19 Ways To Watch Free TV Series Online

by Dilly Dylan

Watching TV series has a significant impact on your life. Some make you laugh, others may bring positive changes to your lifestyle, and your way of thinking becomes even better. Further, through watching TV shows, you can get insights into the environment and nature.

Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to struggle to buy the latest TV set to enjoy your favorite shows. And with the availability of free streaming sites, you can watch free TV series online without spending a dime. However, not every site offering content for free is safe and legal.

As such, you may be scammed through a signup fee or even end up downloading malicious content, which is why you should never download any free movies or TV shows online.

But luckily, there are legal sites where you can watch free TV series online for free. And that’s what we are covering here to ensure you access your favorite content securely, legally, and for free.

If you want to watch the full episodes of TV series free online without downloading them, we’ve got your back. Let’s start:

5 Benefits of watching TV Series Online Without Downloading Them

1. Access To Unlimited Content

Watching online means you don’t need to worry about the storage space in your devices. That means you can access unlimited content at any given time when you are ready for personal entertainment.

2. Save Download Time

Downloading TV series online takes time, and it’s very frustrating if your internet speed is slow. You can save the time you would spend on downloading, watching TV. Through a reliable mobile app, you don’t have to download it but instead, watch it instantly online.

3. Adult Privacy

There is a significant degree of privacy when it comes to watching TV series online. For instance, you can regulate viewership by regulating the age limit. But when it comes to downloaded content, anyone with access to your device can watch them.

4. Cost Reduction on Entertainment

Entertainment is one of the best things you can gift yourself, especially watching a favorite movie or series. However, it can strike a significant dent in your budget, especially if you buy, rent, or download them.

However, you can be free of all these expenses and still enjoy unlimited entertainment. And it’s all thanks to streaming online TV series.

5. Convenience

Cost aside, watching TV series online without downloading is the most convenient means of entertainment, unlike downloading, where you have to put up with download time.

That means you can login into your device anytime and watch right away. Also, it allows you to swap devices at any moment without worrying about how to transfer your content.

5 Disadvantages of Watching Free TV Shows Online

1. Restricted

While having free streaming sites to enjoy our favorite TV shows is a celebration, it’s always the case. You don’t have complete freedom to choose and watch what you want.

And in most cases, you may miss out on your favorite TV shows especially the current ones. And as such, you can all explore what’s available for free.

2. It’s a Struggle

The struggle is the same when it comes to finding specific content. It doesn’t matter whether you are watching free TV shows online or paid ones.

Sometimes, you have to try several streaming sites just to find what you want. And this is because these apps only showcase a specific set of content.

3. Entertained by Outdated Content

This is one of the major setbacks of watching shows online. With cable TV, you can follow up on current episodes and seasons.

But when it comes to streaming sites, sometimes you have to wait for several months to watch new episodes. And this can be depressing, especially if you are a diehard of a particular show.

4. C-Grade Shows or Content

Often the sites that showcase movies and shows for free are full of uncensored content. That means you will encounter a lot of low-budget shows and are less likely to find chartbuster films.

As such, if you are aiming for the latest movie like “Fast and Furious,” you are less likely to find it on a free streaming site.

5. Unsafe

Some of the free sites to watch shows are unsafe. Since you are not paying for their services, some of these sites rely on click baits to trap their audience.

Such baits are sometimes advertisements, and others are links to other sites or malware. Therefore, you must tread carefully when choosing a particular site to stream for free and if you’re going to use these sites, make sure you’re also using a reliable VPN.

If you want to watch free full episodes of TV series without downloading the TV shows, these twenty-one places will help you do just that.

21 Places To Watch TV Series Online Free Full Episodes Without Downloading

1. Pluto TV

If you are looking for an extensive TV channel collection with a wide range of topics, try Pluto TV. You can watch from the news to sport and soaps, among others.

By visiting the directory, you can locate all the listings available and decide what to watch. Just like your regular TV, you just flip and click to watch your favorite show.

Further, it comes with other sections like a comedy if you want to laugh, movies, music, and lifestyle. The curious can be entertained by NASA TV and Science TV channels which are also available on this platform.

Lastly, you also enjoy convenience since this site is accessible through your PC, smartphone, Smart TV, and PV.

2. Tubi TV

While some of these sites are not good for the novice, Tubi TV offers an entirely different experience. It comes with an intuitive interface that ensures no user is locked out.

And to make it easier for everyone to manage, you don’t have to sign up to use this platform. You just click the site, choose your favorite show, and watch right away.

