free
  8. Vudu
  9. Vizio (WatchFree+)
  10. Xumo
  11. IMDb TV
  12. Crunchyroll
  13. YouTube
  14. Popcornflix
  15. Kanopy
  16. FreeCableTV
  17. Yidio
  18. Hoopla
  19. Snagfilms
  20. Hotstar
  21. NewsOn
  1. PBS Kids
  2. Redbox Live TV
  3. Free Local TV (Using an Antenna)
  4. Free Local TV (Checking Website)
  5. Hulu Live TV (Free Trial)
  6. FuboTV (Free Trial)
  7. YouTube TV (Free Trial)
  8. CWSeed
  9. PBS App
  10. Fox App
  11. CBS App
  12. ABC App
  13. NBC App
  14. TLC.com
  15. Fox.com
  16. USTV Now
  17. MovieHD
  18. 123 Movies
  20. Freeintertv.com

41 Places To Watch Free TV Online

1. Peacock

Peacock TV is among the best sites to watch free TV, thanks to exclusive access to Harry Potter movies and the Office. Further, the live sports on this site are exceptional.

During the Olympics, you could not miss any sport. And that’s not all, it’s also a good place to watch live premier league and WWE.

While the site is upcoming, it’s been making great strides thanks to the amazing streaming services it offers.

With the option likes Universal, NBC, and licensed shows plus movies, fans are excited. Also, you can choose a paid plan if you want exclusive access to top movies/ shows reserved for the few.

2. Plex.TV

Plex.TV is an ad-sponsored platform that provides both films and TV media. Partnering with Crackle, you can watch various programs and amazing movies and series.

But to watch, you must have an account. Through which there are more than 20,000 on-demand programs to watch and 100 channels available for free.

Just like VLC, you can use Plex to play your media on your mobile or PC. Whether it’s music, videos, or photos, they are all supported.

To unblock complete freedom when using the app, you will need to subscribe at a fee. And this will allow you full access and freedom to share media on this platform with other devices.

3. TubiTV

TubiTV offers a free TV service where you can explore popular shows for free at no hassle. With the options like Game of Thrones on HBO’s, Walking Dead in AMC’s, you will have a blast of entertainment.

And if you want to store special ones to watch later, there is a button to click and download.

To explore TubiTV, you will need to create an account on this platform. Registration is free and easy for anyone to manage. And through their regular updates, you will never lag when it comes to the latest episodes of your favorite show.

4. Pluto TV

If browsing through various applications bothers you, give Pluto TV a chance. This platform gives you a similar experience of using a cable TV.

You just flip the channels by clicking the next button. Therefore, many users find it easy to work with Pluto TV, especially if online streaming is new to them.

This streaming site has multiple TV channels allowing you to watch the news, sports, and series, among others. And with a click on the platform’s directory, you will access the listing of all of their contents.

For a better experience, the site has various sections that include entertainment, comedy, mover, and discovery channels, among others.

Further, the site is available on several devices to ensure its accessible to everyone. So, if you have a SmartPhone, computer, or Smart TV, use them to watch your favorite channel on Pluto TV. But even with extensive choices of TV channels, you can only watch what’s available.

5. Crackle

Managed by SONY, it’s a reliable site with amazing content for entertainment. It comes with endless movies to watch and TV programs to follow up. Through this platform, you will enjoy renowned series without spending anything.

Since it supports various devices, you can use Smartphone/tablet to watch your program when you are not home. Or, if your laptop is near, you can use the desktop app or search engine to watch the TV shows.

It’s a straightforward TV platform you can navigate without needing help. Therefore, you can enjoy a smooth moment as you choose your favorite content to watch. While it’s available for residents in Australia, Canada, and the US, VPN will give you access from anywhere.

6. The Roku Channel

As far as watching free TV shows online go, don’t be reluctant when choosing The Roku Channel. It’s among the top sites with fascinating live and on-demand entertaining content. The experience is even more astonishing for users with Roku streaming gadgets.

The channel is home to streaming content like TV series and movies. Also, there is an option for on-demand plus live content that is all free to access. While they sponsor their streaming devices, you can still use your mobile, PC, or Android TV to stream this channel.

7. Sling Free

Popularly known for on-budget streaming services with content rivaling those in YouTube TV, Sling is now free.

Yes, there is a free version of Sling TV for those looking for happy hours when they are free. The site has over 5000 TV shows plus movies. And as users, you need no account or registration fee.