And if you fancy certain shows, you can create a playlist and use it anytime you want to resume playing. Further, this feature is available on any device you may choose to use.

Lastly, the clean and intuitive interface is well organized with categories like Crime TV, Reality TV, Comedies, and TV Dramas.

3. Peacock TV

At first glance, the Peacock TV interface is striking. It has a great collection of TV shows, movies, Peacock channels, and a bit of live news and sports.

While you need to sign in to access the content, it’s easy to navigate around the site once you are in. So, if you want instant entertainment, don’t hesitate to use Peacock TV.

4. Crackle

If trust dictates everything you do, including entertainment, then Crackle will be a perfect companion. It’s a site from SONY that provides you access to free TV shows. That said, the reliability and quality of content are exceptional and worth a try.

What’s more, this site offers a vast range of TV series and complete movies. And depending on your preference, you can stream on various devices, including smart TVs, Android devices, and iOS devices.

4. IMDb TV

IMDb TV offers a decent collection of TV shows but with a small price to pay through ads. It’s easier to access and comes with reliable performance when it comes to streaming. Like other great streaming sites, you can use various devices to access it.

5. FlixTor

Tired of putting up with ads when watching your show? Well, FlixTor doesn’t come with any of them. While some free sites rely on ads for sponsorship, this platform has VIP members who support its existence. As part of the experience, you can choose to stream or download the content and watch it later.


VUDU is a platform that offers all-in-one services when it comes to TV series and movies. With an option for paid and free content, you can decide what to venture into during your leisure time.

Some of the major genres on this platform are action films, comedy, animation, horror, sci-fi, and romance. Like popular sites, you can access VUDU via iOS, Android, Xbox, PC, and Play Station.

7. Xumo

Surprisingly, Xumo TV has exceptional streaming services. It offers everything from TV series to movies, news, and sports, among others. What’s more, it comes with various types of content, including past, current, and on-demand.

8. Vumoo

This is a renowned streaming site across the US and UK where people watch English TV shows for free. It has a great database with various series and movies to choose from. However, it’s one of the sites with restrictions for certain regions.

But with a reliable VPN, you can bypass the limitation and watch your show wherever you may be. Also, their movies are outdated, but when it comes to TV shows, they are all the latest.

9. 123Movies

If you love staying updated on your favorite series, then 123 Movies fits your description. It offers current TV shows which are available to watch without registration for free.

With fast HD streaming, you don’t have to worry about visual quality. And when you use a VPN service, it’s an opportunity for a premium experience when streaming.  

10. Himovies

This is one of the safest sites to watch free TV series for free, all thanks to its HTML code. While you may encounter a few ads, they are safe and less intrusive when you are enjoying a show.

And when you use VPN, you can remain anonymous while appreciating the best streaming speed. In terms of content, this platform offers over 300,000 TV shows and movies collection. You can handpick regional gems, golden, and the latest collection if you are interested.  

11. Cineb.net

Have you always wanted a place where you can watch series of your preference? Cinebnet is the best platform for you. It contains original HD-quality movies that you can stream from your comfort zone for free without signups and registrations.

It does not contain ads that are a nuisance while streaming movies. It has subtitles of many languages, which conveniences you when watching. It is the only place to stream various movies from your laptop, phone, or TV.

You can search your preferred movies here, from comedy to romance. It also has uploads that are regularly done which have 4K quality. You can also download the app for Android with Chrome cast support. So go no further, for this is your place.

12. Yidio

It is a worldwide platform for searching any TV drama and show across many providers on the internet. This includes premium-free services and paid ones like Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, and others.

 It is available on your phone, smart TV, and tablet as a safe and free App.  You can also download the App from the iOS or Google Play store. Yidio helps you explore many movies of different categories that may impact your life in many different ways.

Another thing, although there is a sign-in option, this only means that you sign in to explore hundreds of series for free online. Through Yidio, you can watch anything anytime, anywhere.

13. Popcornflix

Porpcornflix is one of my favorite sites that I use to stream series. I usually have ease while searching for my favorite movies. This is because it provides me with many choices based on my search. I am therefore able to watch those that I am yet to watch from the list they provide.

It is a platform where you can watch all your preferred series ranging from drama to animations to action movies. You are not required to do any subscription for you to watch. All you need is to get popcorn and start streaming online series free of charge.

Furthermore, you can watch this from your favorite device, be it smart TV, phone, or tablet. While watching, you will not experience many ads popping up, for it is an Ad-free website. This is why you should choose Porpcornflix if you want a legal and safe website for streaming series.