As we are speaking, Sling Free is one of the top streaming platforms. And that’s not all; it’s a significant rival to cable TV in the streaming market due to its great services.

While they used to offer happy hours as a loophole to watch content for free, now it’s free full time. However, the premium package is still available with more goodies.

8. Vudu

When it comes to Vudu, be a movies spoiler to your pals by keeping up with the latest films. And besides showcasing current movies, they also provide the latest shows on TV that are accessible without an account.

The visual clarity is also superb. At 4k UHD, the experience is heart-melting. Furthermore, you can use several devices like smartphones, android TV, and PC, among other streaming devices.

On the downside, not everything is for free with Vudu. There are specific contents you will need to rent or buy to access and watch.

Therefore, you will need to scan through the content and identify those free with advertisements or those for buying/ renting. But this shouldn’t discourage anyone because the free options are quite many.

9. Vizio (WatchFree+)

Armed with the brand new look and entertainment, Vizio is the best site for new surprises. It has the latest navigation feature that improves user search and discovery of shows and movies.

As such, you can custom search to get contents that fit your taste. Also, live streaming provides you with hundreds of channels with intriguing content.

That means sports, comedy, action, and dramas are yours to watch. What’s more, the site now offers exclusive seasonal programs to all members using the free channel. Devices that are supported include mobiles phones with Android and iOS, plus Android TV and PC.

10. Xumo

Xumo TV is very responsive, especially if you have a strong and stable internet connection. The site will spoil you with free live channels and exclusive on-demand content.

And if you feel a pinch spending on your cable TV, explore similar programs for free on Xumo. With close to 180, finding your favorite programs isn’t impossible.

And on every channel, they showcase live streams. What’s more, there are movies, series, and shows for those interested.

Categories of content include sports, news, music, travel, comedy, and entertainment. For more info on each category, visit the site.

11. IMDb TV

If you want a satisfying collection of movies for your entertainment, visit IMDb TV. While you could find hundreds of prime streaming sites with subscriptions, this platform is distinct.

It’s a good place to search for specific content according to actors or trends. Now under Amazon, the platform has TV shows plus movies, all for free.

The navigation is relatively nice, and finding your way around the settings of this site is hassle-free. While it’s free, the site is entirely dependent on ads. Thus, there will be a few ads to watch as you enjoy the free show. Lastly, there is on-demand content if you are interested.

12. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a vibrant platform with a spoilt for choice content for its fans. It has an impressively huge collection of entertaining content.

This includes more than 1200 series, with no limitations on the visual quality. Also, it has tons of simulcast shows to keep its audience occupied.

On this site, the library is split into dramas and animations. And the shows are subdivided into multiple genres such as drama, comedy, adventure, action, romance, mystery, and sci-fi. Their top programs that you will love include Death Note, Attack on Titan, and Brotherhood, just to mention a few.

Further, this platform also produces some of their shows, including animation series like In/Spectre. Other options include “The Rising of the Shield Hero” and “A Place Further than the Universe.”

To ensure their audience also access their favorite anime series, they offer simulcast shows. That means you can watch your favorite anime an hour after its launch on their official platform.

13. YouTube

Since its rollout in 2017, YouTube TV has been performing impressively with a great channel selection. Also, the user experience is just on another level with no close rivals. While the name might be confusing, YouTube TV and YouTube are two different things.

With YouTube TV, the experience is similar to that of cable TV but better. On the other hand, YouTube is a popular site with billions of users for streaming various video content.

When it comes to YouTube TV, the channel boasts of having entertainment channels, sports, and news. Also, they feature original and on-demand content to cover up the show on your cable TV subscription.

And by supporting integrating components like add-ons, you can boost streaming quality to 4K Plus. If you are interested in an ad-free streaming experience, then try out YouTube premium.

14. Popcornflix

Are your popcorns ready? Because Popcornflic is about to make them tastier with its amazing content. Whether you love romance, action, or documentaries, this site will intrigue you.

It has a variety of choices for movies and a collection of TV shows you will love. And regardless of what you choose to watch on this platform, it’s free.

To those who don’t want to create an account, especially if you are sampling this site, click and watch directly. Once you are contented with the site offers, you can register and become a member.

Further, this site is popular with great of all-time films, especially the 90’s movies. And to ensure you are enjoying the movies optimally, they are full length, including the documentaries and series.

15. Kanopy

Kanopy is making headlines due to the great movie library it has to offer. And if you are an active member of a public library in specific regions, your access will be ad-free.