15. Soap2Day

It is a website that contains a complete HD series collection that you can stream online from your tablet, smart TV our phone for free. It is fascinating that it is easier to search in this place because you can choose what you want just on the first page.

It allows you to filter your search based on genre, rating, year, and popularity. It also streams movies with zero ads hence become convenient for you to use. This website also allows you to watch the latest movies without necessarily having to register.

Moreover, it has over 10000 movies and series to stream. Links to the latest series with their full episodes are also available on this website just for you. So choose Soap2day for the best experience ever while streaming series online.

16. Justwatch.com

If you want to get all streaming services in one place, then this is the App you should use. You only have to follow a few simple steps, and boom, you start enjoying your series.

It is a free online website for the live streaming of movies. It contains the latest movies and popular genres, including action, game shows, and fantasy. The best thing is that you will also find a streaming guide for this website. This enables you to know where to find what you are looking to watch.

Finally, it contains content from yesterday and today. You can, therefore, search for series of your own choice from a variety of others. You can also browse through services like Netflix, Disney, and Amazon Prime and get the latest trending series.

17. Watchseries.net

This is the most accessible website where you can browse your favorite movies with ease. Its site layout is well displayed hence easy for searching. It provides you with a list of top-ranking movies for your entertainment with whole seasons. They are arranged in their respective categories.

They include animations, actions series, and so much more, and therefore, you will not be left behind. Unlike other websites, which may promise you full movie episodes and not deliver, Watch Series provides what it has promised.

Lastly, watching through this website is also free of charge, and you are not required to register to stream the series. Therefore, it is convenient for you to use through your mobile phone or tablet and even laptop.

18. Hotstar

Hotstar, in association with Disney, are websites that stream series to you with their full episodes for free. It is India’s largest premium streaming website which was started a few years ago. It has since become famous for watching TV series online.

The most amazing part is that it provides you with 17+ languages covering all aspects of life. You enjoy this with just one click on the Log in page.

Above all, you can also watch live cricket and football from this pleasant website. You can also watch the best Indian entertainment popular movies, highly rated movies, and blockbusters in this place. So be the lucky person to use this website and get the best experience ever.

19. Project Free TV

This is a place where you can stream TV series online for free and watch the full episode of your favorite series. You can watch this HD series online without registration or sign-in.

The genres are arranged each in their categories from the latest edition of the series.  They are also placed in columns against their number of episodes. Furthermore, it is an ad-free website, and therefore, you get non-stop entertainment while watching.

You also get to watch fascinating action series, mystery series, and you get a tip on how to solve them. You never know, but this might be what you have been looking for. So start using it now for streaming free latest whole TV series.

20. Solar Movies

Everyone today likes enjoying movies, and it has been made easier today through solar film. This is a website that provides the latest movies to stream for free.

You can watch these movies without paying anything, and you do not have to register. It is fast and offers the best HD quality streaming.

If you are interested in watching any specific series, go to the search bar and find what you need. You will see the relevant results, and from there, you select what you wish to watch.

You can watch from a variety of genres, including Mystery, Romance, Action, Animations series from this website which are also downloadable. This is because it provides a link for you to use to watch your favorite series.

21. Yesmovies

Want to Catch-up with the latest movies and series, this is your stop. This is the best website to watch movies online free of charge without any registration cost.

All that is required of you is to go to the series category and search for your favorite. You will then be redirected, and there you will have it by clicking the play button.

You can also easily download series and watch them online if you wish because it provides you with excellent video quality. Just like other websites, it is a website with fewer Ads.

Therefore, you won’t be interrupted while watching your favorite program. It, in turn, increases your experience while streaming series hence results in your satisfaction.

Do I need a VPN To Watch Free TV Series?

Yes, you’ll need a VPN but not always. This service comes in handy when watching content that is restricted according to region.

It enables you to bypass the restriction and access the show from wherever you are. On that note, try VPN such as CyberGhost, ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

Why You Should use A VPN To Watch Free TV Series Online?

Most of the sites come with poor inbuilt security as such, they expose you to cyber theft. Therefore, any hacker with basic skills can easily find your IP address, trace your activities and cause harm.

But when you use a powerful VPN, it will encrypt your browsing data and prevent cyber threats.


Finally, it’s time to grab your popcorn and find the best spot to watch your favorite show for free. While we’ve not ranked these in any specific order, they are the best places to watch your content for free. They are legal, and you don’t have to infringe anyone’s right.

Most importantly, they are safe and free of malicious systems that could harm your device and steal your data. So, read the list once more, and choose a platform with content you need. Also, leave us feedback on the platform you are watching your shows from.

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