On the site, drama fans have enough content to keep them occupied. And the same goes for documentaries, comedies, TV series, and Biopics fanatics.

They offer valuable content thanks to their partnership with distribution giants like HBO documentary, A24, PBS, Paramount, and Bleecker Street. While there is hardly much Kanopy content, the site ensures you can’t miss out on your favorite content.

16. FreeCableTV (https://www.freetv-app.com/)

While it’s not a super great site to watch free TV, it ensures you never have to worry about cable TV bills. Hosting more than 300 plus TV channels to stream, rest assured you will be contented with their services.

What’s more, it has thousands of TV shows plus breaking news and movies for extreme entertainment.

However, it comes with geographic restrictions that prevent the audience from the US and allowed countries from using the app.

But if you can use VPN, then access the site at will. And you can use your mobile, smart TV, and PC, among other devices you can use to access the site.

17. Yidio

If you have a taste for specific movies or series, Yidio is the best platform where you can find them. It’s a platform that supports a universal discovery of any movies or series across other popular sites.

So, whether your favorite show is on Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix, among others, you will discover their contents in Yidio.

While this site gives access to the contents of popular entertainment sites, they also provide their unique content. It comes with TV channels as well as movies to stream for free online.

Further, the interface is simple to comprehend and has filters if you want a specific entertainment genre.  To those who want to sample the content before watching, the site provides an IMDB rating for various contents.

18. Hoopla

Just like Kanopy, Hoopla follows the same suit of encouraging people to appreciate and explore their libraries. But this platform takes this move further by providing access to people with library cards only.

Unfortunately, it’s only accessible to Canada and US residents only. With your card, you can access the platform and enjoy music, watch TV shows, and get entertained by exclusive movies.

There are also e-books, audiobooks, and comic books for those who love to read.  Since it’s funded by the region libraries, members have unlimited access to content. Through your PC or mobile, you can access their content from anywhere in Canada and the US.

19. Snag films

It’s a good site where you can retrieve and watch your favorite streaming content. And the only limitation is the lack of content stratification.

That means everything is combined in one list, whether it’s documentaries, series, or movies. As a result, identifying specific content is a bit tough, especially if you don’t know the title.

But even so, Snag Film has a large option of unique Indian content. And on this site, you can stream without an account. However, you will encounter ads since the site relies on advertisements for finance.

On matters of content quality, it is average and worth a try. But for a complete experience of everything the site offers, you will need an account. And after finalizing registration and becoming a member, the inaccessible areas will be available to you.

20. Hotstar

Unlike other sites on this list, Hotstar is a little different. This site has no boundaries when it comes to the film it showcases. With up to 9 language variations, it’s the best place to try movie content from different regions.

However, if you are interested in English films only, they are also available. The site is split into various sections for an easy choice. That is, there is news, sports, movies, and TV shows.

When you click on TV shows, there are multiple channels you can watch. And when it comes to movies, they are stratified according to language. When you click on sports, it is mind-blowing.

You can follow up on live sports plus 15 different sports options to try out. The news category mainly covers Asian countries, and the premium package is where the most fun is.

21. NewsOn

Do you love to keep up with the latest news? Then the services of NewsOn will amaze you. This site gives you access to all the local news broadcasting channels. Therefore, you can’t miss out on any breaking news.

Further, it supports various devices such as Roku, Android, iOS, and PC, among others. And that’s not all, with the option for on-demand and live news broadcast, you’ll never lack something to watch. 

The platform hosts content from more than 90 markets, 118 stations, and its coverage is almost 80% of the US. That means it covers all the news stations under Cox Media Group, ABC station group, Raycom Media and Media General.

Through the site, you can enjoy a custom experience. By using the interactive map, you can choose the local station you want to watch their news and click. Also, you can fast forward or skip and watch the favorite part of the news. And if a channel impresses you, click and save to watch it later.

22. PBS Kids

PBS Kids is an excellent choice for family-friendly content. If you have kids, don’t hesitate to try out this platform. The site is purely educational and entertaining.

It comes with entertaining shows with hilarious characters who are kid-friendly. What’s more, it has everything from TV shows to exciting games and clips.

Also, if you have developing kids, this platform is a great place to learn basic social skills and communication. And with the option for games, older kids can enjoy gaming contests with their friends on this platform.

Being a safe platform with no inappropriate content, you can allow your toddlers to explore different content on this platform. However, you still need to be nearby since the platform operates online.

Ensure your kids don’t go off wandering to other platforms which might not be safe or appropriate to them. And even with the sponsoring advertisements, you got nothing to worry about. All the content has been scrutinized to ensure your kids receive safe, quality, and kid-worthy entertainment.

23. Redbox Live TV

Nowadays, Redbox has grown to be more than a rental kiosk for DVDs. After building a solid reputation through a physical store, they’ve ventured into the online market.

Now, it’s more convenient to rent your favorite movies or series. In addition, they also provide free streaming services to those searching for on-demand and live shows.

So, if you can’t join the premium membership, you can still enjoy the platform services through the free package. This option is also available on various devices.

So if you prefer a PC, or mobile phone, you can choose what’s comfortable for you. Lastly, there are also free rentals online if you are interested. Just visit the official platform to know more about it.

24. Free Local TV (Using an Antenna)

While streaming is relatively cheaper and convenient as compared to cable TV, there is an alternative to the two. And that’s the Free Local TV using an antenna.

With at least $10 for the Antenna, you can enjoy various channels without paying for anything. This strategy involves using the inbuilt decoder in your TV that relies on the Antenna. What’s more, your area must have a good television network.

After setting up the Antenna and your television, you should be able to enjoy a few channels for free. Some of these local channels include TV shows, news, and sports from PBS, NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC. And the best thing is that you will never spend on data or subscriptions. It’s absolutely free.

25. Free Local TV (Checking Website)

If you live in a region with a poor television network, then Free Local TV through the Antenna is not practical.

However, if the internet connection is stable, then you can try Free Local TV through websites. This platform allows you to access all the local TV channels through their official site.

Just use your search engine to discover the available local channels and click your favorite. Alternatively, you can save on time by streaming these channels through popular streaming sites. These sites compile all the local channels in one space, allowing you to access them with ease.

26. Hulu + Live TV (Free Trial)

Hulu is among the top providers of online video streaming. With millions of subscribers, rest assured that it’s a reliable streaming site.

It offers all streaming content, from live TV shows to on-demand films. The contents are great for families, sports fans, and movie fanatics.

However, it’s not entirely free. If you are a new subscriber, you can enjoy complete access to their services free of charge for a week.

This package gives unlimited access to both on-demand content and live channels. Also, you will have about 50 hours of free access to cloud DVR and their streaming library with countless movies/ shoes.

27. FuboTV  (Free Trial)

If paying the cable bill frustrates your budget, then you can reduce your spending with a FuboTV subscription. It’s among the best alternative for anyone looking for reliable access to live shows on various channels. If you consider being a member, then you may choose to join the elite, pro, or starter account.

Through this channel, you will get a significant section of sports channels, entertainment, and discoveries.

But since we were onto sites to watch free TV, we’ll not focus much on Fubo subscription. Without spending a cent, this site provides a week of free trial with complete access to various contents.

But before being granted access to the free trial, you will need to sign up and choose a subscription plan. Before the end of the trial, you can opt-out to ensure you are not charged.

Otherwise, they will bill you according to the plan you chose. The trial package includes access to more than 100 channels. Also, there are 250 hours of DVR Cloud storage to use with the trial period.

28. YouTube TV (Free Trial)

YouTube is an exceptionally reliable site for streaming content. While it offers Free YouTube TV with no subscription plan, it’s quite limited. But with your hands on the premium YouTube TV account, the options for content are endless.

What’s more, the site allows you to assess the content without paying anything for seven days. And if luck is with you, the trial period can be up to 14 days or 30 days. During this period, the package includes more than 80 channels. Both live and on-demand.

Further, you can also test several networks within this period to be certain of what to have in your plan. If you want to be a member, continue after a period, however, you can sign out if you don’t want to be a member.

29. CWSeed

While this name reminds you of CW TV, they have different contents. With CW Seed, you can stream various kinds of series, whether it’s ongoing or from the past.

Speaking of series, this platform has great options of DC’s animations for those who love this kind of film. What’s more, you won’t be bothered by signup commands. The content is readily available once you click into the site or its application.

30. PBS App

Through the PBS streaming app, you have a direct link to their member stations’ contents. Therefore, you can watch both live broadcast and on-demand content aired from these stations with just a click. And thanks to multi gadget compatibility, you can use smartphones, android tv, Amazon Fire, PC, or Roku to watch.

Through online streaming, you have access to amazing content, including documentaries, news, full-length episodes, and iconic films. It also gives you the ability to create a watchlist just for you.

Finally, the website allows you to download the app for free. It gives you a complete guide to downloading the app and activating it. In case of any issue that may arise while downloading the app, a contact list is provided for you to get assistance.

31. Fox APP

If you need an App where you can watch the entire movie content, this is the right place for you. This platform helps you stream full Live shows from FOX right from your phone, tablet, or TV.

You can also watch sports and local news from FOX. They provide a lot of content, both on-demand and live. And if you find a live show is on, you can restart it to ensure you don’t miss on any content.

Accessing this platform is simple. You can download the application from the apple or google app for free and install it on your device. If it’s a PC, then install the desktop app, or you can stream directly from google chrome cast. Other gadgets that accommodate Fox App include Amazon Fire and Roku.

In addition, a step to step guide is provided on the website on how to activate the app using a link https://activate.fox.com/activate. After activation, you are free to stream all of your favorite shows.

32. CBS App

Strikingly, this is the best place to watch live the CBS originals as they are rolled out. As such, you can stay updated on your favorite shows.

With this application, you can stream videos anytime without requiring any Login credentials. This makes it convenient to use, especially if you are in a rush to catch up on a current episode.

The site is host to a wide range of contents like current news, live sports, and iconic series. Also, you can stay tuned on other content like reality TV, drama, comedies, and trending shows, among others.

You can download this application on your gadget for free from the app stores of your device. Speaking of devices, you can use mobile, PC, tablet, smart TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku, just to mention a few. And if you have any technical troubles when signing in, or using the app, contact technical support.

33. ABC App

Want to catch up with the latest episodes of your favorite shows on ABC? Then go no further. Watch Full episodes and stream live using the ABC app. You can also save your favorite shows to My List and get great and latest hits from here.

Download the app from the App Store for Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone for free and start streaming your favorites. In addition, ABC App is an ad-free app; hence one gets a smooth time while streaming live shows.

Even though it’s a free streaming site, ABC also has premium accounts that come with a subscription. So, if the free option amazes you with myriads of content, wait until you explore the premium site.

34. NBC.com (NBC App)

NBC has an incredible offer of live and classical content. Through its application, you have access to on-demand and live entertainment from their networks. And these networks include NBC, NBC Universal, USA, MSNBC, Oxygen, and Bravo.

Through multi-device compatibility, you can have this app on your TV set, mobile device, or Roke, among others. Alternatively, you can stream directly on your PC through NBC.com.

While you need logins from your pay-TV that supports NBC, the NBC app enables you to identify free content.

And these are content that is accessible via the app without the use of login details from pay-TV. And when streaming free, the ads are available in almost all the on-demand content.

35. TLC.com

If you love to travel, then TLC TV will ensure your favorite shows come along with you. But to be a member, you can easily do so with the help of your current TV subscription credentials. Thereafter, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world from your home with TLC.

You can stream your program anytime and from anywhere. It is available to stream on services like Hulu Live, YouTube TV, and Sling TV.

Surprisingly, you can also get TLC on Netflix, and therefore, you can stream all your favorite shows from here. Lastly, through their help center, ask assistance for whatever difficulty you are facing when using the app.

36. Fox.com

FOX, which means Fox Broadcasting Company, is an American Television network owned by Fox Media Group. It owns channels such as baby TV, fox sports, fox movies, and national geographic.

The platform offers you direct access to stream all the above contents and much more from your gadget. Speaking of gadgets, the site supports mobile devices (iOS and Android), your PC, and android televisions.

But before you get started on streaming, you will first create an account. From there, you can sample all the contents available and chose to stream what pleases you.

That said, you can watch fox’s live TV schedule and stream news, action films, drama, reality, and sports. Lastly, you can still watch fox for free using services like Hulu TV, Fubo TV live, and Apple TVand can stream your favorite movies.

37. USTV Now

If you are an American citizen, whether military or civilian staying abroad or on transit, USTVnow got you covered. On this platform, you can enjoy your local shows and favorite programs to fight homesickness. So, wherever you are, you can bring America with you thanks to this free TV platform.

Mainly USTV now targets subscribers who don’t have access to channels from their motherland (USA) due to their geographical location.

The site contains channels like bravo, American planet, ABC, Fox, National Geographic, Freeform, and the USA, which offer different shows and movies.

Subscribe to USTV Now today to get the latest TV shows and movies all at your convenience anytime, anywhere.

Additionally, this site is flexible in that it is accessible through TV streaming gadgets, tablets, mobile phones with an android version of more than four and on iPhone 4 and above.

38. MovieHD

Movie HD is one of the best apps for streaming movies. It is an App that helps you watch and download unlimited movies and TV shows on iPhone, PC, android, and firestick for free.

You can access a lot of content ranging from movies to TV shows through this app. Its movies are of high HD quality and are updated daily to convenience its users.

You can also download the App from Google Playstore on your mobile phone and stream your favorite movies.

It is an ads-free App; hence you get a smooth, uninterrupted experience while streaming your favorite shows online. Furthermore, it has an activation code that helps you activate the app once you have downloaded it.

39. 123 Movies

While Netflix can quench your thirst for current series and movies, it doesn’t spare your wallet. But with 123 Movies, it delivers a similar experience at no cost. On this site, you can pick any genre of movie/ series and then stream flawlessly. Also, it has both current and past movies you may want to watch.

What’s more, the platform allows you to filter movies according to country, popularity, rating, and genre. Speaking of filtering, the site has a great collection of entertaining content with high resolution.

For a seamless entry, there is no sign-up or registration. You just launch the platform and choose what you want to watch.


Ustvgo.tv is a free live TV site in the US. It is accessible with a computer or any internet browsing device, enabling one to watch free live TV.

Ustvgo.tv provides variety of content. It has more than 80 live TV channels ranging from News, Sports webs, kids’ entertainment, and movies for free with no subscription being needed.

Channels offered on this website are ESPN, FOX, FX Movie Channel, Cinemax, Cartoon Network, CNN, Game Show Network, Disney, etc. It is easy to navigate through this site as it offers a program guide on its different content. Moreover, the site provides a very straightforward video player with buffer-free streaming with a decent internet connection.

41. Freeintertv.com

This is among the popular sites with a good reputation. The site is legit with amazing streaming capabilities. With Freeintertv, you need no account to stream.

However, you may need a VPN if you are not within its region of coverage. As part of the spoils, the platform has more than 1000 channels compiled from all over the world.

Therefore, you can stream both local and international content at your pleasure. It offers various types of channels with popular options, including sports, business, entertainment, music, and news.

And since it’s a streaming platform with global coverage, expect channels with various native languages apart from English.

How can I watch Live TV on my Phone For Free?

It’s a simple process you can do with proper guidance. Start by:

  • Taking your phone, it should be an iOS or Android device.
  • On your, Smartphone look for the home screen where all the applications are listed.
  • Scroll the list of applications and look for a Live TV application
  • If you don’t have one, you can download it.
  • Just visit the Play Store if it’s an android device or Apple store if it’s an iOS mobile.
  • Type in the name of the Live TV application and tap on search.
  • Once you have found it, tap it and then click install
  • After installation, go to the home screen and launch the TV application.
  • Depending on the type you chose, there is an application that doesn’t require creating an account to stream. However, if what you’ve installed requires you to have an account, follow the steps and create one.
  • Thereafter, launch the app and then choose the streaming content you want.

Do I Need a VPN to Watch Free TV?

Yes, you need a VPN to watch free TV, especially if the platform restricts access to users in your region.

Why You Should use a VPN to Watch Free Movies and TV Online

Before downloading an app, ensure you check all the essential information, including supported regions. If you notice you are locked out of the app due to regional restrictions, download VPN.

A virtual private network allows you to change your IP address to fit the regions supported by the app. As such, you can stream on that app as if you are a member of that region.

On matters of cyber safety, VPN is also helpful. It ensures no hacker can identify your IP address and breach your device security. Since most of the Free TV app/sites don’t have a reliable safety system, this is one way to ensure your computer is safe.


At last, it’s time to choose a site/app where you can watch free TV from. You can start by noting the programs or shows that each platform provides.

Thereafter, consider other features like ad-supported and ad-free platforms.

Also, you can consider the number of channels to find out which site has the best deal. And if you are planning to watch an app not within your region, then download the VPN.

Alternatively, if you are from the US and staying overseas, try an option like USTVnow. Lastly, ensure your computer or devices are safe anytime you want to watch free TV online.

If possible, use VPN to hide your IP address, among other vital details. Also, Free TV sites don’t ask for any subscription/registration fee. Therefore, watch out for scammers.

And once you have opted into your favorite TV sites, please, share with us your streaming experience.

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